Grow Your Own: The Tower Garden

Tower Gardens produces vegetables and fruit

Two Tower Gardens producing food

I work in a great health food store three days a week. Two weeks ago a woman came into the store looking for Bach Flower Remedies for her dogs. Unfortunately, we were out. But we struck up a conversation, which, of course, centered around health.

She told me about how she’s growing her own produce inside her house using an aeroponic vertical gardening system. Aeroponics is the process of growing plants in an air or mist environment without the use of soil. I was enthralled, because this has been in my thoughts a lot recently. How do I know how far veggies have traveled when I buy them in the store? Is my organic produce really organic? If a worsening economy suddenly emptied the supermarket shelves, what would my family and I eat?

After researching it at great length, I purchased my own Tower Garden. Now I need to figure out what I’m planting, as there’s room for 20 plants to grow. And grow it really does – 30% more than vegetables planted in soil because of increased access by the roots to oxygen, so they grow faster, too. I could be eating arugula in three weeks.

Just for fun I recorded myself setting it up. At the end you’ll see how pretty the lights look. But wait until there are actually plants growing inside those net pots! Then the beauty (and extremely fresh, locally grown produce) really begins!

So you can put this thing outside on your deck, or in your garden, or do what I’m doing: study it frequently and closely in my living room. Yes, I sprung for the grow lights. I’m still a beginner gardener, and I have found that when my tomatoes, squash, basil etc. are growing downstairs and all the way in the back, I do not spend the time needed to check for changes to leaves, whether the plants are being over- or under-watered, or if a new alien bug has suddenly proliferated (and destroyed my squash stems, for example, like last summer). Plus, I find that plants, herbs, flowers are simply beautiful to behold as often as possible. They make me happy. And yet I’m inside almost all the time! So when purchasing the Tower, I spent a bit more to include the grow lights and tomato cage, which a. lets me grow tomatoes on the Tower Garden and b. allows the lights to attach to the Tower.

Eat Local: From Tower to Table

Near where I live, genetically modified cotton, soy and corn crops abound. The health food store where I work trucks its organic produce in from two or more states away. What I like about the Tower is that you can’t get more local than your own living room or backyard. I love the food independence aspect as well.

Easy Setup, Growing and Harvesting

The Tower Garden is shipped to you about a week after you order it.  Start growing your seedlings with the seed kit which are both included, and then transport those seedlings to your Tower. If you want to move faster you can purchase seedlings from a local gardening center.

Once in the Tower, the roots of the seedlings will be nourished by the mineral solution ‘Tower Tonic’, which is poured into the 20 gallon water tank at the base, pumped up through the center column, and then dripped down through those fast-growing roots. Here is how the aeroponic system works in more detail.



Here’s a video about an NYC restaurant growing its food on the roof using these systems.

Stay tuned to AmandasHealthJournal because I will document the growth of my plants. If you absolutely need to buy one this instant – after doing your research as I did – click here to find out how (I also now distribute them because I believe so much in the concept).

Planting seeds that came with the Tower

Planting seeds that came with the Tower

In 1-3 weeks the seedlings will be ready to put in the Tower

In 1-3 weeks the seedlings will be ready to put in the Tower


Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 10.54.30 PM

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One Response to Grow Your Own: The Tower Garden

  1. Vee says:

    Love this!! I just put it on my wish list.
    I have garden space and we have a drop system, but EVERY year, any of the plants that vine (cucumber, pumpkins, squash etc) start off good, and then just turn brown and die. It is SO frustrating. I’d love to be able to grow fresh organic veggies, but have not been able to. Maybe this will be the solution.
    Would love to see pictures of what yours looks like now.

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