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My Notes on Modifilan

Modifilan is a Laminaria seaweed extract - full of minerals including iodine. I have taken it over the years with very good effects, including better blood as seen through microscopy. Through my correspondence with Sergei Zinn, founder of the company, I understand more of how Modifilan works.

Quicksilver IMD for Mercury: The First Round

I read in my diary from last year, when I was doing the IMD protocol with the Etheric Glutathione, Etheric Vitamin C and the ClearWay, that I was beginning to feel good. My stiffness was much better, I had energy, I didn’t feel retox symptoms from mercury mobilizing….And so why did I stop?

My Gum Recession and Oil Pulling Experiment

The periodontist tells me that #18 has an 8mm pocket. My root is very exposed. I need bone tissue from a dead person and soft tissue graft from the roof of my mouth. The hope would be that these would take. My plan is to do the following for two months, then return to the perio to see if there’s any improvement.

The Mercury Diaries

One of the blogs I follow is written by a woman who mercury-chelated herself well using Andy Cutler's protocol. Recently she posted about a new book by Daniel Forsyth called The Mercury Diaries