Dental Revision: Day 1

This morning I was driven by Peter to the dental clinic. I met Tanya, who I had spoken with and emailed many times in the last two months, and she was very nice. I waited in the waiting room for Dr. Lagos. When he walked in to say hello and shake my hand, I liked him immediately. His face was kind, and I was way less nervous from then on.

In the chair, he looked in my mouth, took pictures for the computer, and then I asked him a bunch of questions I had prepared in my notebook. He said that a problematic crown, tooth #3, was preventing my left teeth from being able to close. He would extract that, since it was infected (and made of porcelain, the aluminium of which my BioComp test said I was quite reactive to), and place a temporary partial. He showed me a model partial. It was less scary than I had thought. I guess the only scary part about it is that you have to take it out at night and all of a sudden you’re a toothless person. But this beats having an endless source of infection in your mouth doing god knows what in the rest of your body. At least in my book.

He confirmed that I would need three extractions, cavitations and temporary partials. In 3-6 months I could return to get permanent partials. This means a return to Mexico in February. Somehow I will scrounge up the money. As for treating the infections after the teeth are pulled, he will use ozonated water to sterilize.

Now for the procedure. Another doctor came in, very nice, he was the anesthesiologist. He put a needle in one of my multitude of big veins in my left arm, then started a Vitamin C drip (25,000 mg each day). I asked why Vitamin C takes away the novocaine effect, and he said that was true for oral C only as it needs to pass through the digestive tract. He then started the anesthesia. I was told I’d feel relaxed – that many people even fall asleep. I found that hard to believe. But turns out I love anesthesia and I felt very nice and relaxed and dozey for the next 4.5 hours. My eyes were closed for almost all of it, and I think I drifted in and out, occasionally noticing what Dr. Lagos was doing. I really didn’t feel anything in my mouth. Just dryness from being open and suctioned for so long.

After a while (I was a bit clueless as to how much time had elapsed), the anesthesia guy took the needle out of my arm. I restrained myself from asking him to keep it in. I croakily told the doctors that I liked anesthesia. They chuckled. Dr. Lagos told me that he had cut off the porcelain crown on #30, removed old composite fillings on #30 and #32, added new resins to these two teeth, placed a temporary crown on #30 (Protemp III), and taken impressions of my right side. #30 will need a permanent crown (Diamond crown) in 6 months.

Dissimilar metals in the mouth, like gold and mercury for example, cause electric current/galvanic action, which causes the metals to corrode even more. The highest galvanic current reading in my teeth was from #30. Next was #32. Even though my fillings were ‘the good kind’ – i.e. mercury-free and white – they still had metal in them. And the Huggins Protocol dictates that the teeth with higher readings get worked on first.

At the end of our appointment, Dr. Lagos taped a magnet to my right cheek to help with inflammation– a really nice look –and I was good to go. The acupressure woman came and she did her thing on me for about twenty minutes. Then I was picked up to return to the B&B.

Me, Mexico and My Magnet

Tomorrow we will redo all the remaining fillings, cut the bridge off, and place a temporary crown on #19, which will serve as one of the anchors for the partial that will be in 20 and 21. I hope you have a vivid picture of my oral cavity in your head right now.

I feel absolutely fine! Granted, no extractions have happened yet. That will be saved for my third and last dental work appointment. Reason: Get the burring and drilling and cleaning up part over with first so that there are no open holes for stuff to fly into. But so far, this dentist is living up to his fantastic reputation. I may have a piece of magnet taped to my cheek and a plastic vial taped to my arm (for tomorrow’s Vitamin C and anethesia, so they don’t have to needle me all three days), but I have new biocompatible fillings, a new clean crown, and less toxic metal in my mouth. With no pain.

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  1. AB says:

    Hi Amanda,

    Now that it’s been a long period of time (don’t know exactly how long) since you had your total dental revision by Dr. Lagos. Please update us how you are doing and how your healing journey was over time and how your dental work is holding up.


    • Amanda says:

      Hi Alicia,

      Thanks for checking in with me. Yes it’s been a good four years since I had the work done. I will always believe that what Dr. Lagos saw on my panos was indeed infections at the roots of three teeth that needed to come out…However I – naturally – miss those three teeth and have yet to fill the gaps.

      After that trip, the first step that was needed was realignment of the rest of my teeth so that my bite could improve. And now upcoming is a bridge to cover one of the three spots. The other two up top aren’t too visible and I may continue without them, as the only options are implants and bridges. Neither are appealing.

      He did good work. It was something I needed to do, as it was where I was in my healing journey. It didn’t fix health symptoms however. Knowing what I know now, I might not have chosen to do it. But I don’t have regrets, because I learn from everything I do. Learning from experience! I am grateful to have my teeth much better aligned now through the use of Invisilign, and I do like my dentist. Next step, retainer to wear at night, and a bridge to cover up a gap. And smiling throughout the journey!

  2. James says:

    In regards to your last comment~ I suggest you find someone with a bioresonance scanner (asyra or qest), and give it about 6-12 sessions. I found GREAT help with this. Here’s the problem: the materials you had/have in your mouth will have a long-lasting impact on autoimmunity and immune dysfunctions, and only homeopathy and targeted nutrition can reverse this. Once, you get yourself balanced, you do nothing except eat real food, and avoid nanoparticles (zinc oxide, silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide, et al). Never use a water softener, and always always always filter and ozonate municipal water. Drugs are passing through their filters, and most municipals don’t use ozone (permanganate is not powerful enough to oxidize all organic compounds) to destroy pharmaceuticals. So far I’ve found in my water: just about all birth control hormones (in high amounts), blood pressure drugs, cholesterol-lowering drugs, one chemotherapy agent, and a random array of other drugs). You can use the bioresonance scanner to scan for the drugs in you, then use homeopathy to get them out of your body, removing the blockages they induce. For example, oral contraceptives will lower aldehyde oxidase by 92-94%, so you cannot oxidize any aldehydes (thus you cannot drink alcohol without gaining weight), and the aldehydes will prompt the body to induce lipogenesis, instead of letting the aldehydes damage the body. Also, they tie up the other liver enzymes, so those aren’t available for other drug detoxification (like caffeine). If you combine an oral contraceptive and caffeine, you are going to “over-estrogenate” yourself on estradiol, since your body cannot detoxify it fast enough; thus testosterone will build up as well. Testosterone detoxification/transofrmation uses the same enzymes as oral contraceptive/caffeine detoxification. This is just an example of what’s really going on with a lot of people.

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks James for your insight. So you are testing your water with what method? The bioresonance scanner is something I’d like to research. So glad you have found help with it. Let me look into this and perhaps connect with you if I have questions…Thanks so much.

      • James says:

        Sure, I tested these drug residues in myself, despite never have taking them! Pretty much everyone that is tested, that has drank anything from municipal water (inc beer or liquor from inside the USA), has numerous amounts of pharmaceutical residues present.

        Honestly, it’s not really a mystery: Just do another search all you’ll find numerous reports as well as this one….and then other drugs being found as well. Here’s another database:
        Carbon can lower the estradiol:

        Seeing all this left me realizing: “it’s the water.” It’s sprayed all over produce, organic or not, and even more produce is sprayed with chlorine before shipment (like carrots and potatoes). By the time >90% of our fresh food gets to the stores from CA, it’s already dead. This fake “water shortage” in CA has got most people out of distributing food, and it is now coming from just a handful of farms, all which use municipal water. So our food, organic or not, is still full of unknown chemicals. Solution: eat local, and eat what’s in season.

        The reason I know this is true, is because the people that don’t take drugs, and don’t live off municipal water, have their own garden or get their produce from a local farm that uses well water, do not even come close to having the number of pharmaceuticals in them that other people do (and they are almost always much healthier).

        I guess we have to go through this to learn some sort of lesson. The USA is about 20-30 years behind most other countries as far as health , water filtration, pharmaceutical usage, food growing goes, FYI. The same dental material issues are spreading around the world, but they are originating in North America. Every company is after money and excellent test results, which prompted them to further technology by reducing particle sizes of the materials, which change their reactivity inside the body. They also change the immune system as well, and just like the mercury amalgams, these new nano-composites are just as dangerous (but in a completely different way). Instead of introducing pure metal in the mouth, they are introducing silicon, barium, aluminum, and fluorides. These also change the major histocompatibility complex, and invoke autoimmune responses in various organs. What organ is affected is dependent on what material is used. Have you figured out where the random assortment of autoimmune diseases is coming from yet? It’s the sub-nano-composites in your mouth. Why do most people have elevated barium and aluminum in their hair/urine? It’s in their mouth. Unfortunately, aluminum (oxide or fluoride), silicon (amorphous as silicon dioxide), titanium (as TiO2), and zinc (as zinc oxide) are potent immune stimulants (to your own cells!). Nothing is inert when put into the body. Most pharmaceuticals contain silicon dioxides and aluminum (FD&C colors)…which are more dangerous than the actual drug (usually), and almost all OTC supplements have some form of immune-stimulating nano-particle in them as well). There’s no mistake to this; once your cells are disconnected from themselves, they lose their ability to receive instructions from the host (that’s you!). Pure silicon dioxide is “insulating,” and does not conduct light or electricity, rather, it disrupts the light energy. This is exact what it’s doing in your body; coating the cell walls, and preventing them from receiving instructions. Instructions are sent and received on the cell membrane: If you disrupt it or insulate it, the cell malfunctions. This is why you can take DNA out of an adult cell, and it continues to function appropriately (but obviously cannot divide again), as long as it is still connected to the host’s energy/information pipeline. Solution: get these particles out of your life/mouth, and health will return. This might be a tough task, but this is why changing from amalgams to composites is essentially worthless, unless you are using gold amalgams.

        • Amanda says:

          Thank you James, for this wealth of information. Hulda Clark talked about much of this years ago. Her fix was hard to follow however. What’s the testing device you use on yourself and others? Not a synchrometer, is it?

          I will look at the links you included. Yes, growing your own is the way to go. Those who have been into health for a while do come to that conclusion at some point: if you want to be healthy, you need to grow your own food. So far I have a bit of greens, berries, figs, parsley etc growing in a small backyard, but a near complete diet is certainly a full time job, at least to get everything going in the beginning garden stages. It is my goal actually, permaculture.

          Funny, as I am looking into dental implants – zirconium – but of course would rather not implant anything more than I already have (a steel rod fused to my spine for scoliosis). And yet gaping holes in the mouth are not pleasant either.

          What water filtration system do you use? Berkey is the best gravity-fed, no nonsense one that I’ve found.

          Thank you very much for your input.

  3. James says:

    One more thing~

    These biocomaptability tests are almost worthless: they do not test for downstream effects of inducing crystalline-based fluorides into the body. Most of the new composites are a lattice of silane-treated fluorines, with a random assortment of silicon (dangerous in nano- or pico- sizes), titanium, zirconium, boron (not dangerous), barium (very dangerous as BaF2), strontium (dangerous as SrF2), and sometimes calcium (CaF2 not dangerous, but will deplete boron and aluminum from your body). They are a continuous source of fluorine (hence the iodine deficiency “epidemic”). It’s a joke; get the fluorine out of your mouth. Also, have your dentist request the FULL list of materials used (not an MSDS) before anything is done. The MSDS does not list the full ingredients. This means having the dentist sign a non-dislocsure agreement (because the companies don’t want you to know the above ingredients). If you can’t find a dentist willing to do this, just replace with gold and be done with it.

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