Dr. Chris Shade on Testing for Mercury

Here is  Dr. Mercola interviewing Dr. Chris Shade about mercury detoxification, vitamin C, glutathione, phytogenomics, chlorella and other topics. Shade started a company called QuickSilver, which makes the IMD product that I’ve just started using. They also do a first of its kind mercury level testing. It’s called speciation testing because it differentiates between organic mercury (mostly from fish) and inorganic mercury (mostly from amalgams).

I paid the $250 to get this test done and the results were as I expected; I am in the 75th – 90thth percentile for mercury toxicity (both kinds), and my ability to excrete the metal via my kidneys and liver is below average. They measure one’s capacity by looking at the urine:blood ratio (inorganic mercury excretion index), and the hair:blood ratio (methylmercury excretion index). I’ll let you know of my progress as I complete the rounds (I’ve done one week’s worth so far).

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8 Responses to Dr. Chris Shade on Testing for Mercury

  1. John T. says:

    My wife, Karen, had her 10 amalgams removed 2 yrs ago. About 30 yrs ago she also had 6 amalgams drilled out and replaced with more amalgams by an unethical south Georgia dentist. Karen started showing signs of Parkinsons Disease about 5 years ago, and was diagnosed 3 yrs ago. Lots of hormonal and depression issues before that. We strongly suspect mercury as the culprit.
    Have you come across a good specific regimen for detoxing mercury from the brain?
    Thank you,
    John T.

    • Amanda says:

      Have you seen Ken Allan’s page on the connection he’s made between his Parkinson’s and mercury? Please also see the DAMS website. Your wife sounds like a poor detoxifier, most likely with damaged kidneys that can’t excrete the metals and other toxins well (me too). Removing my amalgams 13 years ago is what started my health crisis, albeit in a mystifying way. I do believe that you can get the mercury out and repair the damage – there is hope! I would contact Chris Shade and pay his fee to talk on the phone for an hour, this is what I did. He had mercury poisoning and has been through this himself. Soon I am going to write up my consult with him so check back. You could look into Andy Cutler’s chelation protocol with alpha lipoic acid to move the mercury out of the brain but it’s tricky stuff I’ve found. You have to go really low and really slow. Please let us know what you decide and how your wife is doing.

  2. Tamara says:

    Hello, I am wondering how you were able to contact Chris shade. my story is last year my digestion really gave out, I am currently in school and very busy. What I found I could eat was fish, yam and a few veggies.. so I just stuck with that and ate it 3x per day for about 8-10 months, until I decided to look up the fish I was eating and found out that it is recommended only to eat 3x/month. So last sept I stopped eating the fish.. I felt pretty much fine. I thought I would try taking a bit of cilantro and my joints started to ache like crazy so I stopped it and thought I would revisit this mercury issue a little later when school wasn’t so busy. The end of January i got some Chinese liver herbs and decided to try those to just support my liver a bit, well I took them for about 5-6 days and noted crazy joint tenderness at first I didn’t associate them with the herbs but decided to stop the herbs and see what happened. Well, I suddenly went into a nervous system collapse and ended up in hospital, I have severe neurological symptoms now my nervous system feels like it is contently vibrating I have numbness and tingling in my feet, my hearing in my left ear is decreasing and something is going on with my left eye. I now have to take sleeping pill and ativan intermittently to just calm things down a a bit. I had my hair analysis come back and it is very very high in mercury but extremely high in lead as well. So I want to contact Dr Shade to see what he would recommend, because my nervous system is so affected I am just unsure how to proceed. If you could pass his contact information on I would really appreciate it. Thank you Tamara

    • Amanda says:

      Hi Tamara, so sorry to hear how you’ve not been well. Maybe those liver herbs themselves had a high metal content, or more likely they caused some mercury mobilization and not enough excretion. I am sure Chris Shade could offer some helpful advice on steps to take. In the meantime are you detoxing like crazy? Coffee enemas, sweating, resting, hot epsom salt baths, french green clay to absorb toxins and metals? Also, the Weston Price people love diatomaceous earth, which for me has not caused any mobilization or die-off symptoms. I would take a tsp of that at bedtime, maybe work up to 1 tbsp. It absorbs methyl mercury. See http://www.westonaprice.org/environmental-toxins/mad-as-a-hatter. And drink Dr. Miller’s tea to keep excretion high! You can email here to make a phone appointment with Shade.

      Please let us know how you do!

  3. Danny says:

    Hi Amanda, this Friday I will have 2 out of 4 amalgams removed. The last 2 are scheduled to be removed on the 12th of June.
    I am curious on what to do, somewhat afraid even,I have the gut feeling that my body is not capable enough to get all of the toxins (mercury) out. And therefore not sure what program to follow.
    So, I came across the website of Dr. Shade, I wanted to read reviews, but there aren’t any.
    Then I saw your page! did you use the products that Dr Shade provides?
    What program did you follow eventually?


    • Amanda says:

      Hi Danny,

      I would take activated charcoal before bed on the removal days to help absorb the mercury that may be released. Some people really like ZeoBind by Klinghardt’s company that he recommends. I wrote a bit more about Dr. Shade: http://www.amandashealthjournal.com/?s=shade.

      The summary for me is that I like his protocol, and if I had more funds, I would probably start it up again!

      Good luck Danny and keep us posted!

      • Danny says:

        Hi Amanda,

        That’s the same problem I’m having, I do not have the funds to order the stuff from dr Shade.
        Due to unemployment and more.
        Also there is a bit of a barrier in language because I do not understand everything that is explained because I am from Holland and English is not my native language
        It takes some time to write this message as well :)
        So, I am trying to find out if there is another way to follow dr Shade’s way of detoxing. (maybe using some alternative products like herbs or other brands?)
        I haven’t read or heard the full protocol of Dr Shade yet, because I cannot find it yet. On his website the info on this protocol is very limited.
        You followed the protocol, can you tell me what the total costs were you have had to spend?

        Thanks again,


        • Amanda says:

          Hi Danny, I have this pdf of the Quicksilver product line, but perhaps it’s since been updated. Since you are getting amalgams out I think it could be great for you to at least purchase the RenTone to help your kidneys through the mercury detox that you body will do. I can’t remember prices but nothing was cheap. I would get the Quicksilver TriTest done as well so you know what you are dealing with in terms of levels. Keep us posted!

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