You Can’t Assimilate Minerals Without Good Gut Flora

Did you know that our gut flora produces the whole B Vitamin group, as well as other vitamins? Because the vitamins that food imparts to us are water soluble, our blood levels of them become low if it’s been a while since we’ve eaten. So Mother Nature  designed little factories inside our digestive systems that continually produce vitamins  and other substances. That way our blood has them all the time, says Dr. Natasha Campbell- McBride,  the Russian M.D. with postgraduate degrees in Neurology and Human Nutrition.  Gut flora gives us protection against invaders, maintains the health and integrity of the gut, and allows for appropriate digestion and absorption. Without fully functioning gut flora you cannot assimilate minerals. This is important news for me since I’ve been told many times that I’m low in minerals.

Flora also chelates substances that aren’t supposed to be there – heavy metals and chemicals, for example. When your gut flora is upset, you cannot be healthy. First, you may become allergic – to pollen, then perhaps to certain foods, then to makeup: your immune system is reacting inappropriately because of reduced numbers of beneficial bacteria. Dr. Campbell-McBride says that often you can trace the beginning of this process to a course of antibiotics or some other flora-damaging event. Antibiotics kill the bad, and the good. It’s the beneficial bacteria in the gut that go first, before the pathogens die. They recover, but it can take time – weeks, sometimes months. But the bad replicate fast, so it’s a tough race. Yeast has a great time establishing itself after antibiotics use. Clostridia too, and when they aren’t contained their toxins get through the intestinal lining. So it’s vital to eat fermented foods and take probiotics when you have antibiotics.

The above video is fascinating. Dr. Campbell-McBride was able to recover her son from the autistic spectrum, and now she is sharing with us how to help our guts help our health. Which of course is why two years ago I started a site (and experiment) about kombucha and candida!! However, her GAPS diet (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) is what is advised, and I’ve yet to try it.


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