Earthing, Again

When I started Earthing – by using an Earthing pad for my feet under my computer and by sleeping on the Earthing sheet – I was feeling good. This was last October. I was also walking/running barefoot on the beach almost every day. As I continued sleeping on the sheet, however, I found that my body stiffness was not getting better. Finally, in February, I took it off the bed.

If you go to Amazon, you’ll see 70 5-Star Reviews, 7 4-Star, and 9 1-Star. If you read the 5-Stars, these people sound like they’ve really benefitted from sleeping Earthed. The 1-Stars sound like they’re angry that the 5-Stars are being duped. I personally have received comments on this site from people who are trying the technology. Coralie wrote:

I purchased a Universal Earthing mat about 3 weeks ago and have had quite an unusual experience. Only just now is my body acclimating to its usage without side effects, which I’m told were detox reactions. When I first started using the mat, I noticed a real downshift in my nervous system which was a very good thing. A calm, settled feeling radiated along my midline and whole body. The unusual part was that after sleeping with it under my feet for a night or two I experienced general malaise, extreme fatigue, brain fog, dehydration, weird dreams, cold areas in my body and other strange phenomena. Everyone I consulted said it was a detox reaction, so I slowly titrated my usage according to symptoms and took measures to support detoxification. I have a very clean diet and am very health conscious, so it was a surprise to me that this level of toxicity existed in my body. However, I deal with tissue inflammation which probably threw off toxins, not to mention my newfound awareness of electrosensitivity, which is a whole other topic that I’m exploring.
Only now am I able to sleep with the mat under my feet through the night and am finally beginning to receive the benefit of sounder sleep, a calm nervous system (thus lower cortisol), 90% reduction of body discomfort and inflammation – all leading to greater health and vitality. I began my earthing experiment with the mat because of it’s versatility as I could use it under my feet while on the computer as well as in bed. Since my body has adjusted, I am going to move on to purchasing the earthing sheet, which I understand from research has a gentler impact on the body than the mat. A voltmeter can validate the effectiveness of the grounding technology. A well-done video on the subject, Amanda.

One great thing about having a health blog is that you get to hear from real people who share real findings. Coralie experienced 90% reduction of inflammation. And that’s what the Earthing studies show.

Thermography and Inflammation

Thermography and Inflammation

So was I going through a detox reaction? If I start sleeping Earthed again, will I notice benefits again after a few months? I do think my issues are chronic, judging from my two thermographs, and they are possibly related to my spinal rod (metal should not be in the body if possible). Don’t be freaked out by the picture. I do not feel like this picture looks!

Yesterday the Earthing Institute put out some more reports. One of them is particularly interesting because it’s written by a holistic dentist whose chronic foot infection finally healed after a week of Earthing. Can this really happen? Time will tell. Here is his report:

One Dentist’s Earthing Experience

Chuck Munier, DMD, Augusta ME

“I was trained as a mechanical engineer before I went into dentistry and normally take an engineer’s show- me attitude to new things.  So when Earthing first came to my attention as a suggestion from an enthusiastic patient, I was naturally skeptical that the concept actually worked beyond a placebo effect. However, I suspended my skepticism the first day after my first night sleeping on an Earthing sheet.

“I had been suffering for a few years with a chronic foot infection that had not responded to repeated medication. After the first night I already noticed a healing process underway. By the end of the week the infection was gone, and to this day, one year later, it has never returned. This was truly a remarkable effect.

“I decided I better read the book to find out what happened and how this thing actually worked as well as it did.  After reading the book and with my background in health and science it made perfect sense.  It resonated a lot with what I had been studying about inflammation and cellular biology as the basis of most disease. The Earthing book made the connection for me of the actual electrical effect on the inflammatory process and the ability to approach healing on an electrical as well as a biochemical basis.

“I have been treating dental patients for 39 years now and during that time have always looked at the condition of the teeth and mouth as reflective of the health of the rest of the body. Often the mouth is the first place that changes are noticed. I have learned the value of treating the total patient not just his or her teeth. During this time I have learned by observation from countless patients that the key to avoiding and treating disease is to manage inflammation. I have seen through the years an alarming increase in the use of drugs to manage disease and although there are some good drugs that address inflammation most of my patients with ongoing problems are overmedicated and then that becomes the main problem.  Earthing added an electrical approach to the dietary, lifestyle, and exercise model that I had been using to address inflammation.

“With this in mind I decided to try Earthing in my busy practice to help patients looking for relief from acute temporomandibular joint (TMJ) or jaw pain and others experiencing problems with snoring, sleeping, bruxism (teeth clenching and grinding),sinus, and headaches. To date we have had a very positive response back with reduction of acute symptoms of TMJ responding to an Earthing patch placed directly over the offending joint. Chronic problems have not responded as quickly as acute. This would be expected since they are of a long-standing inflammatory nature with adaptive changes. We are also using Earthing bands on the head at night and they have been working remarkably well with better sleep, less bruxism, more dream sleep time, less snoring and headaches, and an opening of the passages during sleep so that nasal breathing is enhanced.

“From my own results and that of friends, family, and patients, Earthing works extremely well in an overall program that addresses total health and well being, and why it does so makes perfect sense to me. Earthing reconnected me personally to the Earth and to an exciting healing factor.”

For now, my sheet is staying off the bed. I don’t want to muddy the results of the things I’m doing now (kidney cleanse, for one). But soon I will give the sheet another go. And I’ll be sure to let you know what happens.


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  1. Luke says:

    Hi Amanda.
    Your earthing video was of great help to me, so I will offer you what I can in return.
    Reading this site, in FULL, with an open and attentive mind, will give you all of the answers and help you need. This is the second time I’ve written this reply, the first time I was trying to give you all the info you would need from that site for your particular case, but it got to be way too long and I couldn’t keep typing. At first you will not see how the information on the site might relate to your spinal cord, detoxing, and earthing, but it’s all there.

    Earthing is a good idea, you just need to keep your CP (control pause – a breathing term) below a certain limit, to prevent your body from becoming ‘too healthy’. When it becomes ‘too healthy’, it will awaken your immune system to a higher level, and attack impurities or unnoticed infections in your body. Two solutions: find a way to remove the metal from your body/find an alternative, or stay below the CP threshold that triggers your particular detox response.

    After reading that site all of this will make sense. My suggestion is that if your CP below the detox level is about 40, then you should be able to live out the rest of your life happily without getting the rod removed. Most people are completely happy and content in their life with about 35-40 seconds CP. If your CP is something like 20 when you hit the detox reaction, you really need to find a way to remove the rod or find some alternative – 20 seconds CP is a miserable existence.

    CP is the ‘test’ for how healthy you are, based on how well your body is oxygenated (not just how much oxygen is in lungs, but how much is in organs. simply inhaling oxygen doesn’t put all of that oxygen in organs, that’s why hyperventilating is not a good idea. getting oxygen into organs requires co2, hyperventilating exhales so much co2 that you are starved of oxygen, even if you have tons of it in your blood it can’t get to where it needs to be).

    • Luke says:

      haha, forgot to mention the site *facepalm*

    • Amanda says:

      Very interesting site, I see it sells an e-book that describes how to make a device that helps you boost your body oxygenation. Do you recommend these? Thank you for writing. I do know that how you breathe is huge when it comes to your health.

  2. Isabela says:

    Dear Amanda,

    I expected to write you sooner, but life has got pretty complicated lately, so I haven’t be able to write about Earthing products.

    I’ve had some ups and downs regarding health (lumbago, a couple of headaches, for instance), and I don’t think Earthing has been of much help, but can I know it?

    One thing I have noticed: I suffer from bruxismo and, the more stressed I’m, the more ringing in my right ear I get… I notice it particularly at night, when I go to sleep; just in the silence of the night. However, since sleeping in the Earthing sheet somehow the ringing is hardly noticeable. Same with the headaches in the morning… After a very stressful busy day, I usually get up in the morning with a headache that lingers most of the day, but this has also improved.

    As a whole I can also say that I continue sleeping better, although sleep patterns differ… Since Earthing some mornings I wake extremely early (for my standards) feeling reasonably refreshed, so I get up early and then, later on, I might sleep a short siesta but not necessarily.

    Before, if I woke up very early I would not feel refreshed enough to get up and start my day doing lots of things.

    As I say, I continue sleeping in the Earthing sheet daily, and I also use the computer pad all the time. The tingling sensation in the feet and legs has not gone, so I don’t know if this is good or not.

    Are all these subtle sensations a proof of Earthing’s efficiency? I would say “yes”. However, I wouldn’t say the effects are so great… or perhaps they are? I don’t know, it’s very difficult to say.

    I would like a feedback from independent people using these products to see how they are feeling with them. I want to get a computer pad for my boyfriend, and somehow I still doubt about it having in mind it’s pretty expensive for what it is.

    If anybody can illuminate more on this, I would appreciate it very much.

    What about you, Amanda?

    Warmest regards.

  3. Deane says:

    I’m trying out an earthing mat and so far, not so good! My husband tried using it and thought it made him feel worse so gave it to me. :) So far I’ve had one weird symptom after another – sore throat, ringing in the ears, queasiness, and generally flu-like symptoms. On the plus side I’m sleeping better. The symptoms clear up when I stop using the mat. Now I’m in a quandry. Is this normal detox effect and should I persist? It doesn’t seem like anything could be wrong with the grounding mat that could cause negative effects – it’s too simple a device!

    Best wishes, Deane

    • Amanda says:

      Hi Deanne,

      It’s great that you made the connection between the mat and your flu-like symptoms. I think the people would say it’s a detox reaction. How long have you been at it? You could try using it for only a couple of hours a day, gradually building up. But do be aware that there are some health practitioners – like Dr. Klinghardt – who believe that earthing sheets are great but only if the electrical fuses are all off at night and you’ve ascertained that there is no incoming radio frequency radiation coming in through windows or walls. Not the easiest tasks to accomplish but doable for some.

      Please keep us posted on earthing’s benefits!

  4. Jane says:

    I am interested in earthing and have used an earthing sheet, but it didn’t help my sleep or aches at all. I investigated a bit further using a body voltmete to see if it was doing its job but it didn’t seem to reduce the body voltage much on the voltmeter. I found a good website electric sense, where the author having suffered electrical sensitivity for ten years has tried lots of things. He does use earthing but says it’s not for everyone. And it depends on the electrics in your house, rf, dirty electricity etc. if you use the neutral plug they usually have a 1 manga ohmm resistor to prevent rf and dirty electric interference and protect in thunderstorms, but this lowers the earthing goodness. And you have to be careful where you place an earthing rid in the ground if you are doing it that way. All in all it’s not a very clear subject. Many people trying to sell earthing products but not a lot of information on when and how to use it properly.

    • Amanda says:

      Excellent points Jane. I fully agree with what you wrote and you said it quite nicely. For me it always goes back to simplicity, and the naturalness of days gone-by. I.E., sleep outside nearer the Earth, not in an electrified, wifi-ed, closed room with no fresh air and formaldehyde-leaking furniture! In the winter this is less practical. And perhaps the husband and the children won’t want to do it in the summer, even occasionally. We can dream though, and take baby steps towards a more Nature-focused lifestyle. Our bodies are self-healing. We just need to give them as much opportunity to do it.

    • lemon says:

      i diy my earthing mat on the bed ,but i grounded by the water pipe, is it ok ? i think is better then using a electricity plug, cause i know is a little bit risky ….

  5. Amy Davis says:

    I had the same reaction. I have fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, etc, etc. I actually felt nauseated the 1st day, had charlie horses in my calves, had weird dreams, and woke up with the worst migraine this morning. I’m only on day 5 so I’m hoping this is also just a detox esp with as much inflammation runs through my body.

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks for sharing with us Amy. If it’s a detox I’m sure you will find out soon. I have recently been cutting up tumeric slices and simmering as a tea. This really helps me with stiffness/inflammation – maybe you might find it helps you too. Keep us posted!

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