My Quicksilver Mercury Speciation Test Results

My Quicksilver Mercury Test Results

Methylmercury, organic mercury, inorganic mercury, mercury from fish, mercury from amalgams…I get confused. But this test shows my levels for both types of mercury are moderate, significantly higher than even the Quicksilver sample. I had nine amalgams removed 13 years ago. This was a little before my health issues started (huge bloating and systemic yeast issues, primarily – I now believe that it’s very possible that my candida growth exploded at that time to protect me from the mercury exposure).

Mercury speciation testing by Quicksilver appears to be the latest and greatest way to determine mercury toxicity levels. Many people are testing the old way – by provocation. This is where you take a large amount of a chelating agent like DMSA and then measure how much mercury comes out in the urine. I’ve done this a few times, and the levels were always high. But Dr. Chris Shade says this gives an inaccurate reading.

Screen shot 2013-01-21 at 6.36.26 PM

Slide from Quicksilver Scientific

From Quicksilver Scientific’s website: Quicksilver Scientific’s Tri-Test is the only clinical testing suite that measures both the exposures and excretion abilities for each of the two main forms of mercury we are exposed to.  The QS Tri-Test utilizes mercury speciation analysis, a patented advanced technology that separates methyl mercury from inorganic mercury and measures each directly.  This technique provides unprecedented information for the healthcare practitioner to assess the patient’s difficulties with each form of mercury and plan a successful detoxification strategy.

After getting these results and discussing them with my long-distance doctor who actually works fairly closely with Shade, I still wanted to talk to the man himself. So I paid some big bucks for an hour of his time on the phone. I wanted to ask him some specific questions on what he thought about Andy Cutler and timed ALA dosing, testing for Cr, Ni, Fe levels in my blood (my spinal fusion rod contains those metals), finger swelling, parasites, Lyme, and near infrared saunas. Here are some notes from our phone call.

When you take the mercury out, you have to beat back the resulting explosion of pathogens, leaky gut, and hormone dysregulation because of constant leakage and inflammation. Not to mention possible increases in blood sugar resistance and a leaky blood-brain barrier. You need to take lots of antioxidants, especially glutathione to repair the damage. Until you open up the doors in the gut, specifically the upper small intestine, the glutathione system will not function correctly to move toxins out of the body.

For parasites, he recommended liposomal artemisinin. This works for Lyme as well, but he said if I did have Lyme I’d need some other tools in my toolbox. The liposomal artemisinin, from wormwood, is quite powerful and dosage would be one teaspoon per day, working up to 2 teaspoons. Aloe vera gel is also very good – Lily of the Valley at 4 tbsp per day. It soothes an inflamed gut. Get reactivity down. Normalize the system. He said it was great that I am up to 1-2 scoops of IMD. He has patients for whom 1/2 scoop is way too much. He highly recommended the liposomal glutathione – 4 pumps, 4 times a day. Try that dose for a few days to see if you feel better, because it helps so much with the detox pathways. The test showed that my detox abilities are impaired. Take Rentone for my kidneys – 1, three times a day. Metals are more pain, while Lyme is more swelling.

Lymphatic stagnation is a big problem. Swing your arms. Pump your lymph (hello Rebounding page). Chi machines are good. Walk, move rotationally. Qigong is also great.

Your hormones can come back (some of mine went missing years ago). Many of his clients are women who are beginning to hit the perimenopause/menopause years, because when their progesterone levels drop, the same toxic load that they were able to cope with before, now knocks them out. Maybe try transdermal progesterone.

For Lyme, he likes to test DNA, with which there are less false negatives.

As for saunas, only elemental mercury comes out but you also get the pcb’s out.

Volumes show that alpha lipoic acid upregulates the glutathione system. His ClearWay Cofactors has ALA in it. (I’m still on the fence about taking ALA on an untimed schedule- although I’ve been taking it – since I’m a former Andy Cutler protocol chelater. (Boy would I love to host a debate between Chris Shade and Andy Cutler on the chelation topic.)

When I asked if I should try DMPS (I managed to get some from Switzerland believe or not), he said don’t touch it, it’s too nephrotoxic.

His sum up for me:

1. Find out about Lyme (I hadn’t known at that point)

2. Definitely go after the parasites, which cause inflammation

3. Hold the glutathione in the mouth for a while before swallowing, try the upper dosages

4. Increase the Clearway to 2, 3 times/day

5. Think about adding the liposomal artemisinin at 2 tsps/day for add liquid bentonite

6. Continue my salt/c regimen if I wanted to (although he hadn’t heard of it as a therapy for Lyme)

7. Aloe, maybe reishi or maitaki or astragalus

I’ve just finished Round 14 of IMD and my experience has been positive thus far. I have sustained energy every day, and I am working a lot in the garden like I’ve always wanted to. I take two scoops of IMD for five nights, then break for two nights. I’ve only recently been taking two scoops. I started with half a scoop a few months ago. I do not have any of the mercury mobilization symptoms like I did when I was taking low frequent doses of DMSA and ALA. Perhaps the liposomal glutathione and the Clearway Cofactors are instrumental with this, it’s hard to know. Also possible is that the Andy Cutler chelation I did did really get some mercury out, which I bet it did since I was at it for six or so months.

Other improvements include pee that no longer smells, a head that stopped itching, and hair that stopped falling out. Further, I am happy to share that the scale says I’ve gained nine pounds since the summer, which is great because I’ve been wanting to gain ten pounds for years (reducing infections I’m sure is also to credit). Another welcome change is that now I can take anti-parasitics or yeast killers (like grapefruit seed extract, or colloidal silver) without getting depressed. Ditto for strong probiotics. From my own experience over the years, I theorize that killing pathogenic microbes releases mercury, causing, for me, depression. I know some doctors agree with this and some do not. And as I learn more about fun biofilms, seems like the metals and yeast and parasites can all be in there together. But now, here I am, killing parasites and removing mercury, and I feel fine! Major improvement.

But all of these changes for the better may also be dependent on my other daily habits – killing infections (lyme and other parasites), eating mostly Paleo to keep inflammation minimal, exercise, nine hours of sleep, poo tea, and more. My thinking is that sometimes it takes everything you’ve learned to throw at it to get better.

As for Chris Shade…he went through the adventure of mercury toxicity himself. It’s fantastic to talk with someone who has come out the other side and can now help others. I especially like the video where he says the Hg caused his IQ to drop…until he was able to help himself out of it. Sounds like me. Here’s the video:


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60 Responses to My Quicksilver Mercury Speciation Test Results

  1. Rob says:

    Hi Amanda,
    I stumbled into your great website today and am amazed at all the things you’ve tried to better your health – thanks for sharing! I’m pretty knew to this stuff and have been only researching mostly and trying some supplements. I am gearing up for the GAPs diet and have that book and also Nourishing Traditions. I’ve been hoping to cure myself of ADHD (diagnosed at the age of 35, 11 years ago) but just last night I started believing that my problem may actually be Mercury Toxicity from the 17 amalgam fillings in my mouth! The brain fog and attention problems that have been with me for most of my life makes sense since the first time I went to the dentist at the age of 5, I had 6 cavities! It seems like its been all downhill from there. I’ve also suffered from digestive disorders, namely diverticulitis which nearly took my life 15 yeas ago when it wasn’t diagnosed and resulted in me needing a colostomy for 6 months….anyway, I digress…I’m very interested in your experiences now with detoxing. I think my first step is to get this test done myself to know in fact what my levels are. Is the test expensive? Also, I wanted to share info that you may or may not know, that I just learned a couple nights ago about how low stomach acid causes a chain reaction of digestive problems. I’m planning on trying Betaine HCI with pepsin. Do you happen to have experience with this supplement?

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks for your note! It sounds like you are doing the necessary research before forging ahead into lifestyle changes – very smart! Nourishing Traditions/GAPS/Paleo is my diet as well. Digestive disorders are almost universal with mercury toxicity and behavior issues, and was my first and most prevalent symptom.

      Yes, do the Quicksilver test (and let us know your results). Then you have a baseline with which to compare as the mercury comes out of the body. The test is around $300. I plan to do a second one within the next month or two. As for your amalgams, speak with a holistic MD reco’d by Quicksilver. I got mine out the wrong way. Lots of preparation and reading are necessary before you have this done.

      Low stomach acid is so common. Causes can be many – hypothyroidism and stress for example. Long-standing low stomach acid level leads to yeast overgrowth and other parasites because acid is what helps keep them at bay. I’ve taken betaine HCl over the years and it worked fine. Now I take Swedish Bitters before each meal to help with acid and enzyme production.

      Keep us posted on your progress!

  2. discovertroy says:

    Excellent wrap up of Quicksilver and its products. I’ve tried IMD products but the cofactors didn’t agree with me, as I’m super sensitive. Like you had unsafe removal of amalgams, so its a tight corner to maneuver out of. Strange that Lyme, Candida, Parasites, Food Sensitivities etc are common with me as well. Found this video very interesting, Keep up the fight!

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks for your note. I watched that video. I’ve not done experimenting with oxalate problems, but I know that many have them. And in fact last year, when I took high doses of biotin for a few days to help my hair loss – and then tons of more hair fell out – someone suggested that it might have been an oxalate dump.

      Interesting too what the doctor in that video says about protozoan infections and worms being common in autistic children (and many others). And how mercury will make the problem more severe. Hulda Clark deserved a medal for talking about all of this stuff before anyone else!

      Maybe you could try just the IMD and the liposomal glutathione? That’s what I do and it works for me. I am hoping that the Clearway Cofactors aren’t an absolute must, although they are highly recommended. I also do the trace minerals because I drink a lot of water and think it’s important to not wash minerals out.

  3. Scott Rossi says:

    I like your testimonials on trying to improve your health.
    Message My name is Scott Rossi, and I celebrated my 37th birthday on January 7th, but in 2000 I took my self diagnosis of mercury poisoning to my doctor with my symptoms of depression, panic attacks and stuttering to my dentist and he agreed with the diagnosis and agreed to begin dental work to remove and replace my 16 mercury dental amalgam fillings. I then started Oral Chelation in January 2001 and took 1,000 mgs of Vitamin C in pill form, 2-3 times a day, for seven months. At some point in the month of March after three months of detox, all my symptoms were gone. I soon became a mercury advocate and learned of the most important non-profit in the fight against mercury dental fillings: Consumer’s for Dental Choice. Their website is, and they have waged a war legally against the American Dental Association by trying to get legislation signed into law to get mercury fillings banned from dentistry nationwide. Its been tough because the ADA are a big lobbyist group who contribute to the campaigns of politicians. Also I have many mercury poisoned friends on facebook, and there is an amazing support group on that site called Mercury Detox Support Group and it would be a cool thing if you joined the group.

  4. C says:

    I got Andy Cutler’s books, both amalgam illness and hair test book. That’s why I was very reluctant to take DMSA the way my physican priscribes. I did not do challenge test, my physican says that my blood level is too high to do it. (I would not let him do it either) I only did the standard blood test, I ordered hair test from lab directly myself.
    How do you get the phone appointment w/ Chris shade or his office? Does insurance cover it? what are your experiences so far w/ QS’s protocol?
    What are your thoughts of Boyd Haley PhD explains benefits of OSR? It’s quite similar w/ Chris shade’s protocol, isn’t it?

    • Amanda says:

      I don’t know much about OSR but I’ve been meaning to research it more. Boyd Haley deserves a medal for doing his research that so many don’t want to hear about. Contact Quicksilver – email them to say you’d like a phone appointment with Shade. That’s what I did. I am doing Modifilan now, but have the IMD to go back to if necessary. I think I’ve been scared by Cutler re: any alpha lipoic acid not taken on a schedule! But Shade could be totally right about it (what’s in the Clearway Cofactors). Still learning. Good luck!

  5. David N. Friedman says:

    This is a very good entry. It is interesting that so many practitioners cover the same territory and offer some of the same solutions. We all have very different situations and varying abilities to detoxify so what may work for one does not work for another. I am very disappointed that my practitioner who sells me Quicksilver products has failed to ever give me the test highlighted on this entry. My “people” do not like Cutler or his protocol and I have resisted the whole DMSA/DMPS thing–I believe for good reason and like others have said–it is a good plan to avoid the challenge test.

    My very smelly urine went away a few months ago and I assumed I was clearing bad stuff in my kidneys. Perhaps I was clearing metals after all. In any case, my ability to self-muscle test tells me that the artesmimin and even the Cofactors are not helpful to my body at this time. I do not know if this means I have cleared a lot of heavy metals. Re: Lyme, I had Bartonella detected and I have seen bartonella on a slide of my live blood. But it seems that this is not affecting my health and my anti-Bartonella protocol worked to some extent. It is my understanding that these bad bugs could become a big problem for me if I take another antibiotic or have a health collapse so that immune system falters and the Bartonella could come back in an opportunistic way.

    Amanda–you are doing a great job here.

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks! And glad to hear you are moving forward with your treatment. It is so true that we are very individual, and that it makes it a bit tougher to find successful treatment sometimes. Do you plan to get the Quicksilver test now? I like to have mine as a baseline so I know what’s changed when I redo the test. Re: smelly pee, Modifilan does this to me too. I find it strangely encouraging to have it happen because it makes it seem like some bad stuff is leaving. From my microscopist I’ve learned that some people may see bartonella or b. bergdorgeri for example in their blood, but their bodies’ immune systems are able to keep it in check so that it doesn’t become a problem. However for others….lots of learning going on here. I am so grateful to know so much more about what’s going on than a few years ago.

  6. Mark says:

    Your reporting is much appreciated. I am a Ph.D. scientist so have some knowledge and experience with which to evaluate all this. Nevertheless, it is all quite difficult to get a handle on. After much study, I decided to try the quicksilver approach on my own and just into the first round now. As background, I had a mouthful of amalgams that we’re removed years ago and probably incorrectly, and have been eating perhaps too much seafood.

    Some experiences to share:

    I took a fairly large dose of r-lipoic acid initially as an experiment to check its effects on blood sugar. The result was a terrible reaction – headache that would not go away, swollen eyes, lack of concentration, etc. Inspired to research this, I came upon the whole mercury issue, something I had looked at many years ago, but forgotten about. Likely, the R-lipoic acid released a load of mercury.

    I normally use many supplements to deal with chronic low energy and other problems and have reached reasonable balance in my health. However, it is costly and unreasonable to need so many supplements and the balance is difficult to maintain. After a few days, the worst of the symptoms from the lipoic acid subsided. I decided to try some DMSA using the Cutler protocol. At first, I felt better, but after a couple of days was really in a very woozy and disoriented state. A few days later, I tried again at a lower dose. The results were better, but still not good.

    After lots more research, I came across Chris Shade’s work and products. Just to give you a reference point, I have decades of research and research management experience. With this background, I was able to evaluate Shade’s ideas and can say that I am positively impressed. He approached all this in almost exactly the same way I would have gone about it and his products make sense.

    Let me give you a scientist’s perspective on Cutler: First, I deeply appreciate his efforts and feel he has helped many people. His logic and knowledge are good, but what he doesn’t tell you is that part of what he says is science and the rest is guesswork. It may be experience-based guesswork, but nevertheless, there is far more he does not know about the body than what he states. As an old Naturopath friend of mine used to say, “there is more than one way to success”, and obviously Cutlers approach works for many.

    Recent research shows the half life of lipoic acid in the body as very short (around 30 minutes). I have not pursued this in detail yet, but if true, it completely invalidates Cutler’s logic for constant dosing. A 30 minute half life would mean only a percent or two of the lipoic acid would remain in the bloodstream after 3 hours. Regarding IBD, I see lots of confusion and even strange statements by Cutler on various forums. There is good precedent for this approach and I believe Shade and co. have done their homework with it. There is a great advantage to grabbing mercury in the digestive system and reducing kidney stress

    Generally speaking, the Quicksilver products seem to be working well for me. I have felt periods of increased energy mixed with periods of slight fatigue. The only real negative is ringing in the ears after taking their liposomal lipoic acid. That may well be an effect of mercury being mobilized and affecting my auditory nerves.

    A couple of questions:

    How are you taking the IBD? Shade mentions a few different ways, including mixing it with the liposomal C/lipoic acid. If mixed, are they suggesting to hold the mixture in one’s mouth as usual, or to just swallow it?

    Did Shade have any comments about the constant dosing chelation approach?

    Thanks again for posting your results.

    • Amanda says:

      Hey Mark. Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge. I too think that Shade’s recommendation to clear the gut of mercury while easing the excretion load on the kidneys makes a lot of sense. And yes I too think there is more than one way to get well. The body is so complex, and health issues are usually due to a group of factors, so what helps one person might not help another.

      I’m doing Modifilan now (2 days on and 2 days off), and have put IMD on hold. But when I took IMD I’d do 1-3 scoops (worked up to 3, but usually took 2) in a little bit of water, with a teaspoon of the Alka-C powder, on a somewhat empty stomach, before bed. I just swallowed, no holding.

      Shade said he tried the frequent dosing chelation, but it made him feel bad, so he looked for another way.

      Also, looking back on my notes, I found this nugget written by Cutler. May pertain to you. It does to me, as hair tests done through Dr. Larry Wilson showed hidden copper toxicity. And zinc does do something to me – I’ve taken it on and off. I just don’t know what it does! Please note that Dr. Wilson would disagree with Cutler on avoiding small amounts of copper in supplements, as he believes you need a little to push out the biounavailable copper.

      So is ALA not indicated for people with high copper?

      Correct. It may increase their copper even more. If they have copper and 
mercury they should do something to get the copper down first (since it comes 
out of the brain on its own this will lead to improvement) and then after the 
copper is down start with the ALA.

Copper can be reduced by hindering its absorption. Taking zinc with every 
meal – about 1/4 to 1/2 mg per pound – and avoiding high copper foods like 
does lot of good.

Copper + mercury elevated usually means not enough bile is being made by the 
liver. This can sometimes be improved by taking milk thistle extract, 
taurine, and glycine.

Andy Cutler

  7. Jo B says:

    Thank you for your site. I am going to try to get an appt to speak with Chris. I have fibro and mercury poisoning (I assume, I have all the symptoms) my doc has me on the IMD. I have had over the course of my adulthood, episodes of burning and itching all over my body. I am having a particularly bad episode now. I am avoiding sulphur foods and following Andy’s recommendations about that. The pain is severe. I am wondering if I should do the liposomic gluthatione or if that will cause more mercury to move around and hurt me. It’s hard for me to tell from what I’ve read. My doc thinks I should wait until I have detoxed. I need something to help me, I can’t take this level of pain and it’s been a few days now. Usually it will have stopped by now.

    Thank you so much.


    • Amanda says:

      So sorry Jo about your pain issues. I think avoiding sulpher foods used to help me when I did it. When you take like 6-10 grams of vitamin C, divided up per day, does that ease symptoms (it did for me)? I would also try the glutathione that Shade recommends. I think he said you can go up to 3-4 pumps, 3 times per day. It should help because it facilitates detox. Many of us with chronic issues don’t detox well. I felt better when on the liposomal glutathione. Also, coffee enemas are great for pain! Please keep us posted and I am sending you good wishes!

    • Elizabeth says:

      If you see this, something that is very important to my issues – MS/mercury – is therapeutic doses ot turmeric (I take 800mg x 2 a day – one early/one late). I experimented and I know 1600mg is the right dose for me (my stomach burned if I went up).

      Turmeric is many wonderful things including a great anti-inflammatory. It was my first line of defense when I was told it’s MS (but of course it’s mercury).

      It’s easy to try so I hope that might lessen some of the pain. I’ve had it, but very rarely, burning and generalized pain. I think the turmeric could help you with the burning pain.

    • Javier says:

      Hi Jo,

      I’ve had fibro and what seems to have helped me is taking iodide (as SSKI, super saturated potassium iodide) and rubbing it on the skin over the affected areas. I get it from “Trapper” at the curezone VWT iodine forum. You have to take it with other supplements and you can get the list at the same forum as well. It could really help you as it has me.

      have a good day,


  8. Meghan says:

    I’m going to start IMD this week and looking for suggestions on a mineral supplement. You might have mentioned in your post so sorry if you have to repeat it. Thanks!

  9. Kelly says:

    Wow. I’m really shocked that you’ve fallen for Shade’s risky products. Not only fallen for them, but seem to be pushing them on anyone who comments here.

    Mark slams Cutler, yet offers no proof of his claim that the half-life of ALA is only 30 minutes. If one reads the original studies that Cutler bases his work on. The half life of ALA in the BLOOD is 30 minutes. But it doesn’t stay in the blood. Among other things it reduces to Dihydrolipoic acid (DHLA) and then enters the cells where the half life is closer to 3.5 hours.

    The fact remains that use of high infrequent dose ALA that Shade recommends will force mercury INTO the brain and organs in those with chronic mercury toxicity.

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks for your comment. Do you not like IMD either? The Clearway Cofactors has the alpha lipoic acid in it. I stopped taking it a while ago. It’s hard to know what does what. So when I’m not sure, I hold off. I’m sure Shade talks somewhere about why ALA is okay on this schedule, but I don’t know where it is.

    • Marcia Elizabeth says:

      Thanks for the helpful information Dannybex.

  10. Kelly says:

    Hi Amanda,

    I haven’t looked into IMD that much, but with a quick google search it doesn’t seem like he has too much long-term (years long) evidence to back up the claims. And his claims that the product lowered BLOOD levels of mercury seems a little suspicious as blood levels (as opposed to tissue levels) can and do fluctuate quite a bit on their own as noted in my first comment.

    Seriously, I’d ask about this product on the yahoo ‘Frequent Dose Chelation’ message board. Lots of friendly people with years of experience…they could tell you more and make sure you’re doing things as safely as possible.

  11. Robert olin says:

    I wouldn’t take silver. It’s a heavy metal and therefore an oxidant. That’s what you are trying to get rid of. Yes it kills bacteria but so does mercury.

    • Amanda says:

      Good point! Silver is supposed to bio-accumulate less, but many say as you do. For now I take it when I feel like it, like near a full moon.

  12. Tom says:

    Hi Amanda, I hope your health is better now. I found your post really interesting.

    @ Kelly: Would you be able to support this fact somewhere? “The fact remains that use of high infrequent dose ALA that Shade recommends will force mercury INTO the brain and organs in those with chronic mercury toxicity”
    @Robert: Quicksilver is another name used in the past for mercury. Makes sense why the company is called that now I hope.

    I have gone through the available research Dr Shades provides and haven’t found anything not supported by research. I have also found testimonies from people using his product that have shown significant improvements.

    Let us know any updates when you get a chance.

    • Amanda says:

      Hi Tom,

      Health is good, thanks! The last time I took IMD was about seven months ago. I had worked up to two of those tiny spoons each night. My notes read that I woke up in the middle of the night when I took two. I was also taking 1-2 ClearWay. I stopped back in February because I wanted to try Modifilan. Sergei (Modifilan’s founder?) said that alpha lipoic acid is a harsher than necessary chemical that causes detox reactions, and is only temporary, and forces the pH of the body to change…and that Modifilan gets the Hg out while being cheaper and faster. As to who is right? I wish I could tell you. I do know that moving those bowels is critical to success in any detox.

      What’s been your experience? Thanks for writing.

  13. Luminara says:

    Thank you for your review of IMD. I recently learned of it from a doc who works with autistic kids and he spoke quite highly of it. I work with lots of autistic kids, too, doing holistic healing sessions on them.

    I looked up Modifilan, as I had never heard of that. But I see it’s from brown algae. I took this, product called Heavy Metal Magnet from, right after I had my amalgams removed.

    The last filling I had removed the dentist was unable to use a dental dam. The next day in my hot yoga class I smelled burning metal, which I took to mean the Hg was detoxing from my skin. I never smelled it again after that, but consistently use chlorella, Vit. C and other detox supplements from time to time. I have been blessed with a very capable detox system, so have none of the symptoms you and others here speak of.

    I do, however, help people with these types of symptoms/issues. So, if you or anyone is looking for some holistic help that gets your body to do the right thing from the inside out (retraining the nervous system, which controls all body functions), feel free to reach out.

  14. Luminara says:

    Oh, and check out the book Grain Brain. Gluten and wheat contribute to gut/brain issues!

  15. Julie Horney says:

    Great website! How long does it take to get your test results back once sent? Thank you, Julie

  16. Angie says:

    I simply would not follow Cutler’s protocol because he is NOT a nice guy. He degrades people on his Facebook forum who bring up Lyme or question him. He’s just very… unkind. So, I’d much prefer working with someone who sticks to facts, and is able to talk to people–people with all sorts of problems. I think that I am going to try this, because I think there is a mercury component to Lyme.

    • Amanda says:

      Me too. I am currently researching Kerri Rivera’s success with healing kids from autism symptoms. As she writes: “…viruses, bacteria, candida, parasites, and heavy metals cause the behaviors that lead to an autism diagnosis. Once you remove what is causing the symptoms, you can remove the diagnosis.” And I think we’re dealing with these same issues in Lyme and other chronic conditions. Keep us posted on what you do!

  17. gabriel says:

    Hi,I recently had some amalgams removed. I am taking imd, clearway cofactor, lipo. Glut. Vit.c, as well as various supplements, coffee enemas, garlic enemas, paleo diet, etc. . I just got results of my challenge test which showed moderately high levels of hg but more significantly high levels of lead. I’m wondering if I should continue with the imd. Does imd help chelate lead? Should i also be using edta? Miy psoriasis is definitely flairing up since beginning treatment. Having trouble sleeping.any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • Amanda says:

      How long have you been at it? Go low and slow. How much IMD? Coffee enemas are great. I can’t answer the edta/lead questions as I don’t have enough experience with chelating those, but I do know not to take on too much at once. I would follow Dr. Shade’s protocol as best as possible. You can find an experienced practitioner who uses his supplements, and work with him/her long-distance. Keep us posted!

  18. Jeanie says:

    Was told by my chiropractor my 23 month old grandson has mercury poisoning. He has Infantile Asthma, wheezing off and on and breaking out with eczema for the last 9 months. I am about to” lose it” trying to find answers to help him. This has been most helpful!

    • Amanda says:

      My son used to have those as well. Gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free diet for him would very helpful. Plus look into high doses of quercitin/bromelain for the asthma. Wonderful anti-inflammatory. Good luck!

    • Tim Vallianos says:

      Mercury poisoning of the baby from his mother’s amalgams

  19. Jeanie says:

    Just read about biofilm. Oh my goodness! Again, thank you!

  20. Sarah says:

    Hi Amanda,

    Would you share how you are doing now and how the Shade protocol worked out for you in the long run? I was a Cutler convert but couldn’t tolerate it. I tolerate IMD but have been very careful for the last few years.
    Thank you!

    • Amanda says:

      Hi. I stopped the Shade protocol because I’m going after the pathogens/parasites instead. I feel it’s the priority. I am following Kerri Rivera’s protocol for healing kids with autism. The chlorine dioxide addresses the heavy metals as well.

      Have you been taking the IMD for how long…? Low and slow is what I’ve learned with all of this! As we get more experience, things become clearer…

      Eventually I will retest with the Quicksilver tritest to see how much my Hg levels have come down.

  21. Javier says:

    Hi Amanda,

    thanks for all of the info!!

    I’m wondering if you have started on the Kerri Rivera protocol? I am considering starting with her protocol instead of the IMD since it may? mean less die off or take less time? than the IMD?? and? you can take care of both metals and bugs all at once?

    please let me know if you have started CDS and what you might think


    • Amanda says:

      Hi Javier,

      Yes I am on the chlorine dioxide protocol as per Kerri Rivera. The die off was negligible. However, when I started the PP (Andreas Kalcker’s parasite protocol, done for 18 days every month timed with the full moon), things got crazy. The Mebendazole and others caused major fluey/coughing/bedridden symptoms, so I had to stop after only four days! But am trying it again with each new month. So I know I’ve got stuff to deal with. Rivera tells people that the CD kills (the smaller) pathogens, and neutralizes heavy metals. It is way cheaper than IMD, and IMD doesn’t get at the pathogens as well, in my opinion. It’s a 12-18 month protocol. Soon I will write a post about my experience thus far. The CD has helped my son a lot, and that was noticeable within the first two days. Happier, more present.

      Keep us posted on what you do!

  22. laura says:

    Where can I contact Dr. Shade to set up a phone appt? Do his supplements take care of high lead too? Thank you very much!

  23. Eddie says:

    Hi Amanda, I was wondering if you are still on the QS protocol and if so, how is it working for you? Any comments are appreciated. Best


  24. John Hayword says:

    Does quick silver liposomal glutathione remove mercury? I’m currently using the liposomal glutathione, DIM, VIt c and the gut protocol.


    • Amanda says:

      Hey John. Glutathione is the master detoxifier as Shade likes to say, and a major antioxidant, and it holds onto toxins and helps their excretion. It helps with mercury removal, yes. I’m happy for you that you’re on great stuff!

    • Amanda says:

      Yes it helps the detox system move it out. Shade says you need glutathione to bind to the heavy metals, but you also need enzymes, antioxidants, and transport proteins to make it all work. So you need: glutathione in your cells, glutathione s-transferase as the enzyme, and transport proteins. So if you’re on his protocol you should be covering these bases. What’s DIM? Let us know how you do.

      • Jason says:

        Hi Amanda, Shady is wrong about Glutathione, many many people have had bad reactions from it including Neuropathy especially in an IV. It is more productive to takes things to support Glutathione than to take it directly.

        MUCH more productive though is to take STRONG Thiols (the things that actually bind to Mercury), that is things that have TWO thiol groups that make a strong bond. This is the whole problem with Garlic, Onions, and many of the products Shady recommends, they only have ONE thiol group, and make a weak bond, this is why Cutler has always used ONLY the ones with two thiol groups.

        Of course taking ALA not on its half life is completely silly too, I was heavily poisoned in the beginning and I can tell you that 3 hour half life for ALA is ACCURATE, 10 or 15 mins late on a dose I paid dearly (I had to reduce doses, which helped alleviate this effect), one time I was a whole hour late, they say more than an hour you stop the round, well I wanted to keep going and I had a headache for the rest of the round.

        Before I knew for sure I was Mercury poisoned I was taking single thiols like MSM sulfur for my joints, chlorella etc, well boy these things made me sicker and sicker.

        Read here why from other people’s perspective

        I also suggest you read directly here to what happens to people who use products that Shady recommends (and this is a TINY sample of the horror stories out there):

        People come all the time to the Cutler forum (I know, I know his people skills are lacking.,…) after having done the Shade Protocol and they are worse off, like once a week at least, here was recent example:

        “I did Shade for 6 months. To sum it up in one word… DON’T!!!! I lost 2 years as I’ve been resting and recovering for about 18 months since. Not even close to recovered. Just started round 12 of ACC. Have improved more in the last 12 weeks than the whole 18 months before that. This protocol is safe. It’s the only safe protocol. Don’t mess with the others. You’ll spend a huge amount of money making yourself sicker. I don’t know yet if I’m going to be able to reverse all of the damage I did. I hope so, but just have to wait and see.”

        Good luck Amanda

        • Amanda says:

          Thank you for your post Jason! I will respond in a few days!

        • Amanda says:

          Hi Jason. I had a chance to read through those sites a bit. Who put together the Cutler Success Story website? Have you used ozone therapy? I don’t know enough about thiol groups to be able to comment. I do know that I did terribly on cilantro. I also did terribly on the Cutler protocol, though I was going low and slow, but in the end probably not low enough. How is your mercury detox going? Is Cutler the only way you’ve tried? I appreciate your writing in with this information as it will help people. I am currently revisiting regular liver cleansing, as it’s tough to detox with a stopped up liver. Thanks again Jason.

          • Jason says:

            Hi Amanda. I am not sure “who” actually put that site together, just know Cutler has been doing this for a couple of decades and there are several sites around with success stories on them (could not find a single similar Shady site) and Autism Groups etc and know that the bad reactions and success’s there are a TINY tiny sample in each case, there are 1000’s more (I’ve been in these circles for 5 years and have seen many myself).

            For the other link, forget about ozone therapy (although I am sure it is good for some things, I did try a little) that article I linked is mostly about Mercury, and why using proper chelators the proper way is so important. The Thiols groups IS the most important aspect as I touched on and that article also goes over this, and this is where the Shady plan comes up very very short.

            I’m sorry to hear about your experience in Cutler chelation, most do well, but there are always those who struggle, there are a 100 variables, and some very common issues too, like hidden Amalgam or other exposure, not enough Adrenal support, doses too big, not addressing and staying on top of Gut health, not addressing Liver, etc etc.

            My own detox is going well thanks for asking, just not as fast as I would like for sure. I’ve had some challenges, I have been ill for 30 years so it was not unexpected, as is being in this for the long haul. Yes this is the only way I WILL try too, I researched all the different methods over 5 years, and watched what many people went through in every case, and really once you realize the Thiol aspect and how important dosing on Half-life is it is the only way that makes sense, and it is also the way with the longest most successful track record.

            Best to you Amanda

          • Amanda says:

            This is exactly why I started this website. So that people like you who have been around the block can share their experience and stories and ideas. Thank you so much for contributing! Together we feel better and better, day by day!

  25. Deb says:

    Are there any other Dr’s that use Dr shade protocol? Looking for a person for my sister.

  26. Diane Loomis says:

    Amanda and all,
    I had 12-15 amalgams from childhood, which I had removed 15 years ago. I have been supporting my body with supplements and diet and various gentle detox modalities. I have since had both mold and Lyme exposure ( how could one person get so lucky?) and am making progress dealing with both. I had the Quicksilver tri- test done recently to see how much mercury was contributing to the problems. The results came back clean– all in the green and good ability to excrete. Is the test really a good measure of body burden? Can I really believe that all that mercury from childhood on has now left my system? Diane

    • Amanda says:

      HI Diane. Thank you for your comments. I would think that it is indeed possible to have a lower than average mercury toxicity, especially knowing that your excretion capability appears strong. That’s great! What did the Quicksilver people say about it? Perhaps they would talk to your doctor directly about it if not to you. For mold and Lyme, I would head in the direction of sauna therapy and possibly iodine. It’d be good to know if you’ve researched those topics yet?

    • Mary says:

      Diane… you might want to look into Erin Elizabeth’s free eBook which she details her Lyme reversal, among other things. Believe it or not it involves the stevia plant. A well know doctor in the holistic field developed it …

      Amanda, great website you have here.
      Thanks for your efforts!

  27. Mark says:

    Hi Amanda i was wondering if anyone has tried any of these detox methods for Alopecia. My son was diagnosed with it 3 years ago at the age of 10. He is 13 now. It has turned into Universalis. Total hair loss. It started after an illness . I contribute it to vaccinations and possible dental work. Not really sure. he was getting rounds of hair coming back ,but after his last vac i think it did him in. We did go to a natural path and he did do the tea and supplement thing. He was getting strands of hair but after his last round of vaccination it seems all hope is gone. He has started getting his eye lashes back 1 and a half right now. Just wondering what your thoughts are on all this. He did also get braces 2 years ago. Also we had him at Madison Wis for labs and all came back good. But I dont think they do the labs the way a natural path would. Thanks for any suggestions you may have.

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks for writing Mark. My thoughts for your son’s issues would be to research the following and see where it leads you. Iodine deficiency (Dr. Brownstein, Dr. Flecha, Dr. Abraham…here’s an interview with Mercola as a short intro:, pro-thyroid foods (look into Ray Peat’s work and Danny Roddy’s interpretations of it – Danny was losing his hair at age 30 and found Peat’s work), and sauna therapy: for your son to sweat out heavy metals and other toxins that are impeding his health. Does your naturopath have experience treating this illness? If not maybe one of the Quicksilver recommended doctors do? I am sure he can recover! What foods does he eat?

  28. Hi Amanda. I have been using the Cutler protocol for mercury removal for over 6 months and had significant improvement in my symptoms. However, they are worsening again, which they do in the summer. I want to use the Shade TriTest to evaluate where I am, but wonder about the accuracy of the hair analysis if I’ve been using the Cutler protocol. Do you know if it’s a good idea to wait a couple of months to allow the hair to grow out far enough to be measured without the influence of DMSA/ALA? Does anyone know if it matters?

    • Amanda says:

      That’s a good question. I think it’d be more accurate to grow the hair some first. I would defer to the knowledge of the Quicksilver office. I’d give them a call about that. They may say that you need to have a doctor call with that question on your behalf. They do have doctors that they recommend who have lots of experience with the QS protocol so that would be the best I’d think.

      Good luck and keep us posted.

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