Choose Your Thoughts

I remember telling a friend a few years ago that I was reading The Law of Attraction and was quite smitten with it. She looked at me with an open mouth: "You don't really believe that stuff do you?!"  Well yes, I surely do!

We make our own reality in that what we are feeling we are creating. You have a choice. You can choose what to put your focus on. When you find yourself in a bad mood, thinking 'Great, I'm starting to feel pain again in my liver area and it was probably that Starbucks coffee I just had and I’m still tired and am I always going to feel like crap...', take a moment to shift yourself upwards if only a little bit. As in ‘I bet I’ll feel better soon. I may have gotten coffee when I said I wasn’t going to but I can get a seltzer tomorrow instead, that will feel good…’

Keep doing this and you’ll find yourself attracting more pleasant situations. This has happened to me. I listen to the birds outside my window instead of the news. I look for the positive in seemingly unfortunate situations. Gravitating towards the people who are clearly enjoying life is what guides me to new friends now. It takes a bit of practice but it gets easier each time. My life has absolutely changed for the better. Coincidence? I think not! It’s so simple, and it always works.


Make a list of all that you’re appreciative of in your life. See yourself well. Feel all of it. Take time each day to do this. I do it every night before bed. The emotional sensation that you really feel into is what shifts you into attaining that which you want. If you keep thinking of what is (a health issue for example), you will get more of it. If you think of what you want, and how abundant that makes you feel, you will be bringing more of that into your experience.

Esther Hicks, aka Abraham, is the person from whom I have learned this. I had The Law of Attraction book, and even though it’s brilliant, it wasn’t enough for me to start thinking this way. I needed to listen to hours upon hours of teachings on YouTube. It made so much sense to me. It’s not selfish to want to feel good. Feeling good brings everyone around you up as well. And isn’t that what this planet wants?

Allowing the Good Stuff

So if a situation doesn’t seem to be going the way you wanted, and you can’t do anything about it, just go with it instead of resisting, fighting and complaining. Those actions right there are what keep us from what we truly want. Know that the Universe wants you to be well, wants you to have an amazing life. Know that there’s an infinite number of ways it can bring you what you desire - more creatively and breathtakingly than anything you could plan. Trust! Allow! Go with the flow of it all.

I write this page from Paradise - Costa Rica. I’ve wanted to come here for years. And here I am. What do you want? :)

I write this page from Paradise - Costa Rica. I’ve wanted to come here for years. And here I am. What do you want? :)