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133 Responses to Contact Me/Health Consult

  1. C says:

    where are you located? I’m considering going through Chris Shade’s protocol. Any update from it? Did you get the test done directly from Quick Silver ?

    • Amanda says:

      I will post soon about my IMD/ClearWay Cofactors/Liposomal Glutathione protocol. I’m on my 14th round of IMD right now, at two scoops per night (I started with a half scoop and worked up). I am seeing nice improvements. I did the QuickSilver mercury speciation test through a doctor in Colorado via phone consults. She works closely with Dr. Shade. If you contact QS’s website, they should be able to recommend someone to work with through whom you can do the test. Good luck!

    • John Sidor says:

      I have several amalgam fillings that I planning to get removed. I’m interested in the Mercury speciation test. How expensive is this test, and is Chris Shade’s protocol the one to go with?

      • Amanda says:

        It’s about $250 I think? Not sure, it was a while ago. Shade’s protocol has you take various supplements, and some of them are pricey. Like the liposomal glutathione, which I wish I could take every day because I think it was negating any of the mobilized mercury effect that happens during the IMD taking. Let us know what you end up doing.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Do you recommend this protocol more than cutler’s? How long did u use cutler’s protocol for? Did u see any improvements at all?

    • Amanda says:

      Soon I will post about my Andy Cutler chelation experience. I did it for about six months. Too many side effects, even though I did low doses. If I were to do it again, I would go even lower, like 5 mg of DMSA or ALA. I do think I got some mercury out though, because I can now tolerate antiparasitics and probiotics without getting depressed, which for me was a symptom of Hg release. But I like the Quicksilver method for now. Will keep you posted.

  3. Beth SALANT says:

    Could you email me privately with the name of the dr that looked at your blood for Lyme? I am still struggling to find out what I have!

    • Amanda says:

      I know what you mean! Unfortunately, she’d rather stay on the down/low since prosecution against this kind of work is not unheard of. I will find out how you can locate a good person who does this though!

  4. susan Odenthal says:

    Hi amanda, I read your article on the earthing sheet. I feel afraid to buy such a high priced item unless you know it is really good. By the way I have been saying for years that we should all support each other, and share our experiences and what worked for us and what didn’t. I have severe arthritis that I absolutely know I got from a rubella vaccine (that I wasn’t aware was a vaccine, I thought it was the shot they had been giving me for pain, because I had just had my son caesarian section.) Anyway I am going to do some serious cleansing, such as the master cleanse, and parasite cleanse, some juice fasting, etc. I wish I was better on the computer, but I don’t have time to learn, I care for my mom who is 87, has dementia, requires 24/7 care, has to be fed etc. etc. BIG WORK to say the least. Anyway I dothe best I can. I would love to talk to you. Where can you buy this holy tea? I will get some for sure. Message me when ever you get time. Where do you live? I live in Canada 90 minutes from Toronto. Thanks and take care. Susan

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks for the feedback on how we can support each other by sharing what we’ve learned. I think it can be so helpful.

      You do have a lot on your plate! But you can get better. Your plan sounds really good. Hopefully you’ve cut out gluten and nightshades. A dairy-free trial might also be enlightening. I do know that arthritis can be caused by the MMR/Rubella vaccine. Your gut, like so many of us, is probably leaky and you are reacting to foods, which exacerbates the arthritis. When I drink milk, even raw, I feel it in my finger joints. Same with nightshades. Killing infections and removing heavy metals which in turn allows the gut to rebuild, is what I’m doing.

      The link to Dr. Miller’s tea, which I drink every morning and evening and now have no problems in that department, is here. It’s on the upper left, and they call it Holy Tea.

      Read read read, and you can improve by a lot!! I know, because I have.

  5. linda welch says:

    just found your site

    was told Ihave mercury toxic

    i have been searching for detox methods

    • Amanda says:

      How did you discover your mercury toxicity? There are many ways to detox: saunas, green food supplements, french green clay, coffee enemas. Also, you can drink Dr. Miller’s Holy tea, which is what I do. Twice a day every day to get the old waste out of your body!

  6. bill s says:

    Where can I buy DMPS, I can only find DMSA online?

    • Amanda says:

      Good question! It took me ages to get some. I knew someone who knows a doctor in Switzerland, so on a visit, he grabbed some for me. Check for which countries allow dispensing without a prescription, then maybe you can find a source.

  7. Debi says:

    Can you tell me who this woman is that is reading your blood slide? I would love to send her a sample of blood. Any information would be appreciated. I’m in Southern CA. This woman has extremely valuable information for Lyme patients.

    • Amanda says:

      She’d like to remain incognito. Try contacting local Lyme groups and asking around for someone who does this sort of work. That’s what I did.

  8. My name is Henrik and I’m the man behind the “NoBody needs mercury!” info health project where we fight for a global ban on all man-made mercury sources and products in order to reduce this pollution which eventually poisons humans resulting in chronic heavy metal toxicity.

    Join the “NoBody needs mercury!” Facebook Group and help spreading the word:

    Learn more viewing the “NoBody needs mercury!” info site:

    Please watch the trailer for the upcoming “NoBody needs mercury!” info video:

    And please also watch the mercury info video “Dental Mercury’s Toxic Journey Into The Environment” :

    No matter where the mercury / methyl mercury comes from it’s still at fact that a worldwide mercury pollution of man and nature is taking place … and it’s not really getting better as the number of coal fired power plants, crematories, incinerators, amalgam fillings, etc. keep on growing!

    You can always carry out at home the simple and low-priced, but trustworthy “Heavy Metal Screen Test” from Nissen Medica in Canada:

    Better yet is the “Mercury Speciation Tri-Test” from Quicksilver Scientific in Lafayette, CO 80026, U.S. … the only clinical testing suite that measures both the exposures and excretion abilities for each of the two main forms of mercury we are exposed to:

  9. lisa says:

    i was reading about your issue with chronic bloating. I have the exact same problem. I have used Threelac, ozone IV and hydrogen peroxide IV. I am a bit better, but still bloating. I am eating a gluten, lactose and sugar free diet. Did anything end up working for you? Are you still bloating?

    • Amanda says:

      Not bloated anymore. Was bloated for 6 or so years. Over that time, I’ve treated for parasites off and on and this is one of the key protocols, especially for the larger ones that can cause a big distended belly like I had. Have you done a parasite cleanse? I would try Hannah Krueger’s cleanse for six days before and six days after the full moon, for three months, and see how things are at that point. Gluten-free and low sugar sounds really good!

      • ruby says:

        Amanda, when you said “this is one of the key protocols”, what do you mean? The Krueger cleanse? Please tell us how to got rid of these parasites. In addition to the bloating, did you have lots of water retention? Also, did you do this before chelation? Thanks.!

        • Amanda says:

          I don’t think you ever truly rid yourself of all parasites. They’ll always be some. But you want to get the numbers way way down. I routinely deparasitize now. I used to think you only needed to do it once or twice and that was it. Nope. My schedule is to take something/things on the six days before the full moon and six days after. Examples are colloidal silver, artmisinan, pineapple cores, etc. Eventually, numbers will go down, and your energy will go up! Mine is great now. Good luck.

  10. Elizabeth says:

    I was going to email you directly now that I fortunately found your journal again. I was searching more on Kumbucha dose/mercury detox/chelation (maybe Candida) and you came up. I noticed you’ve mentioned Andy’s ALA protocol and that you feel as I do – the way out of this maze is the web and all of us helping each other.

    If you’d like, you can email me and I can explain my experiences in more detail. I have met with Andy in person, reviewed his book that wasn’t published and I chelated with ALA for 2 1/2 years. I hope you were able to go higher (without pain) then 9mg. But of course it’s not the only way to do this.

    I wish I could say I’m done but I’m not. I’m closer then I’ve ever been but I’m not done with this evil poison that is in my body and brain.

    I’ve never come across anyone giving a time frame on getting well and I don’t agree with some of this man’s work but recently found this…

    From Lifeforce (page 46), Dr. Brian Clement:
    Stages of detoxification

    Up to ½ years – major digestive cleansing
    1 ½ to 2 years – deep tissue and joint cleansing
    2-5 years – bone structure, cartilage, more joint cleansing
    5 ½ – 6 years – organ repositioning and renewal
    6-7 years – brain tissues and neurological cleansing

    My mercury poisoning is what MD’s call MS (sure whatever they want to call it – it is multiple lesions BECAUSE of mercury damaging me). This chart, again I’m not so confident in this man’s work, is unfortunately likely my experience so far.

    I just want normal sleep. And that’s why I found you since I’ve focused so long on my brain mercury that now I think my gut, Candida and my mercury load there, needs more work.

    Have you used chlorella? If you’ve written about it, point me that direction and I’ll read it.

    Anyway, again if you email me, oh heck I’ll write even more that only those of us dealing with this would want to know.

    Hope you’re doing well with everything you’ve tried. I have a couple things I’ve tried that I can tell you about that might be helpful.

    • Amanda says:

      I did not go high on the ALA at all. I was on low frequent doses and some things happened that weren’t good so I stopped. I will not continue with the Cutler protocol, though I do know people have definitely been helped. I did enjoy my consult with him. How was yours? Instead I focus on Modifilan, salt/c for parasitic infections (which so many of us have, wrapped up complicatedly with the metal toxicity), and plenty of detox and rest and a mineral-rich WAPF-style diet. I like taking few supplements (although lots of salt/c over the course of the day). I also do colloidal silver (make my own, yes finally took the leap) and other things. I have energy enough these months to take a yoga teacher training with people who are 20 years younger than I. Good sign!

      The other thing I think so highly of is meditation and skilled relaxation. You call mercury an evil poison, and it is, but I have found that a calmer, more loving/accepting state does wonders for our healing! It takes as long as it takes. It’s all okay. It’s a lifestyle. The mercury will go down. You will feel better soon. Consistency.

      Dr. Clement’s timeline is interesting! Call Sergei, the Modifilan guy, and talk to him about the MS. I bet he’d be very helpful. Take it in the morning only as it really increases energy. As for your sleep – try to turn off all wireless sources in your house at night. That may help. I’ve not taken chlorella – too scared away from it by the Cutler support forums. But I am good with Modifilan. Start slowly.

      Let us know how you are faring!

  11. Elizabeth says:

    PS: So you like the bread you ordered? I’m in LA (the Valley) and recently I asked my sister (who lives in SM) that if she’s at the farmer’s market to get me a loaf to try it.

    My Candida goes up and down, I suppose like most of us. I didn’t realize how much of a problem it was until I started using the portable (a poor woman’s version – smile) FAR sauna I bought (Did my sister have to say I look like out of an I Love Lucy episode in the thing?) . It’s why I think chlorella is the next thing I need…to mop up the mercury I’m releasing with the sauna. Any thoughts on that?

    I so hope I can take it and not have too many symptoms. I can only drink no more then 3 ounces of Kombucha before my head hurts. So I know I’ll need to go very slow.

    • Amanda says:

      Yes I like the bread – it’s wonderful to have around when I need it – but for some reason I don’t die to have it often like when I first started eating it. Which is fine with me because I do still tilt towards the very low/no grains thing. Most recently I’ve read Ramiel Nagel’s Cure Tooth Decay and he is all about how grains, especially whole grains, have so much phytic acid that prevent vitamin and mineral absorption – that they are anti-nutrient foods. Although he says real sourdough is okay sometimes.

      Anyway what are your candida symptoms? Mine were bloating and sugar cravings, which all long gone. But I’ve been at this awhile. Changes are slow but consistent when you’ve found the right program, I do believe.

      Which poor woman’s sauna are you talking about, a heat lamp sauna like the one I have? I think Modifilan, a seaweed extract, is great. I talk to the manufacturer from time to time, Sergei. He said if I continued taking 6-12 each day for three months, my next live blood cell analysis would show no rouleaux. Amazingly, that is what happened. Chlorella helps some people but others not. I know this from my Andy Cutler days. And then you have to figure out if it’s not making you feel good because you’re taking too much and mobilizing and not excreting mercury, or if it just isn’t for you. With Modifilan, which also helps detox from mercury, I had to start slow.

      Kombucha is a good test to see how Hg toxic you are (this is just my hypothesis). If you’re pretty toxic, then you’ll feel bad when you drink some of it. As you continue excreting Hg through the methods you’ve chosen, you can periodically drink some to see if you have less of a reaction.

      Let us know what you find!

      • Elizabeth says:

        As usual for me it’s late (ie: sleeping problems), but I want to say again a bit more directly…I have a lot to say and some of it belongs here, but some belongs in a private email to you where I would be more candid. If you take a moment to email me, I’ll explain.

        Jumping around…

        My FAR sauna on an adjunct faculty income…

        My sister did have to say I look like an I Love Lucy episode but it works. I know it does because I’ve had again detox symptoms. I’m realizing now that I ‘mobilized’ mercury but didn’t help my body shuttle out what I was releasing from my joint/connective tissues (where I know I have a lot of mercury).

        And that leads me to some of what I want to say on Andy and his protocol. For anyone who has done or is interested in the Cutler protocol, here’s the deal…it does work but in my view, it is not sufficient.

        I did 128 rounds and still my biggest issue, poor sleep, did not improve. It was then I began to bring in new tools. Obviously there are many and contrary to what he might believe, safe ways to do this. Yes there are many poor ways to try this and possibly even dangerous but ALA and his protocol is just one method.

        Examples of how I know his protocol does work…my first ‘healing’ was my gut. Not perfect but improved. It’s always been one if not my main, weakest link. That happened at around round 20 (so 60 days of chelation).

        The one healing no medical person or anyone could say was subjective is at round 50 (so 150 days of this), I began to sweat like a normal person. I could barely sweat, my skin would be red from the heat of the tub water and nothing or barely anything would happen, and then that one tub, I’ll never forget the drip on my shoulder…I freaked out thinking ‘oh god, a leak on the ceiling’ and then I realized, it was me…dripping off my forehead. I nearly cried. I broke through.

        I’ve gotten stronger but I’m not well yet and I won’t spend another 2 1/2 years doing his protocol. I need to move forward and ALA, in this manner, takes too long. Plus I question if I’ll truly get deep enough.

        I am robust, vibrant in spite of this toxin damaging my being. I’m often amazed at my body given my lousy sleep how much energy I have. I do eat well, exercise nearly every day and take in lots of nutrition.

        Even though your issues are not MS/mercury, if I had to pick one (and I wouldn’t want to) of my supplements I would choose turmeric. I know I’ve stopped ‘MS’ attacks with therapeutic doses (1600mg daily/divided dose).

        Jumping again…

        Amanda, mercury is evil to me. I realize I hold onto my anger about being poisoned by the professional class but it keeps me motivated. I’ll never give up until I have my health fully restored.

        On the bread…

        That bread of course affects Candida, regardless of his fermentation process. My sister brought me over some olive bread and tea bread. I had one slice last night with my healthy salad and wow, in my world it’s a big deal, it made me have to go to sleep – and then it made my sleep worse that night. My biggest issue is waking up through the night (and falling asleep).

        Back to Andy for a moment…

        So what I realized with sauna was that I didn’t have any ‘binding’ support. I disagree with Andy on chlorella. Here is a statement someone else made on this:

        “Cutler does not mention intestinal absorbants or binding agents in his book…Not to stress the importance of absorbants in this application is borderline criminal in my opinion.”

        I agree with this writer now that I’m looking at ALA differently. I hope I can handle chlorella sooner then later so I can add it to what I want to do.

        Amanda, I never had a consult with Andy. He’s originally from LA so he was here visiting. I took him and his girlfriend to dinner to say thank you for his advice. I also reviewed the book that doesn’t seem like he’s going to publish.

        His work has helped me and I very much appreciate it, where standard medical care fails most of us. However he has an attitude about all other methods to safely remove mercury and although some are truly sketchy, he paints all with the same brush.

        And he pushed me away from chlorella which I think is a great disservice to anyone following his protocol. Chlorella is obviously not cilantro. And I don’t know but I think it’s unlikely that every practitioner who uses that combination is doing this wrong. I won’t touch cilantro but I’m happy to add chlorella to what I’m doing.

        On Candida…

        My symptoms are of course insomnia and here’s the thing…I know this stuff is connected to mercury (leaky gut, candida, hormone imbalances, etc.) but I’m so healthy, I didn’t think I had it too bad since I didn’t have big, obvious symptoms. BUT…after using the sauna, I so did.

        I’m in great shape, 5’4″, 130lbs…at most 133…and after the three weeks of every day in the sauna, I shot up 5 lbs (that’s a big deal for me), my belly was huge (bloating), no change in diet/exercise and the worst, my sleep was much worse.

        Then I began to watch my carb intake (and I do have carb cravings – I had horrible sugar cravings but as I’ve chelated more with ALA, it’s manageable) and my weight has (crazy) reversed. I’m now around 128lbs. I haven’t been in the 120’s in a very long time.

        I’ve seen this with another method I’ve used to get mercury out, that symptoms I never had appeared. I’ll write that in another post. I can’t seem to do this quickly.

        Why seaweed? Why not chlorella? It’s less expensive and I think it might cover more issues. I think I found a good source and I’m hoping it helps. Don’t let Andy keep you from it. It has the potential to be amazing for us.

        • Amanda says:

          Thanks so much for all this fantastic personal experience and your story. I emailed you personally but didn’t hear back, so I’m just publishing your comment now.

          The infrared sauna looks good! I am glad it is getting mercury out of you. I still use my heat lamp sauna that I made in the closet with some canvas covers. I sweat a lot and it feels great.

          It is helpful to readers to read of your Andy Cutler mercury detox experience. And how the chlorella is helping. I’m not scared of using it anymore. My plan is to stick with Modifilan and retest with Quicksilver, just because I’m curious to see if levels have come down.

          Do you meditate? I think that this is key in almost everyone’s healing. I haven’t written about it much, but I will as I think it’s a large piece of the puzzle. When we get still and see how much our thoughts are running the show, it’s quite a realization. My mind still flies off as I meditate, but I have faith that over time and consistent practice, I will be able to stay with my breath for longer and longer periods.

          Thanks again for some great information.

          • Elizabeth says:

            On meditation, I don’t but I’m also a writer (sort of redundant as I’m blathering on here – smile) which I’ve learned falls into that realm.

            Many, many years ago, I attended this Whole Life Expo in San Francisco, it was the end of the day, I went to this booth where I was hooked to some software that recorded my brain waves. I decided I was curious to see how is my brain (on drugs – kidding) when writing.

            It was fascinating. Guess what the person doing this to me asked? If I was an experienced mediator? He said he did this all day and no one had a pattern like I did. It was stunning to me for this reason…

            I’d say in a similar fashion but different, like when I play golf, I need a focused yet relaxed calm to play well. With writing, up until that moment, I’ve always thought I put out all this energy – that it was work so I was expending lots of energy – to get to that place that I let go and creatively do what I do.

            Amazingly Amanda (that’s nice alliteration), it was exactly opposite of what I thought. Still blows my mind. My waves, alpha or beta waves (I forget which is which) was barely moving. It wasn’t all this energy I was expending – it ‘feels like’ it takes energy to push out all that is around us, extraneous stuff and go where it’s calm (very little brain activity) where creativity resides.

            When I have my New Age music on (has to be the right, calm type) and I start to imagine my characters, I see the story and where I want it to go, I must be in those ‘quiet’ waves, expending energy to push away everything, when in fact it’s very light brain activity.

            I have no idea what I discovered and if any of this is common knowledge on creativity and brain activity, but I often think of this particular calm state when I know I’ve finding solutions to writing problems.

            I don’t know if that tells you anything but my writing brain waves looks like I mediate. You write here and you said you had tons of health journals (I use my Yahoo calendar as my health diary – ever since I started Andy’s protocol) so maybe it’s helped you in this way also. I don’t know but there’s something to this state of mind, at least when I’m creatively writing.

            And to any of your readers, it’s so important to keep a health diary. Simple notes. My calendar makes it easy. I often go back and think…’when did I have that symptom…what was I doing that it bothered me or I felt better…’ so it’s easy to do a search in my own personal health history.

          • Amanda says:

            Wonderful that you meditate when you work and are in the flow! How great to love what you do.

  12. Ashley N says:

    Hi Amanda,
    On good days I’ve often thought about starting a “fibro/cfs/lyme” group in the HR area. Then, a slew of bad days comes making the idea of organizing anything more than a shower and a meal a distant thought. I ran into some of your videos on youtube and I have to tell you, your results are eerily similar to mine. Considering what you’ve pursued, I’m surprised our paths have not crossed before. I’d love to share more specifics with you. Please shoot me an email when you get a chance. Oh I did want to post the below link for strongyloides in reference to the “forked tail” question in one of your videos. (see Figure 5).

    • Amanda says:

      Did you have live blood analysis too? Here is the video of my blood in case people missed it:

      You didn’t take video of your analysis, did you? I’d love to see it! How many of us have these things inside us? Fascinating. One could be freaked out, but that doesn’t help anything.

      Thanks for that stronglyoides link. That’s what my live blood cell analyzer mentioned as a possibility. Thanks for sharing your experience. Keep it coming.

  13. Elizabeth says:

    The one other product that I’m using to get more mercury out is Bio-chelat. Although I can’t say this or that product is the ‘one’ since I’m doing so much, I know how great it is. Why? Because its EDTA.

    The trick is that it’s formulated in a way that does pull brain mercury slowly and the entire bottle (about $40 each) is equal to one EDTA pill (I think 200mg). I do like German products (and manufactured in Canada).

    This is the product (not the place I bought mine but just an example):

    So what I’m doing this summer is taking my Bio-chelate, with and without my chlorella (both 3x a day when I remember), gently doing my sauna (I moved the temp down to the lowest setting – 113 degrees) for no more then 15-20 mins, then shower off.

    Before I get into the sauna, I rebound to a few songs on Pandora so maybe 10 mins or so of that to get my lymph and sweat going so I do better in the sauna at lower temps. I think it’s more gentle on my system so I hope it’s working. I think I’ll need months, not weeks, to see a change.

    I read in one place online – so I don’t know if it’s valid – but it mentioned to drink my chlorella (I have powder from Taiwan) 2 hrs before the sauna so it’s in your intestines. Who knows if this is true but it’s not hard to make sure to take it early enough.

    And yes on Kombucha. I know. It’s been several weeks now so I can drink more Kombucha without feeling lousy/headaches and all that. I do think, as you do, that it’s a sign I’m hopefully a little less toxic.

    Hope you’re doing well in general and with whatever experimenting on your health you’re doing.

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks for the info! I remember that Hulda Clark always touted the benefits of EDTA for heavy metal removal, and I have always wanted to try it. I may at some point, but I am feeling good about Modifilan. I don’t remember if I wrote about it or not, but my third and most recent live blood cell analysis showed hardly any rouleaux (.5 on a scale from 0-5), whereas the session before showed a 4.5. Sergei the Modifilan guy assured me that this would happen after taking 12 per day for 2-3 months, and he was right. Still, I am interested in Bio-Chelat and how you find if for yourself!

      I do the sauna and the rebounder too. Funny how we health-recovering veterans gravitate to solutions that really work!

      And great that you are less toxic, as witnessed by your lesser reaction to kombucha. As I tell my husband, it’s about consistently working to clear out the toxins day by day and month by month, and you will feel better.

  14. Elizabeth says:

    I haven’t received an email from you. I was honestly hoping I would since I knew I would be writing quite a bit here publicly. Please try again or post your email address and I’ll email you.

    I see my email listed above, so do try me again.

    I did want to give voice to my experience with Andy’s protocol. I’ve been meaning to write one statement over in the Yahoo frequent chelation forum about how I feel about ALA and from my view, it’s limitations.

    I do know by my ‘healings’ (and it’s not remotely subjective when I began to sweat – and I do now like crazy) so you can tell your husband that yes, keep on, keepin’ on. We might have heavier burdens then some, but everyone needs to consciously do some types of detoxing/chelating to remain healthy in our toxic world.

    I just long for the day, as I’m sure you do, when we reach that maintenance level.

    I should read more of your experience, but overall did you find oil pulling helpful? And if so, did you follow any particular directions on doing it?

    BTW, I’m curious but way too wimpy to look at your blood analysis if it’s going to show something icky and moving. So basically you had more of (whatever) and now less of (whatever) right? (I am squeamish unfortunately).

    On the only mild ick factor (I suppose), I’m throwing everything at this at the moment (sauna, chlorella, bio-chelate, kombucha, kefir, rebounding, dry brushing, mag tubs, super cleanse pills) and I do see very dark (mostly black) stools, yeast and mucous.

    If you didn’t know, Andy mentioned this in his book, the darker the stool, the more bile (and I know that means more toxins out). My turmeric is increasing my bile production. Do you take turmeric? It’s hard to pick one but if I had to, it’s my #1 supplement.

    I really think chlorella and Bio-chelat together are a powerful one-two punch. Even if I feel it in my stomach, which passes fairly quickly, it’s worth it. I try to leave both in an empty stomach to work their magic without food in the way.

    So send me an email when you can, so we can chat there too.

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks for reminding me about bile and dark stool and more toxins coming out etc…you helped me remember to take my GB-3 – ox bile that Dr. Wilson recommends so highly. It sounds like you’re utilizing some great practices to improve your health, and that you have a ‘pace not race’ attitude, which is so helpful. As for blood analysis, I had less whatever, correct! And my blood was way less rouleaux-like. We shall keep in touch re: our detox journeys.

      • Elizabeth says:

        I am so wimpy – good you had less of that ‘stuff’ (smile).

        When you email, we’ll chat more on hormones and chlorella – it’s wild, but it’s helping balance mine. I didn’t know this, it’s from how I feel and when I looked it up, this amazing little algae does that too.

        I really want you to think about adding chlorella since it is the most incredible substance I have used so far. I’ll now never be without it. And I keep losing weight. I don’t mean to (I’m at my perfect weight which I thought was the low 130’s, I’m 5’4″, not the 120’s – it’s crazy). It has so much protein, 60%, so I’m not hungry very often and it seems to be doing something with all the rest that I do.

        Again, we’ll chat in email and if you still have a low libido, I can tell you what I do. I wanted to ask you about cortisol levels and I still wonder…Is it part of my sleep problems? I know I should have done a saliva test long ago, but I just never did given I was unsure how to then treat it if it was funky.

        And what else does amazing chlorella do? It’s suppose to help with adrenal issues/stress too. We’ll see. I’ve been taking for barely a month.

        • Amanda says:

          Tell us what brand chlorella you are using! Do you know of the self testing you can do, for pretty cheap? Might want to check cortisol levels via saliva – $109. Check it out here, and also check out Stop the Thyroid Madness site, if you haven’t already!

  15. Elizabeth says:

    Did you learn something from testing your cortisol? And if you did, what did you do to try to correct it?

    I’ve probably tried nearly everything but if you have anything you do for sleep problems, I’m always interested.

    What you want with chlorella are two things:
    1) the cleanest source and
    2) the species that works best to remove mercury/toxins

    I was searching for this and price, so I found this small family business:

    I’ve chatted with them, they’re nice and it is exactly what I wanted. It was very ‘old school’ that I had to mail a check to them but I’ll buy from them again because I know it’s quality.

    If you read through the description, you’ll see why chlorella is the most amazing substance I’ve ever used. Even iodine which I’m sure I need.

    Basically with this small business…what I bought might be twice as much if I purchased a name brand. Taiwan is the best of the best and we do want it grown outside so it has the most growth factor. The outside problems are those grown in polluted places like China. If you bought indoor grown chlorella, S. Korea is the best one.

    So once I figured out what I needed, I then searched for price and found this company. I’m sure there are plenty of other companies, but please always make sure to know the country of origin. The ‘organic’ tends to be China and is more polluted then non-organic elsewhere.

    And you’ll notice…some that seem cheaper, don’t post the country of origin. I asked before I bought mine and the organic ones were China (nice that they hid that fact online).

    In sum, Taiwan, grown outside, non-heated breaking cell process (and this one, half the price of name brands like Sun chlorella). Also powder is half the price of the equivalent in pill form.

    I’m a part-time instructor living in LA so I do need to shop price.

    It’s crazy but I’m starting to question which supplements I need now that I take chlorella a few times a day (start slow like with anything that detoxes). It does so much, I don’t know anymore.

    And I hope I’m making real progress with it combined with bio-chelat. I just know my focus now on my gut will help a lot.

  16. Elizabeth says:

    Do you know anything about elevated Aldosterone and Renin? I know it’s the sodium/potassium pump and when I’ve read info on sites like you mentioned, it’s about if you’re low not high:

    “…healthy adrenals will generally put you in the upper range.”

    I’ve tested high twice and I don’t know when in my menstrual cycle I did the tests:

    “Women should test their aldosterone in the first week after menstruation when progesterone is the lowest (higher progesterone raises aldosterone).”

    However, I have or should say had low progesterone (I’ve been naturally raising it with a natural cream) so I wonder if it would have had this effect then. I’m just thinking mercury messes with my cell communication so I run high.

    I noticed you wrote you have low ferritin too. I do. Very low in my view (my first test was 18 on a scale of about 11-150).

    My theory on our low ferritin – just a guess – our bodies can dump iron but can’t dump mercury so it intelligently dumps iron because it wants to lower oxidative stress (from the metals). It’s something I kept trying to figure out so it’s my best guess.

  17. Elizabeth says:

    Since I just read this – wondering about how much selenium is in chlorella (thinking of what supplements I might not need in the future) and I came across another (frankly) stupid statement from this guy who you have consulted with before.

    It’s just my opinion Amanda but in the past I’ve come across some of his work that I felt was ridiculous.

    Now this statement…

    “Spirulina, chlorella, cilantro and other chelators contain some selenium. However, these products are somewhat toxic, and their selenium is less well-utilized by most people. For these reasons, I never recommend them at all. I would avoid these products strictly, in fact, although I know may holistic doctors use them a lot. They are not needed and they have a subtle toxicity, in my experience.”

    He has no idea what he’s talking about (and if you email me, I’ll state a few things to you privately not on him but other issues). To make a blanket statement like this does a great disservice to anyone reading his work.

    You truly have to be brain dead to think chlorella, in it’s amazing two billion year history, is bad for you. If you take the time read about it and learn what you need, it is the best for detoxifying our gut naturally (my initial purpose).

    Without knowing what you learned from this man, I would cross reference anything you question and make sure it makes sense to you.

    Did he do anything to check the quality? Did he just assume ‘some’ of his patients did poorly oh maybe because they bought Chinese chlorella? And I’ll take it as sensible that even if you bought poor quality chlorella – which you shouldn’t, buy what I mentioned above – it binds so well to toxins that it would likely shuttle it out of you anyway.

    What a maroon.

  18. Michelle Hromoko says:

    Hi Amanda, thank you so much for your invaluable information – I feel like I have stumbled across a kindred spirit in my quest to figure out how to detox myself from high mercury levels. I have run 3 mercury challenge tests over the past 2 years and all have been quite high (they were urine tests which used DMSA as a challenge – not ideal I know). Question for you – if you had this to do all over again, would you remove your amalgam fillings? It sounds like that’s where your health problems began. I’m evaluating what the right path should be for detoxing, I’m considering both the Cutler and Shade protocols. Any information or recommendations you can provide in hindsight would be most helpful

    • Amanda says:

      Hi Michelle! See above for Dr. Mary Shackelton. She will tell you that she has had great success with Shade’s protocol, geting the mercury levels down. She will also give advice on whether to remove the amalgams. I would probably do that, but only after well researching a great, experienced IAOMT dentist to do it. Shackelton will know that too.

      Cutler’s protocol messed me up in that even 12-25 mg of ALA was too much for me, and I think that that chelation stressed my jaw muscles somehow so that my bite has shifted. Weird, I know! But hey we’re in a weird time here. But it’s all good. The good thing about the Shade protocol is that you can test your levels with the Quicksilver test at the beginning of the program and six months later to compare. Keep us posted on what works for you!

  19. Elizabeth says:

    This is the most important piece of advice I can give you as you start to take control over your health – seriously do what makes sense. In anyway does keeping a poison that hurts you make sense to let it just sit in your mouth? That’s all you need to ask yourself over and over as you get mercury out of your brain and body.

    Find a quality dentist, preferably a bio-dentist who will use a dental dam, have you oxygen and be knowledgeable about the best practices removing mercury. Take some activated charcoal just before the procedure since it will bind to any mercury you breath in (or worse, shallow).

    There’s a lot to do and read Amanda’s blog here for lots of suggestions. Focus on your nutrition and giving your body the support it needs.

    And honestly, read my experience doing Andy’s protocol and using other methods such as Bio-chelat, my FAR sauna and chlorella (which I couldn’t disagree more emphatically with Andy on this).

  20. Javier says:

    Hi Amanda,

    Thank you! for sharing. I am learning lots from your website!!!

    I am fibro, MCS, CFS and on for 13 yrs now. I also had amalgams removed (which made me even sicker, not done correctly) and have that bloating everyone seems to talk about. So…

    I am writing to ask you for a lead. I am interested in doing the Shade protocol, but with a knowledgeable practitioner or M.D. who routinely uses it with his or her patients. You seem to have worked with someone in Colorado who is knowledgeable? I know you cannot share this persons ID online, but might it be possible to send their info to my email? I would greatly appreciate it.

    Also, I did try Modifilan in the past (Sergei is great), but unfortunately it was too much of a detox for me at the time. I did try his red algea and that did seem to help without so much of a detox. Perhaps if I were to progress on the Shade protocol then I could move on to Modifilan?

    have a good day,


    • Amanda says:

      Hi Javier,

      The woman in Colorado is Dr. Mary Shackelton, ND. Her site is I do recommend her. How much Modifilan did you try? Have to start at one a day if you react, which is what I did. Now I do 10 a day with no problems. You mention MCS, fibro, CFS – have you looked into Lyme? I’m sure you don’t want to hear it, but I believe that’s part of my picture. It and the mercury toxicity together. Here’s a great video by Dr. Lee Cowden. I will start some of his products soon. Keep in touch!

  21. George says:

    Hi Amanda,
    How can I get an email from the microbiologist on youtube, I got my own microscopy done and just need the identification.
    Thank you

    • Amanda says:

      Sorry! She wants to remain incognito, understandably so. Let us know what you find with your microscopy. I’d be happy to post video of it on this site if you’d like.

  22. Nawal says:

    COQ10 is fantastic for gums – try the Davinci brand chewable ones.

  23. Maria says:

    Hi Amanda,

    Are you still doing Nutritional Balancing?

  24. Maria says:

    Why did you stop it?And how looks your diet now?


    • Amanda says:

      Diet is mostly paleo, with some rice, some oatmeal. I make coconut milk smoothies from coconut milk I make from shredded coconut in the Vita-Mix. A little fruit. Try to do lots of veggies, mostly cooked, as I think they are digested and utilized better that way despite how most feel about the cooked vs raw veggie thing. Feel best on low sugar and just two cups of green tea a day with a bit of raw honey. Lots of sea salt, lots of water.

  25. Maria says:

    I wanted to find out more information regarding Scoliosis and Harrington Rod after 30 yrs. I am now 43 and always in pain!! I work full time but often have to go on short term disability due to many health complications in which I am wondering are due to having the rod for so long. Please help and give any information you have. I’m afraid to have the surgery to remove it all. Does anyone qualify for permanent disability?? HELP!!! Please text me or email me……….Thank you.

  26. MJ says:


    I came across your info while searching for this type of process EDST

    My Visit with the EAV (Electrodermal) Doctor

    I’m in Lancaster, CA

    Appears to be various ones out here,
    do you know of any reputable ones in this area?

    Please know, ANY other info you can share, I’m all ears?

    What else can you tell me about it, did you feel it was legit?

    Appreciate reading what you wrote and anything else you can share or point me in the right direction?

    I’m assuming you did your test locally to you? And of course looked into which one to go to?

    I may have other questions, can you email me?

    Thank you,


    • Amanda says:

      Hi MJ,

      I feel that it can work but it’d be a good idea to ask to speak to people who have been helped by the EAV person. I’d think that someone who does this type of work would be happy to ask referrals to contact you to share their positive experience (although I don’t think my guy would – a personality thing). And I’d go see two or three and see who feels right for you. Maybe spread it out over a couple of months so as to not have to spend $$ all at once. I went to this guy because my sort of holistic dentist recommended him. I feel he was right on about the infection in my mouth. His remedies/signals to clear them however, not so sure.

      Good luck!

  27. January Green says:

    Hello, I was bit by what I think was a spider six yrs ago then soon after my fore arm swelled to three times it’s size for five months,soon after unknowingly moved into a room that turned out to be infested (tiny bugs, possibly fleas these bites really made me sick, tremors, head ache, sweating, sinus and teeth problems etc.had to throw every thing out and move.

    Terrible symptoms , terrible doctors, long story short
    finally got test that showed anti bodies for Ehrlichia

    Left with lleft sided effects ……stif neck, shoulder pain, left leg and foot pain causing limping, bruising, digestive issues, dull pain in left side stomache ( spleen?)
    tightness through out body, insomnia, left side sinus and roots of teeth infection, painful lymph nodes.

    But the LYME test comes out neg. so Dr Says I don’t hav LYME but I think I do. Any suggestions for a lab that will show more or recommended Drs or protocols ?

    • Amanda says:

      I like Better Health Guy’s info:

      He writes this:

      For Co-Infection Testing:

      Complete Co-Infection Panel 5095 from IGeneX which includes Babesia antibody and FISH testing, Ehrlichia antibody testing, and Bartonella antibody and FISH testing.
      Co-Infection Profiles from Fry Labs.
      Bartonella testing from Galaxy Diagnostics.

      Please let us know what you find, and thanks for writing. I feel as though many of us are going through this type of health situation and it is always so helpful to get together to discuss what helps.

    • Carl Leed says:

      Try This:

      (1) Go to the head of the hospital
      laboratory, and have him look
      at the monocytes in your blood
      under a microscope with a high
      numerical-aperture objective lens,
      100X, with a numerical aperture of at least
      1.3 to 1.4, using oil between the top
      of the coverslip and the tip of
      the objective-lens. Use a precision-coverslip
      made by Carl Zeiss, machined to
      within 0.005 of a micrometer
      (available on the micro-shop
      Zeiss site).

      Use a standard 10X eyepiece,
      but the objective must be a high-quality
      plan-fluorite or plan apochromat.

      If the center of the monocytes
      have what appears to be a
      “tightly-bunched” group
      of mulberries, you’ve got the
      monocytic form of erlichia.

      If the center of the monocytes
      has a “bombed-out” or “cratered”
      appearance, it could easily be
      an IgE antibody disturbance
      or activation, as in an allergenic
      reaction and/or will cause a
      food allergy.

      Check the red blood cells
      for fermentation-spots,
      as in excessive-sugar and pre-diabetes,
      but look closely for spirochetes.
      NOTE: There are hundreds of different
      spirochetes, but excessive sugar
      will get you on to the disease called
      candidiasis (yeast infection in the blood stream).

      You may even want to have the microscope
      operator use a monochromatic
      (green-color) light source,
      with a bandwidth no more than
      40 nanometers wide, and preferably
      shorter, e. g. 512 nanometers to 552 nanometers,
      or preferably 527 nanometers to 537 nanometers.

      Also consider using a phase-contrast
      illumination system.

      (2) You need to check and monitor
      regularly the percent and distribution
      of red blood cells that are loosing hemoglobin.

      (3) You need to take an ELISA test,
      which stands for Enzyme-Linked-ImmunoSorbent-Assay
      for the propensity to produce the 5 “Ig” antibodies,
      IgG, IgA, IgM, IgE and IgD. Then, you’ll get a good,
      ballpark idea if what’s going on by measuring
      the proportions of the 5 antibodies.
      This is a well-known technique
      (google this technique).


  28. Marla says:

    I noticed on your “Eating Wheat Again” post that you are having Jack Bezian’s bread shipped to you in a box? Does he ship all over the USA? Does he have some kind of order form or website I can order from? I can only find some website that seems really outdated and contains nothing about ordering. Thanks for your help!

    • Amanda says:

      Give him a call at 323-663-8608! He’ll probably have you send him a check to L.A. and then he’ll send you the bread. Let us know what you think of it!

  29. chantal perrin says:

    I am working on a documentary about Lyme disease for french public television and happend to view the video you filmed of microscopy of your blood. It’s quite amazing.
    Could we correspond by email ?
    Kind regards
    Chantal Perrin

  30. Mia says:

    Have you ever tried Dr Wilson’s protocol for healing at ? If so did you have any luck with it?

    • Amanda says:

      Hi Mia, I did try it for years. In fact I do some of it now still. I learned a lot from his protocol. I just don’t take the supplements anymore or do the hair tests. I do eat his diet – lots of cooked vegetables and pastured meats, low sugar. I feel best that way. So yes, I would recommend it. Just see one of the practitioners that he’s approved. Check out Patrick Timpone’s interview with him too. I just heard that today.

      Check my site for my in-depth report on my experience on Dr. Wilson’s program.

  31. Aiko Shimada says:

    Hi Amanda
    I watched your youtube video about how to set up the earthing sheet. I’m sure someone probably asked you this question here on the comment section, but I don’t have time to go through reading all the posting, and so I’m asking this question.

    I got an Earthing sheet for over a week, and I’m not sure if I’m totally feeling the effect. You mentioned in your video that “dirty electricity” in the walls can affect how grounded you are. Is this true even if the multimeter reads low when you touch the sheet, and shows you are supposedly “grounded?” Wouldn’t you be “grounded” if the meter reads very low, even if other EMFs come at you from different sources as long as your skin touches the sheet? Or are you saying that you may pick up EMFs that come from the grounding wire, kind of like backing up from the sheet?

    Please reply when you can.

    Thank you very much.


    • Amanda says:

      Very good question Aiko, and one I’d like to know the answer to as well. My multimeter experiment proved to me, at the time, that my body was receiving less impact from nearby emf sources. But some say it doesn’t work that way. And I don’t know enough about the topic to know. I still plan to get out the earthing sheet and try again, because it’s been years. I do know that if I had a bit more money, I’d invest in the Stetson filters for dirty electricity. I have it from trusted sources that those do help.

  32. annie says:

    Hi Amanda

    I red some of your post and make you could help me.. I will try to make my story short.. like 6 months ago, I started to be bloated after supper… big belly, like I was pregnant…this summer, I started drinking kombucha, and for the last to months, when I wake up, my belly is already bloated. I’m 5″5′, 120lbs.. I only started to do workout and be food conscious like 5 yrs ago. So I started eating like rolled oats, new green veggies, brussel sprouts, .. you know, all the good stuff they say it’s good for you… So you can imagine the stress I’m going through right now, where I feel like my workout out progress is not showing.. (abs). I did a food sensitivity test, banana, almond, egg… which was what I was eating for breakfast for the last year… I did stop theses food at 90%, but that didn’t changed my bloating situation, I even gain weight… anyway, I red about candida and how some blog states NOT to drink kombucha… so I kind of self prognosticated me ..that I probably have candida… What are your thought on my situation ?,,,what do you think I should look into ?..thanks for your website

    • Amanda says:

      I hear you. Whatever I’d eat, I was hugely bloated. Have you been traveling out of the country before the Bloat started? I’d been to Mexico. But you can pick up parasites in the U.S. nearly as easily. Look into the larger parasites, like worms. Read Dr. Wilson’s page on gas. You can lose the bloat but if you’re like me, it takes time and patience. Do your best. Plenty of cooked vegetables, pastured meats, spring water, coffee enemas, rest, detox, stress release, the whole nine yards, just as if it were some chronic illness. The answer is almost always the same for all of these things.

      Please keep us posted and good luck!

  33. Jenn says:

    What volt meter do you use?

  34. Carl L. says:

    Do you have a web-site for the
    person who did your live-blood analysis?



    • Amanda says:

      She wants to be incognito, understandably so! Maybe ask around for a functional medicine doctor in your area. There is one near me who knows to refer people to the live blood cell analyzer.

      • Carl Leed says:

        Amanda, Could You Please Post This,
        and Pass It On To Your Blood-Analysis Practitioner.

        I do not want to know her name.

        I apologize to you for
        getting too nosy on the
        name of the person
        who did your blood-analysis.

        I’m also into live-blood analysis,
        but I wanted to know the
        names of books your
        practitioner was using,
        as in the “pictorial-atlas”
        she was using on her desk???

        In regards to what I use,
        most of the basic-stuff I pick-up
        is from youtube, or other simple

        But the source of my other information
        to spot LIFE-THREATENING diseases
        in the blood is expensive, but well worth it.

        I’ve purchased some very expensive
        blood atlas’s, with most of these
        costing between $150.00 to $400.00.
        These books are extraordinarily
        valuable to spot early detection
        of life-threatening diseases that,
        if not found early; are deadly.
        One of these is acute myelogenous leukemia
        (looks like a “sewing-needle”
        pressed into the cells).

        By the way, I’ve found that a larger
        and larger amount of my time is spent
        doing differential-diagnoses by
        sitting with patients, and not doing
        live-blood analysis; wherein patients
        tell me their symptoms, what tests
        were done, what their doctor says
        they have and what medications they’re on.

        Please look at my above-post, dated
        “December 16, 2013 at 11:27 pm.”
        It’s below your November 6th post for “January Green.”
        It will give an idea what I
        do (I know a lot about microscope-engineering).

        Bless You Amanda and God Bless Everybody
        On This Board!!

        Again, I’m interested in the name of the
        “pictorial-atlas” books your
        practitioner uses, not her name!

        Carl Leed

  35. Carl Leed says:


    Amanda, you’re being so generous with
    me on trying to find the name
    of the pictorial-atlas your blood-analysis
    person is using, one-good-turn-deserves-another!

    Wheatgrass juice is the most
    cost-effective food-meal nutrient you could buy to
    immediately improve your general-health, re-vitalize
    your blood cells and ingest trace-metal minerals
    that are ordinarily extremely difficult or impossible
    for your body to assimilate from our “modern-diet”.
    It also lowers your blood sugar and will get
    you to lose weight quickly (SAFELY up to 4 pounds per day,
    if you’re extremely active).

    Famed scientist Dr. Linus Pauling
    once said that much disease is due
    to trace-mineral imbalances in the body.
    Everybody thought he was a “nut-cake”
    when he said that, but NOT anymore!

    One of the reasons why wheatgrass juice
    “bulks-up” and fortifies the red blood cells
    is because the “skeleton-molecule” or
    the “moiety” of the hemoglobin molecule
    is the same as the chlorophyll molecule
    (known as a “porphyrin” molecular-segment).

    Most people will tell you that the only difference
    between the type of skeleton-molecule [“moiety”]
    in chlorophyll and hemoglobin is that chlorophyll
    contains atoms of magnesium and hemoglobin
    contains atoms of iron. That is NOT the only difference!!
    The magnesium/iron difference would NOT account for the
    huge differences in the weight of these molecules.
    The chlorophyll molecule is either 900 or 9,000 daltons,
    and the hemoglobin molecule is 16,000 daltons.


    Ok, let’s say you’ve bought a box of frozen wheatgrass
    juice-cubes, where you get about 20 0.6-ounce cubes for $17.00,
    and let’s say you’re going to use 6 a day.

    You say this is not such a good deal,
    and “you’d get more juice from buying
    $6.00 a day of vegetables?”

    NOPE! It ain’t true, because….

    ONE ounce of wheatgrass juice has the same
    nutrient-value AND ASSIMILABLE trace-metal
    minerals as THREE pounds of vegetables.

    You certainly couldn’t eat 18 pounds of
    vegetables in one day!!

    You’ll feel the healthful wheatgrass
    juice effects within a couple of days.


    Never, but never drink wheatgrass
    juice made from tray-grown or
    hydroponically-grown wheatgrass
    for these three reasons. First,
    the wheatgrass doesn’t grow
    out of its sprout-stage, as in it’s dangerous
    to eat. Second, the sugars in the wheatgrass
    haven’t metabolized for safe consumption.
    Third, nearly all tray-grown and hydroponically-
    grown wheatgrass develop mold or fungus
    that load down your immune system can make you sick
    or cause death from an allergic reaction!
    If you develop a headache, pains, pallor
    or a fever after drinking wheatgrass juice, it’s

    Here’s the wheatgrass juice
    product I use, available
    retail at “Whole Foods,”
    for $16.00 per box
    in the frozen section:!home—us/cgwn

    Make sure you keep them
    frozen, especially in-transit
    from the store to your home!


  36. carl Leed says:


    (2) Beta-Glucan, Oat-Bran Therapy

    I don’t know why “Whole Foods”
    isn’t showing up on the “where-to-buy”
    section on the Evergreen Juices web-site.!home—us/cgwn

    If the product is not at “Whole Foods,”
    I’d email Evergreen juices and ask them
    what the deal is, if there’s not a different retail distributor
    from the Evergreen web-site near where you are.

    If there isn’t a retail distributor
    near you, ask Evergreen by email
    what you should do, and/or
    ask them about their competitors.

    I can vouch for the quality
    of Evergreen juices wheatgrass
    juice, and there are other sellers
    of frozen Wheatgrass juice
    on the web; but some of them
    use scare-tactics about “there’s
    no mice or rat feces in our juice.”

    Here’s another frozen-wheatgrass juice seller:


    Start eating at least 6 to 8 large tablespoons daily
    of raw, uncooked oat-bran with water, as
    after your morning coffee on an empty stomach.

    Buy the organic brand, oat-bran at the “bulk-food”
    section “Whole Foods,” where you package it yourself
    in a bag from a roll. Unlike other sellers,
    the oat-bran at “Whole Foods” is MOIST
    and FRESH. If it’s NOT, talk to the
    manager, and make sure you buy
    oat-BRAN, NOT the OTHER forms
    of oats; which are ALL LABELED DIFFERENTLY,
    like “Whole-oats.”

    Oat BRAN is not the whole oat,
    and contains 2.8% to 6% of

    But MOST importantly:
    The beta-glucans will supercharge
    and speed-up your innate immune
    system, which is the FIRST-LINE
    of defense against disease pathogens.



    DOESN’T GO ABOVE 7500 to 8000,


  37. Carl Leed says:

    I hope you enjoyed my posts.

    I’ll check back periodically
    on this board to see if you found
    the name(s) of the pictorial-atlas
    books that your blood-analysis
    technician used.

    Don’t know if you’ve got
    my email address.


  38. hussayn says:

    hi amanda

    hope u and al the readers are well?

    can u tell me how u got ure infra red sauna made and any pics etc would be helpful?

    take care email me


  39. Kay says:

    I read the article on the biocompatablity dental testing. I too had the biocompatablity test done but it did not mention the silicates like the Clifford one did as best as I could tell. I read the article also from the Clifford Lab regarding aluminum silicate. It looks like I tested like you did on the most reactive dental materials from Bioccomp Labs. . I would like to go with the aluminum silicate or aluminia but have no idea what the crowns that fit the description are called by name. . Please would you be so kind as to tell me what the brand is of the aluminum silicate dental crowns that you tested ok for ? Please let me know as soon as possible as I have to let the dentist know soon what I plan to use for the permanent crown. I can not afford to get a test from the Clifford Lab also. Thank you so very much.


  40. Kay Ann says:

    I guess what I am asking is what PORCELAIN crown brands did the Clifford Lab test say you were least reactive to. I want a porcelain with aluminia or aluminum oxide for a crown. I wish I knew what Dr. Lina Garcia uses for porcelain but I can not find this out without a consult. It is my understanding that she uses something of aluminum oxide but I can not find what brands she uses. This temporary crown is burning my mouth so I need to tell the dentist what I want as soon as possible. Thanks for any help.


  41. Mark Soccio says:

    Hi there, I was reading your blog about you electrodermal testing with Dr. Davidson. I would love to know how I can get in touch with him for testing for myself as well. I appreciate your help!


  42. Nate says:

    Hi Amanda,

    I came across Dr Wilson’s website a little while ago by chance and am currently looking and speaking to one of the practitioners listed. However upon doing my own research further to see if this is the right program for me I came across your website and was a little disheartened and now unsure about Dr Wilson’s program.

    I do not want to look at my health issues as any one of them being the problem and therefore trying to heal or treat just one, but rather I would like to look at the whole and treat the whole and hopefully the body will be able to heal itself. I currently suffer with Lyme disease, heavy metal toxicity, genetic issues and a list of symptoms, some very concerning and I am needing to do something sooner rather than later.

    It is all too much for me and I am very tired. I have seen many practitioners and have tried many different programs, protocols and products with little to no success, it has however made me worse most of the time and practitioners can’t seem to help and I’m struggling on my own.

    Has anything worked for you thus far and what practitioners have you dealt with that have helped you. I have looked in to many of the things you have listed on your website and many more but like you I truly believe that if we share and come together that this is how true healing and answers are found, so I would like to hear back from you. Please email me.

    Kind regards,


    • Amanda says:

      Hi Nathan,

      I understand your frustration! The body will heal itself. I have found that consistent searching for answers, and not forgetting the emotional/psychological component, does pay off. Can you tell us more about your situation? Dr. Wilson’s program is great! Don’t be disheartened, as his suggestions are very helpful. But nothing is a quick fix. Do you use a sauna – the inexpensive, homemade one? I was once where you are. You can and will get better. Keep at it. Let us know more about what’s going on and I will share what’s helped me the most, more specifically. Do you meditate for 20 minutes a day? It’s huge. Insight comes. The body loves it when you place attention on the inner energy field, no kidding! It all adds up. Write back when you can.

      Sending love your way,

  43. George says:

    Hi Amanda,
    Can you ask your microbiologist to take a look at this, please?
    Also what protocol of Ivermectin or other drugs did the cured patients use and how many courses?
    Regarding Carl Leed’s question about the pathogen identification book she is using, do you have any info please?
    If you want you can email me directly.
    Did you cure your strongy?

    Thank you

  44. Nate says:

    Hi Amanda,

    I am just very overwhelmed and stressed and trying to do it all on my own. My environment isn’t the best and I have been in a constant state of stress since birth and it has finally had a major impact on me. I am very tired, my liver is struggling, I am extremely sensitive physically and emotionally and I was already like that prior to becoming rather unwell.

    I have tried so many things and believe that true healing comes from people uniting and coming together to support one another because we are imperfect beings who can not and are not meant to do it alone, if we were we would have been meant to have been abandoned at birth or we would have grown on and fallen from trees.

    It’s not so much that I don’t know how to heal because as you mentioned the body will heal but creating the right environment and giving the body what it needs is another story entirely. I’m an extremely aware individual and I understand what is needed for true healing, unfortunately not many want to truly heal and healing is limited when one heals on ones own, that’s not to say that something can come from it because it does but like you mentioned about Dr Wilson’s program, everything has its limits and is not the be all and end all to ones problems or issues.

    I will try to get back into praying out in nature as this does help on a physical, emotional and many other levels that we aren’t even aware of. It’s just that when you are so confused or not so much confused but overwhelmed, knowing where to start and how to start is very difficult. I need help with organising and writing out a plan and having some support along the way. People just spew information at you and tell you that it’s right or that it’s help and yet you don’t feel that way or you can’t implement this information so nothing occurs.

    I have been fighting since I was 3 years old and I’m now 33 and I’m tired. I have also gone with the flow and that too can be dangerous so I do not mean fighting in the sense of fighting for survival but fighting to be me or for justice and what is right. After all the world becomes the way it does because we stand by and do nothing. One of my missions is to unite people together in love and whether or not it will or can happen does not faze me nor does being unwell stand in my way. If people were only willing to come together to heal so many answers and so much healing would be found and in such an easy and loving way.

    Sorry for the long comment but at the moment and for awhile now not much seems to be happening and it gets a little frustrating and scary. Please let me know what has worked for you on more of a physical level as that is what I am struggling the most. Step by step what needs to be addressed and looked at?.

    Kind regards,


    • Amanda says:

      Hi Nathan,

      Thank you for checking back in. I do relate to how you are feeling! I hope it’s okay – I wrote a post on this topic of feeling frustrated about not getting better, using your comment as a springboard for discussion. The post is here. Do let us know what you think.


  45. Lynne says:

    I was searching for information about people who had have Harrington rods for a long time and came across your site.I share the frustration of everyone who has posted.I had Harrington rod instrumentation in 1975 and recently a TLIF for herniated disks L5/S1.
    I am hoping to reach out to other people who had lived with Harrington rods for at least 20 years.When I read the medical journals the patients are typically much younger or have not had their fusion for long. I think the daily wear and tear presents a challenge on our spines and I would like to develop a database to identify what each of us has experienced..Hopefully there would be enough folks to be able to really see some patterns and become proactive in managing additional stress on our disks.
    I am/was a qualitative researcher..These days sitting is nearly impossible, laying or standing for any time..It is quite frustrating.Each of us living with Harrington rods are “experts” holding key information to educate our medical support people.
    What do you think?

    • Amanda says:

      Hi Lynne,

      Sounds like a great plan. There really is a dearth of information on the topic of harrington rod people who have had their rods in for many years. I am sorry to hear about your discomfort/pain. Does anything help? Have you looked into Egoscue Therapy?

      Do you plan to write a list of questions that people can answer re: harrington rods? Maybe I could devote a page to it on this site, with people commenting below the post.

      Let me know your thoughts and thanks for your work/interest.

      • Lynne says:

        Thank you! I would love a page on your site but am not sure of all the legal stuff and whether the individuals could contact me directly if they wanted to actually wanted to take part in a survey that would hopefully get published in the spine world.

        Initially I thought of designing a database with basic information such as age at time of surgery; date of surgery; location of fusion (e.g. T2-L2); bone graft site; occupation; marital status; if female, pregnancies; current health status with regards to working, disabled, quality of life etc.

        I have read the studies that conclude that people with harrington rods have no difference in quality of life or have comparable pain levels with non-instrumented fusions etc. I am seeking people with rods for over 20 years+ to see the effect of a solid fusion on the disks above and below the fusion as well as the effect on the person’s life.We all know living with harrington rods affects our lives everyday.

        Do you know if harrington rods had to be registered with the FDA or whoever like other medical implantable devices?

        Amanda, I realize my project may not be in sync with the purpose of your journal.But if there is an opportunity to collaborate…who knows?


  46. Sandaura says:

    I am curious to know why you do not have any contact info as to geographic location of where you do business as? Several commenters, including myself, are interested and when asked for this info you avoid answering. What is the reason for this?

    If anyone is complaining of negative symptoms due to Wireless metering infrastructure there is information on both the physical including “hearing” the noise pollution.

    We also have a petition circulating and seeking support and distribution to “Halt EMR Noise Pollution Harming Humans and Wildlife” at:

    Thank you in advance.

    • Amanda says:

      Thank you for writing. I have sent you a private message about this. Thanks for posting the petition. I do hear the hum, mostly at night, and I will write about this at some point. Thank you for the work you are doing. I am so glad you are knowledgeble about this. More soon.

  47. Terri says:

    Hi Amanda,
    I had a hair analysis done about 15 years ago and my aluminum was extremely high. My doctor thought maybe hair dye, but I don’t color my hair, so then he just suggested eliminating any aluminum from my use such as pans, drinking sodas from cans, baking soda, deoderant, etc… I stopped the deoderant and baking soda years before that first hair analysis and since have tried to limit any type of aluminium usage. I had a second hair analysis done about three years ago and the aluminum was just as high. I’m very worried and wondering if it could be due to dental work. A few years before the first test, I had all of my amalgams removed and replaced with gold/platimum/porcelain crowns and composite fillings. I’m now facing some issues from some of those crowns and will be replacing them. I’ve decided to get the allergy testing done by either Clifford or Biocomp and because of their difference in how they feel about the aluminum subject, I don’t know which lab to go with. If the aluminum is from any of my past dental work, how would I even know? I’ve been trying to contact old dentists to see if they still have records of what materials they used in my crowns and fillings and have gotten some information, but not much. I’m sort of afraid of getting this testing done because I have so many crowns and also veneers on my front teeth. I don’t want to be toothless when all is said and done. My reasoning for even questioning all of this is because I’ve been very sick and tired for about the last 20 years and none of my doctors (naturopathic or regular) can really figure out why. I’m allergic to everything under the sun foodwise, environmentally wise, etc… My system overreacts to medications to the point that whenever I take anything which is rare, I take a quarter of the prescribed amount and that seems to be plenty. I’m having a regular dentist remove a root canal tooth that now has an abscess and he assures me that he will remove the periodontal ligament and clean the infected bone, but he wants to use a bone graft if necessary when he gets in there and I’m not sure about that. He wants to use cadaver bones. Any advice on how to figure out whether dental work that isn’t giving my issues that I know of should be replaced would be greatly appreciated. I’m mostly worried about the aluminum. Thank you!

    • Amanda says:

      Hi Terri,

      I totally relate to your note because I have had the same situation with dentalware. Currently I have no metal in my teeth, it’s all been removed. I have flown to three different states/countries to see three different dentists over the years to have all the work done. I too am confused about the Clifford/BioComp different positions on aluminum. My advice would be to do what I am doing – find an IAOMT dentist. Look around for some in your area. Consult with them. Get a feel for their knowledge and experience. Check out any work they’ve done online. I found a dentist who uses zirconium oxide implants, not titanium, not zirconium, but zirconium oxide. Dr. Klinghardt recommends this type. Like you, I still have work to do, but I know that you and I can get it done! One step in front of the other. One tooth at a time. One payment at a time! Just know that everything will be okay – especially getting that root canal tooth out, yea! – and we are doing the best we can. And that is all we can do. Is your dentist IAOMT?

      Also, re: the aluminum in the hair test. Does the lab that you used wash the hair? That can skew readings. Check out Dr. Wilson and how he recommends hair tests to be performed.

      • Terri says:

        Hi Amanda,

        My dentist is not IAOMT, but I think I’m going to still have him do the extraction on the root canal tooth since it is abscessed and he says it looks like it has been for a few years comparing it to my x-rays from two years ago… He assured me that he would remove the periodontal ligament and clean out the infected bone. The only concern I have with him is that he wants to put a bone graft if necessary when he gets in there and sees how bad it is. He uses cadaver bones which I don’t want. I just can’t find any information on whether you can just not get the bone graft and have it grow back on it’s own. I probably won’t have him do any of the other work though because it’s going to be a lot of work I think replacing the crowns I have. I found a dentist back east named Blanche Grupe I think. I thought about getting a phone conversation from her if she will do that and then take it from there. I used Doctor’s Data lab for the hair analysis. I will call them to see if they wash the hair. Also, this may be going a bit too far, but I spoke to someone at Clifford Lab and expressed my concern over not knowing whether the gold crowns I have might have some aluminum even though the dentist who did it 15 years ago assured me it was only gold and platinum. He said I could have one of them tested if I could spare one of them. Fortunately, one of the four original gold crowns was pulled a while back and I still have it because of the gold. He suggesgted calling Doctor’s Data to see if they could test it and then I would know what the other three are at least. Well, thank you so much for your response and encouragement. I really appreciate it and although I don’t wish this on anyone, it is nice to talk to someone who can relate. Best Wishes, Terri.

        • Amanda says:

          Let us know how you do Terri! Also you can try calling Leo the DAMS organization. And subscribe to their newsletter. He knows a lot. Google DAMS and dental amalgam.

          • Terri says:

            Thank you so much, Amanda. I will look up that organization and I’ll let you know also how everything turns out…

  48. louise mcvey says:

    dear Amanda, I am a student darkfield microscopist in liverpool uk. I would like to network with as many experts as possible before I set up in practice. The microscopy videos on your site are the best that I’ve seen (many thanks) Do you know if the lady that you went to see has written a book ? I would love to access the research that she refers to during your visit. I’ve been on the pleomorphic compendium site which is very good but it is limited. I need to take my research further before I set up and I would really appreciate your help. I have the same nematodes as you in my blood, I was confused by them and initially thought that they were fibrous thallus. I have been zapping myself with the Hulda Clarke Zapper and taking her parasite cleanse for the colon along with alkaline water and clay and it has really reduced the load in my blood. All the very best to you Louise McVey

    • Amanda says:

      Hi Louise! Thanks for your note. I will forward it to my microscopist though I’ve not heard from her in a long time. She has no book that I’m aware of. Interesting that you also have the nematodes as well. If you figure it all out, let me know. I am glad you got the load down with the zapper and the clay. Sounds like a good plan. Do you feel better? When I kill stuff I don’t necessarily feel any different, which is interesting. I’m excited to learn more about microscopy as you learn! Let us know what you find in people’s blood!

  49. Hi,
    I have two steel rods and 11 fusions in my spine. I had my operation at Boston Children Hospital in 1971
    I am 54 years old and I have
    a few problems. would like to see a doctor willing to help me now. I have seen a Doctor specialist
    in Boston telling me the only way to fix it now is to break it and pieace it back together. very scary ! do you know of any new tecnology that might help me now? also I am looking for exercises I can do with
    out making it worse. please let me know. thank you.

    • Amanda says:

      Check out Egoscue Therapy! Call Paul Schell in Santa Monica to set up a skype appointment. I do Egoscue exercises every day or else I feel my torso start to lean to the left…

  50. stephanie says:

    hello i am about to start dr. wilsons protocol, but am very interested in trying dr. pompas cellular detox plan, it sounds almost better

    • stephanie says:

      have you tried it ? or heard about it ? what would you say is the difference between the two? the benefits and disadvantages?

    • Amanda says:

      I have heard of him but don’t know anything about his detox plan. Maybe you can call them and ask to speak with people who have had success with it?

  51. Lynnette says:

    Hi Amanda,

    I would like to set up a consult with you. I think we talked years back when you were doing Dr. Wilson’s N.B. I am interested in doing Dr Chris Shades detox. If you could email me that would be great.


  52. susan molloy says:

    I have nemotodes, Lyme and Ehrlichia.
    I watched your u-tube about live blood analysis.
    The doctor showed micrographs (images/drawings) of parasites, worms, Lyme, etc.
    Do you know where I can find micrographs similar to those your doctor was showing?
    I do have access to a microscope.

  53. Joe Marr says:

    Love the photo of Ocracoke Island’s sunset beach on your website. One of my favorite places.

  54. John says:

    Hi Amanda, you have a great website here, you’ve certainly had some valuable experiences.

    I’m improving my website and I would like a similar template and comments plugin/software.

    I am happy to pay for this information.

    I currently give away a brief overview of what I am doing to get well again.

    John Hargrave
    Auckland, NZ

  55. Joseph says:

    Hello Amanda,

    Happy to stumble upon your website. Am wondering whether you have plans to share your experiences with Chlorine dioxide.


    Kind regards

    • Amanda says:

      Joseph, I probably really should share my experience with a new post. But to be honest, I am hesitant to go into the world of parasites in detail. Self-consciousness – yes! The short story is that much was eliminated during four or so months, but symptoms did not improve. I did not give it long enough. When I did do the full moon parasite protocol that is necessary along with the chlorine dioxide, I got so ill that I couldn’t go on…so I know I have some work left to do in this area. I will get back to the addressing of parasites – not sure how or when yet. What has been your experience? Thanks for writing!

  56. Joseph says:

    Hello Amanda,

    Thanks for sharing.

    I started taking Chlorine dioxide solution (CDS) two weeks ago, starting with just 0.2 drops thrice a day. I am now no 0.25 drops per hours, 8 times a day. My aim is to reach 1drop per hour 8 times a day, which is still short of Jim Humble’s protocol 1000 which stipulates 3 drops per hour, 8 times a day. I am taking this deliberately slow to monitor the effects.

    My objective was to determine whether Chlorine dioxide can assist with my acute heavy metal poisoning of Mercury, Aluminium, Lead and Arsenic. Please note that I am taking CDS drops and not MMS1 activated. Although they are essentially the same, I am aware that Kerri Rivera prefers MMS1.

    I remember vividly feeling much more energy after 15mins after taking my very first dose of 0.2 drops of CDS. That encouraged me to continue as to be frank, I had concerns about what negative side affects it may have on me as there is just too much conflicting information out there.
    After 2 weeks, I still feel pretty good. One thing, I noticed was that after the first 2 doses of 0.2 drops, I start to become very hungry. Not sure what is the reason, but I can live with that!
    The other noticeable effect was that I felt my lungs were less congested and I was able to breathe better. So far, no negative side effects.

    I have read Kerri Rivera’s protocol and I am going to try a shorten 3 day parasite cleanse via pharmaceutical de-worming medicine + 0.25 dosages of CDS starting today 26Oct as I think the full moon is tomorrow 27Oct. My intention is to do it slowly as I wish to avoid any overwhelming negative effects. I also plan to explore Hulda Clark’s de worming protocol of black walnut, wormwood and clove at the next full moon.

    Taking CDS on very low dosages spread throughout the day has helped me feel better. Perhaps you may wish to try it out. Kerri uses the baby bottle method to dispense activated MMS1 throughout the day. You can view it here.


    Kind regards

  57. Amanda says:

    Hey Joseph. Thank you so much for letting us know your experience so far with chlorine dioxide. I am so glad you feel better. I really relate to the feeling hungry thing. The same thing happens with me when I take HCL, or hydrochloric acid, with protein meals. 1-2 hours later I get hungry, which is rare for me. It’s a good thing, because it means I’m digesting my food better I think. Other things aren’t getting to it instead! Which may be what’s happening with you too.

    I would like to start a Chlorine Dioxide post and move your comments to there. Is that okay with you? I will share my experiences in the post, and hopefully others will write in as well to share what they’ve learned.

    Good luck with the full moon deworming. I tried Rivera and Kalker’s full protocol ONCE, and wow was I knocked over. Had to stop after three days!

    Keep checking back!

    • Joseph says:

      Hello Amanda,

      Good idea to aggregate Chlorine Dioxide comments under a single post. Yes, please go ahead and move my comments over there when you are ready.

      Looking forward to your Chlorine Dioxide post and will certainly check back periodically.
      Will also share my future experiences with CDS and heavy metal poisoning in the months ahead.

      Thanks for sharing and for maintaining this website.

      Kind regards

  58. Edwardamaf says:

    Hi I’m new here. I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I’m wondering if anyone has sampled Athletic Greens for their green drink? I’m discovering most either taste gross or cause my stomach to churn.

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks for you comment. When I checked the ingredients, I do see lots of greens in that product, but I also see isolated pea protein isolate, and I’m not sure how digestible the protein isolates are? It also has 75 ingredients, which may be overload if every ingredient isn’t naturally produced/is processed. Are you drinking it on an empty stomach? Can you juice organic greens and apples instead? That way you know exactly what’s in it.

  59. Lisa says:

    Hi Amanda, I’m wondering if you are local to your live blood cell analysis person. I’m nearby and would love to get together and talk about some of this. My son has been through it all and we can’t seem to get rid of the spirochettes and nematode larvae. She told me what worked for one of her patients – wondering if ti was you? Thanks!

  60. melody says:

    Hi Amanda, im not sure if this is still active or not, I was hoping you could possibly tell me if there is a forum for people suffering from mercury toxicity, mine has settled for the majority, in my brain and have many many symptoms. I am scared and just lost. I need to find someone to talk to or just share with who has experienced this also. There is SO little out there about it. It is not understood or accepted.

    thank you

    • Amanda says:

      Hi Melody. Thanks for reaching out. I have been where you are and it will get better. There is a lot to learn but it comes down to, at least for me, removing toxicities and improving nutrient intake. In my view that is the cure for most chronic illness. If you want to set up a consult I can share with you what I’m doing and how I do it. I’m going to write more about it as well soon. Anyway, there is much you can do to get better, and fully recover.

      • melody says:

        Thanks, I’m in the hands of a Dr. i trust and feel he knows the way i need to head. I was hoping i could find some forum or group who share the same experiences, since this can make you feel so alone.

        • Amanda says:

          Great to hear about your good doctor. Keep us posted on what works for you! The forums I used to peruse were earthclinic, curezone, and a yahoo group called Frequent Dose Chelation that was using Andy Cutler’s protocol to remove mercury. I also watched a lot of video material by Chris Shade. Best of luck Melody!

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