My Notes on Modifilan

December 23rd, 2016 by Amanda

MODIFILAN NOTES I’VE TAKEN OVER THE YEARS. They are separated variably by days or months because I was mostly inconsistent with taking it. I did not include the dates, which span 2012-2014.

Talked to Dr. Julia Trudeau today. She told me about other ways to get mercury out. Like Modifilan – take one per day. Modifilan is the extract from Laminaria kelp, in the form of a dehydrated, powdered juice concentrate, and it’s supposedly a powerful and bio-available digestible fiber of seaweed. It’s high in iodine, which may turn out to be a missing piece of the puzzle for me, by the way.

She said it was also good for constipation. Helps the body excrete mercury and other metals. Even radiation, which I had a lot of as a teen (over 30 X-Rays taken for scoliosis in the 80’s). A guy named Sergei Zimin is the manufacturer of Modifilan, and I read this interview with him on Mike Adams’ site. I think what he says about chemical chelation is astute, and something I’ve experienced countless times with DMSA, ALA, DMPS, and others.

Sergei: Many of our professional customers are licensed medical professionals, true MDs or NMDs, who use this product for detoxification qualities. Being an absolutely natural product, Modifilan is a very good alternative to biochemical chelation protocols. Sometimes you have to spend a lot of money to be very strict about your diet and supplement yourself with many minerals, because to chelate using chemically formulated protocols means you deplete your own mineral spectrum.

 Speaking of the side effects of biochemical chelation protocols, Modifilan is a winner when detoxing, because the detox or healing crisis effect is very mild. So yes, if you use our product in a situation where one is contaminated, like off-chart PPM levels of mercury, lead, uranium or strontium — especially those metals that do not belong to the nutritional table of metals — using this product for about three to four months, in a quantity of six capsules a day for an average-size body, will make people clean.

 A good proof of this would be to do the same thing for three or four months after you start using our product. Usually it takes about six to eight bottles of product used over a period of three to four months to start to see a difference. A hair or urine test will give a great truth in terms of numbers, but the main difference people will see is in how they feel. When they start to take this product, in about three to five weeks — which seems to be an average introduction period for people with health conditions, especially if there is toxicity involved — they will go through a detox stage that never lasts longer than a week, and it’s very mild. It doesn’t happen to everybody, every time that they take this product, but people will be aware of some of that effect. If it’s heavy metal contamination, you can count on this product to do a very good job with a very modest level of detox symptoms.

Just spoke with Pacific Standard Distributors owner, Sergei, who sounded knowledgeable. He said to give it 2 weeks to work up to 4-6 per day. I may feel slight detox, brain fog. If bad, stop for a couple days then restart at lower. Chelators redistribute; Modifilan doesn’t. More from that interview:

Sergei: Let’s talk about results which is what they get out of this product. Reasons are a different thing. It’s all different what they see in it, but people usually get the same thing out of it. You get more energy in your day, regularity in your bathroom trips, and improvement in your skin, hair and nail conditions. These are the basic, little things that people see when they use this product for at least three to five weeks. If somebody is interested in having results beyond these obvious, simple things, if somebody is looking for our product with certain ideas in mind, usually it applies to their understanding of mineral potency. In our product at the best possible level and availability are mineral forms of seaweed. It’s thyroid support, endocrine system rehabilitation, and everything that applies to that. There are numerous health conditions that — simply based on endocrine inefficiency and thyroid inactivity — inhibit regular body functions.

So to answer your question directly, people who look for this product, people who want to buy this product with certain health issues in mind, are the ones who know about mineral iodine as the only food for thyroid, everything else comes secondary. When you make your thyroid wake up again and regulate all the little glands around your body, including the pancreas, gall bladder, kidneys, adrenals, even the liver, everything will come to you naturally if you simply feed your thyroid with this.

By its nature, the thyroid is fed by iodine. And we’re talking about iodine in ionic form, not liquid from a brown bottle. One that comes out of the soil with your water or in the plants you eat in your diet; in the sea water — which we can’t gulp much of anyway — and in the seafood, in fish, and in shellfish. But the largest, molecule-wise, ionic form of iodine you can find is in seaweed. Again, to eat seaweed itself is not the way to get the iodine delivered; you can’t get that much seaweed into your system because it’s full of cellulose.

Today is my second day on Modifilan. I took one each day. Several bathroom trips today, but could be yesterday’s beets. Good energy, went for 2 mile beach run. Also, starting this afternoon ( I took Modifilan capsule in am before breakfast), I have felt maybe four times that same pleasant, warm feeling I used to get on iodine. But less. So I feel the iodine. I stopped the Lugol’s a few days ago. Also, urine smelled more this am and afternoon.

modifilanFeeling good. Thinking my breathing and exercise and positive outlook are all working great. For the first three days I took 1 Modifilan only. Then yesterday I took 2. Later, headache and #3 tooth throb, just like on the alpha lipoic acid! Sergei from the company said it affects old wounds, like if you had a root canal or work done somewhere, and you feel it. He couldn’t really tell me why both ALA and Modifilan affected the same tooth. He said the M. was NOT taking old mercury out of there. So it is weird.

I still feel my tooth a bit today so I didn’t take the M. yet. But I may do so if it stops hurting. Sergei says you can take a break for 2-3 days but don’t stop! He said if I’m only taking one capsule and then two and I had a reaction like this, then I am in for some ‘interesting’ things to happen in the next few months. I remember that Dr. Julia said take only one M. but I look forward to seeing her on Monday to ask for how long. Also, Sergei said gelatin capsules in the  90 capsules bottle is stronger and better than the veggie caps.

Later: Modifilan definitely affecting me. Didn’t take any today. Still slight headache. Also tired, and I’ve been getting lots of sleep. #3 tooth is better but I have felt many of my teeth today.

Back on Modifilan. It’s my fourth day I think of one capsule. Don’t feel it. Dr. Julia said to work up as you can. She couldn’t get past one capsule. Soon I will try two again.


1.     Your fingers hurt sometimes and the joints are swollen

2.     Hair is falling out

3.     Colder hands and feet

4.     Wake up to pee

5.     You’re smarter and have a better memory than this

6.     You are stiffer than stiff


I am actually psyched because: I feel good. I’m not craving non-paleo foods. I like Modifilan. I can do one in the am and one before bed – this is what Sergei told me this morning – because increased energy won’t kick in before you fall asleep. He knows people who take many more than  12 capsules each day, like him. My hypoglycemia could get better as well.

So this am I took one Modifilan. This afternoon I took TWO MORE. I am fine. Just a bit foggy-headed and dim-witted and tired right now. But no headache or toothache. Bathroom visits have released major toxicity. Then I took the two. AND. Realization. I think what’s happening is MERCURY causing immune system to attack my thyroid. WHAT I KNOW IS MY THYROID DOESN’T WORK,  MERCURY MAY HAVE CAUSED THE AUTOIMMUNITY, MERCURY DETOX MAY REVERSE THE AUTOIMMUNITY, I DID THE IODINE LOADING TEST AND WAS LOW, I’LL STAY ON THE PALEO DIET AND THE MODIFILAN AND SEE WHERE I AM IN A MONTH.

Took 2 Modifilan this am. Yesterday I had had 3 in all. Last night in the middle of the night my right foot’s pinky toe had a burning pain that would last for a few seconds, stop for a couple of minutes, then start again. I almost had to get up but thankfully it stopped so I could return to sleep. I am peeing a lot at night, three times each night. I know the Modifilan is affecting me because of this, and because today I am down. I am trying to find out if iodine is okay for me to take if I have Hashimoto’s as there is disagreement on that. I want to take 6 Modifilan a day NOW so that I can get the mercury and lead and radiation out of me NOW but I know it can’t work like that. My bowels aren’t moving well so I need to make sure I keep elimination going. Dr. Miller’s tea is good for that.

So I told Dr. Julia all my symptoms and she said I have Hashi’s. Wasn’t sure about the stiffness though. Although that along with peeing many times in night could mean low thiamine, so take cocarboxylase, b103GB, like 1-3, so that you’re peeing only once a night, which is okay. However I am not going to buy those. I told her my hair is falling out more of late. She said go easier on Modifilan then. Don’t’ want to rush it. It’s better to be going in the right direction than not. I told her I’m copper toxic so she said take the zinc. And selenium. So I started those up again today.

I know some people think that you shouldn’t take iodine when you have Hashimoto’s. Fortunately, Sergei says that Hashi’s people who can’t do iodine and then take it know it real quick, and I’m not one of those. Modifilan is a very biologically active form of iodine, and it displaces heavy metals. (And I have two pimples from the bromide detox.)

So Sergei from Modifilan says to stop the coffee enemas cold turkey even if you skip a day of going to the bathroom because they don’t allow the bacteria to build up. They deplete. Constipation = endocrine problem. Thyroid and colon connected. If you feel something from Mod, like a change in temperature, or headache, or b.o. or whatever, then you don’t have Hashi’s, and this product will be very good for you. Work up to 6 per day. By end of second bottle if you don’t feel better call him. Take product until you can feel it do something – to tolerance. I will up it to four today by taking two tonight instead of 1. Sergei is very nice.

For breakfast the best thing you can have he said is head cheese (meat jelly made from calf/pig/sheep/cow head flesh). I am not ready for that yet but maybe one day. Breakfast should be gelatin, hefty protein, warm stock, soup. That sounds nourishing to me!

Later: I am feeling warmth inside and I really like it. I’ve been warmer lately.

Woke up LESS STIFF. This is a bit of a first. I am about 4 days into zinc and selenium supplementation and I’m thinking it’s partly those? Will bump up my dose soon from the 25 mg and 50 mcg, respectively. And, I like this warm feeling I get! I am on 4 Modifilan now. Am feeling a little something in my lower left jaw/site of old root canal/cavitation surgery, not painful at all.


  • Paleo diet (although last night I had beans in my chili)
  • 4 Modifilan (feel no ill effects today, but yesterday was definitely tired)
  • Running barefoot on the road for 10 minutes every other day
  • Continuing zinc and selenium

Other supps I take are vitamins B, C, D, EPA/DHA, astaxanthan, and can’t remember others.

Up to 5 Modifilan. 3 in am, 2 before bed. Even on paleo, feel fingers. Could be nuts.  Modifilan makes poo darker. Managing to go once per day. I did veer off diet for lunch (gluten-free lasagna) but other than that pretty strict paleo. Bags under eyes less, skin still looks good. Wonder what fingers are about.

Hair still falling out. Still not washing hair, just occasionally baking soda and apple cider vinegar rinse. So glad to be off shampoo! Moved up to 4 and 2 modifilan today. Stopped nuts – this is my second day – and fingers are not being felt like they were when I was eating lots of nuts. So I’m eating fruit, veg, meats, and coconut milk. Energy is good. Also I get warm hot periods like hot flashes on the modifilan. Must be the iodine working for my thyroid? About 2-3 x/day. I like it of course.

Later: I am so up and happy today! I think it has to do with

  • Modifilan
  • Earthing
  • Zinc and selenium
  • Exercising
  • Paleo diet WITHOUT nuts
  • Breathing
  • A bit of qigong today – qigong is amazing

Anyway, as long as I remember to walk/run/stand with an imaginary line pulling my head up, I am not stiff! WAY better than I used to be. Less than a month ago, before paleo diet and supps, I was STIFF. Now I am NOT! Just a bit of backache when I stand up after sitting for a long time. This is working. Now I just have to get rid of those chocolate espresso cake bits in the fridge. I eat fruits, veggies. Egg, buffalo, beef, venison, chicken, salmon. And when I get tired of all that, I make a fruit and coconut milk smoothie. (Present day note: I don’t eat Paleo anymore as I needed more carbs and calories.)

Also, on 6 capsules of Modifilan. No detox reaction. Feel good. Am not doing coffee enemas ans that’s good. Taking magnesium, I’m able to eliminate 1-2x/day so far. It’s dark colored, which I think is Modifilan at least partially. Thank you Sergei for the advice!

Still feel very minor heating up moments. They’ve gotten quite mild and infrequent.

Feeling great. No stiffness. Just after sitting for long periods at my computer, in my back. But walking around, running, feels great. Even right after my run, feels great. No body part aching or otherwise talking to me in any way, except to tell me that I’m running the right way. Feel breasts a bit, like when I had those cysts. They appear to be there now. May be a retracing. Last time I had them it was two years ago. Then they went away. I think less hair fell out today.

BEET KVASS. Is why I think I went beserk two days ago. Homemade probiotic food = very powerful = release mercury  (or SOMEthing) = I get angry and cry-ey.

Back on Modifilan. 2 yesterday, 2 this am. Had to take a nap this am, which is not usual.

Spoke to Sergei today. He said work back up to 6-8 capsules a day, so that you feel it, not bad, but feel it doing something. Don’t add another layer of yeast-killer on top. Feeling your fingers means lymph stagnation. If you see tinea versicolor or vaginal discharge, it’s okay, let it come out and don’t worry.  Maybe sweat will smell more. He thinks yeast comes first, immunity is lowered, then you’re more susceptible to mercury, which really suppresses thyroid. Modifilan is not like chlorella or DMSA, which can make you depressed because they cause mercury redistribution. When you get up to 6-8 capsules of Modifilan and can’t feel a thing, then can take the grapefruit seed extract or apple cider vinegar to lessen yeast. Epsom salt baths are good to relax.

Hair came out a LOT today after shower.  Yesterday I did 5 drops grapefruit seed extract. I just can’t listen to advice! I rush the process and no good comes from that. And went back to Modifilan, abruptly, which could also explain why there’s more hair coming out. If there’s one thing I know for sure through all these years of health experimentation, it’s this: KILLING YEAST AND PARASITES CAUSES MERCURY RELEASE, MORE TOXICITY, AND MORE SYMPTOMS. You just have to go slow.

Remember how I did the Salt and Vitamin C protocol for Lyme? Here is Mark Fett on Modifilan:

We discuss these in our book, the Salt/C Plus Protocl, for Lyme Infection. Modifilan is a natural brown seaweed that contains very unique items, especially fucoidan and alginates (and natural iodine for thyroid health). The alginates are superior binders of heavy metals. This can be used with great benefit even with amalgams as there is no redistribution with this.

Especially good too where there is Candida… For the Candida, as an interesting survival mechanism, will consume mercury it encounters in the body, it then releases it as methyl mercury, an even more toxic form. The Modifilan will help remove this as well, as will the items below. French Green Clay also is able to bind metals and remove them over time, similarly to DE. Mixing the two together is excellent. When a person has amalgams, and where they may leech, it can go to the alimentary tract with eating, etc. So, these taken orally help in ushering this out there as elsewhere in the body. It also helps remove radioactive material too (as does Modifilan and fulvic acid). 

Today I took three Modifilan before breakfast and nothing major to report. I think it’s a good sign that I’m not feeling it, because last year when I tried taking it I would feel it at low doses. It’s my third day on it.

Yesterday took three Modifilan. Pee and poo smelled a LOT  this morning. Strong smell. I think they smelled that way after IMD sometimes too. Metals coming out perhaps. Also had zinc yesterday so that may be a factor.

No ill effects from Modifilan thus far. Took another three this am.

Pee still super strong smelling. Took three Modifilan this morning. Have great energy. Slept great last night. Got up once to pee. Peed for twenty minutes it seemed like, very smelly. Dreamed a lot last night, which is welcomed. Here is what I read on Modifilan (Note: I can’t find this online anymore):

Iodine keeps the thyroid gland in perfect condition and ensures that it continues to disinfect the blood as it passes through every 15 minutes. The thyroid gland is also responsible for maintaining general metabolism and the development of the nervous system. Laminarin is a polysaccharide which prevents blood coagulation and clotting. It is 30 percent effective as the anticoagulant heparin. Alginate is the reason modifilan became popular. It is responsible for cleaning up radioactive elements and heavy metals in the body. It cannot be metabolized or absorbed by the body, therefore, it binds with these toxins in the gastrointestinal tract and they are excreted alongside it.

I talked to Sergei last night. He’s very nice to keep helping me on the phone! He said:

  • Do not drink distilled water (he is pretty adamant on this!)
  • Kids can take Modifilan. Give 2-3 before breakfast, about three times a week.
  • Adults, work up to 6-8 and take all in the morning before breakfast. It gives energy so don’t take at night. Take a 2-3 day break as well.
  • It helps a lot with hypothyroid and over-acidity.
  • Kids don’t have a detox reaction with it.
  • If your child is too energized on it then back down dose.
  • The strong smell I’ve had in urine and stool from only three capsules is a good sign. I am smelling lymph drainage. Drink more water.
  • Modifilan has lots of iodine. Kelp is cellulose and hard to digest. Modifilan is the active form of iodine and is like eating meat or fish for your iodine.
  • After 2-3 months on this, your live blood cell microscopy will see an improvement for sure. (And after I read online that the laminarin – one of the polysaccharides in the Modifilan – prevents blood coagulation and clotting. Which I think I need as my blood forms fibrin pretty quickly. So we should be able to test the efficacy this way.)

Modifilan made HUGE poos the other day. And parasite things in them…. 5th day of Modifilan I think. Took five today and yesterday.

Energy is great. Took 7 Modifilan this morning. I should take a break soon as Sergei said. Two nights ago I took two scoops IMD (Intestinal Metals Detox by Quicksilver) and one ClearWay. That night awoke in the middle of the night. Seems to happen on the IMD at the two scoop amount. The next day two ClearWay. Last night I did not take it and I did not wake up (except to pee once, which I always do). I put the brand new bottle of IMD ( I think it’s my third over the five or so months) and ClearWay under the cupboard for now. If, in 2-3 months, I feel like I still need them, I’ll try it again. But I’m going with what Sergei says for now. He says that the ALA is a chemical and harsh and causes detox reaction and is only temporary and forces the pH of the body to change which then makes stuff in – I don’t exactly know. I have trouble understanding him sometimes because of his accent. Anyway he says that Modifilan does the same thing but 10x faster and cheaper, and I guess more naturally.

He also said re: Harry’s food allergies – often, the mom is hypothyroid/metal toxic/iodine deficient and then the kid has allergies. He can take up to four Modilan a day, three or so times a week. I can try going up to 12 over time if I want, but only three times a week.

My first blood microscopy

My first blood microscopy

I mentioned the nematode larvae in my blood microscopy. He said in three months the live blood analysis will look much better after Modifilan. So we will see if he’s right.

Think the 7 Modifilan caused a slight headache tonight. Also am back on the 20 days of the Formula PZ (strong anti-parasitic) so maybe that’s it. Heard from Dr. D’angelo the parisitologist: the picture I sent him is of immature Ascaris on a stool sample, and the video of my blood from the microscopy visit he said looks like what we thought –  nematode larvae, type unknown.

I am on Modifilan two days on, two days off. Today I took six. No ill effects. Thank god for poo tea. I go three times a day because of it. Haven’t done a shmen in more than two weeks. And that just feels right for me. I need to continue to eat ground pumpkin/papaya seeds and pineapple. That’s what people in the tropics do to lose the parasites.

…Also, on 6 modifilan, seems like I go from feeling hot to cold then to hot very frequently. The last three days in the afternoon I get SO TIRED. Modifilan? Protease?

Break from Modifilan today. Yesterday took 8.

My lower left jaw, where the tooth I’m trying to heal is, felt like it was aching a bit today. Not an ache, but just a feeling there that I did not like. It  may have to do with taking 10 Modifilan today. I know that that’s affected my teeth/gum areas before (just like DMSA used to, so I’d think it was mercury and/or infection related). But it stopped feeling like that a while ago.

…As for me I’m doing 8,8 then a 2 day break. I have been having eyebrow twitches. Which is weird because I’m not on Modifilan these last two days. Think it may be due to killing stuff with papaya seeds and pumpkin seed smoothies, which results in mercury release?

Hair not falling out anymore. I decreased the probiotic foods, which cause weirdness in me. Am continuing with Modifilan – 8 for two days, then none for two days.

Neck stiffer than usual. Elbow areas, which were stiff a lot for a while, are particularly stiff again. Took 10 Modilan this morning. I talked to Sergei yesterday and he said take enough so that you feel it. I was on 8, two days on, two days off, but wasn’t feeling it. He suggested trying 10-12, five days on, two days off. And that if I haven’t been feeling it, then mercury is a lesser priority for me. He has people who react strongly to very low doses. I wonder if my salt/c has gotten out some of the Hg, because some people think that vitamin c is a somewhat chelator of mercury. I’ve been taking 10 grams daily for a while now. Wonder if I should move it up.

Saw the microscopist today – my third visit. Rouleaux of red blood cells was way down! Hardly any! Fibrin started only minimally forming an hour into it! Way better! I’ve been doing:

  • Modifilan
  • 6 months salt/c
  • 2 months oil pulling
  • nosodes for oral infections
  • Protease to clean up blood
  • Artemisinin for last four days.

Sergei was right about the better blood on Mod – wow!

I think my deal involves biofilm and metals. I took Protease today, then a half tbsp of diatomaceous earth (kills parasites). A bit depressed and lethargic now. For months I’ve been doing well –  about 8 Modifilan each morning, 8-10 grams of salt/c, digestive enzymes. That’s been the treatment. But when I try to add too much DE, or protease, or like the other day I did IMD – just a tiny scoop, and one ClearWay…yuck. Hair comes out and I feel like crying.



∞ (December 2016) One thing I’ve learned is obvious, but it still took me years to get it: If you don’t get enough iodine in your diet, it’s highly likely you are deficient. I haven’t eaten seafood or iodized salt for years due to mercury in fish, and aluminum in mineral-deficient table salt (so I do lots of sea salt), and my thyroid has been trying to tell me that I need more iodine! Also, it’s so important to go slowly with upping dosage. This I’ve felt, and written about, over and over again. I can tell you that Modifilan does increase my body temperature, as well as the number of bathroom visits – which are both wonderful. Also, I do believe that its alginates enable more detoxification capability from mercury and other metals.

I hadn’t been on Modifilan for over two years and so just three weeks ago, I started it up again, taking one a day for three days, then two a day for three days, then 3 for ONE day (oh oh you can see it coming), then  up to 5. Too fast too soon! Stiff joints, itching, peeing all the time, terrible sleep, tense, depressed… And so today I took one. Low and slow. I am following Sergei’s instructions. I feel good as long as I build up slowly and don’t take anything else like antiparasitics. I sleep well. I have energy. I want to do things. I will up it slowly until I’m taking 6-8 a day, with a 2 day break every now and then. I will let you know how it goes. I will be writing another post soon about how Modifilan along with eating more food makes you warmer.

Please feel free to share your experience too! I would love to hear it.

Below, please read these fine posts on why upping your low body temperature might make you feel better.


If Your Temperature is Below 98.6…

Low Body Temperature Symptoms and Causes – And How to Treat It

I Can’t Talk About Chlorine Dioxide

October 31st, 2015 by Amanda

Nor can I show pictures.

But I can tell you, if your child is on the spectrum, that Kerri Rivera’s work is saving kids – and their families – from a life of autism. Please scroll down to find book.

A few years ago I contacted a woman who ran a candida website that showed pictures of what came out of her during parasite detoxes. I wanted to thank her for her honesty and unabashedness. She wrote back: “I have done 7 parasite cleanses and yes, they are still coming out. I have a cleanse scheduled the end of July. Hope I see less or none. I am doing so well that hopefully most of them are gone.”

My understanding – if people like Dietrich Klinghardt are right – is that these worms and smaller parasites are actually serving a purpose, which is to absorb the heavy metals and other pollutants that we find ourselves in 24/7. But they still cause havoc. Parasites want to continue living, so often they don’t try to overtly kill you, but they can create the diabetes, cancer, thyroid problems or other chronic condition that most of us now seem to have. I don’t know that they are behind every illness as Hulda Clark did (although she was surely a genius), but they’re certainly something to address to become healthy.

Yesterday I was having coffee with Diana who told me about our mutual friend John. He has ALS and Lyme and nematodes. He’s 45. I told her about my experience with nematodes – that I have a youtube video showing the larvae in my blood. She didn’t even raise an eyebrow.

Humans are animals, and animals deparasitize. Or should be, routinely. From Our common roundworms are Ascaris, Strongyloides and filaria (long, thin filaments) like heartworms. Cats have learned to spit up their Ascaris by eating grass. Puppies, too, are taught to eat “dog grass” to entangle their stomach Ascaris and spit them up. But humans, with all their intelligence, seem to be doing nothing to keep their parasitism in check.

I have not delved into my experiences with parasites yet on AmandasHealthJournal. You could say I’m self-conscious. I have written extensively in my journals about them, and if you’d like to contact me about it please comment below. From Humaworm, to Dr. Clark’s parasite herbs, to chlorine dioxide, to diatomaceous earth, to my work with a Colorado parisitologist…I certainly have stories and pictures to share with you.

But back to CD, or chlorine dioxide. It’s also called MMS on the internet, from Jim Humboldt’s work. I took this last year for about three months. Many, many things came out. And when I added in Andreas Kalcker’s  monthly Parasite Protocol, I got so sick with a flu/cold that I took to bed for two days. And I never get sick like that. What came out was just crazy. Although I’ve been at this for years so I’m used to it.

Chlorine Dioxide - you mix the two to get the activated drops

Chlorine Dioxide – you mix the two to get the activated drops

Here’s the part I never quite stuck with, even though I know it intellectually: You have to keep at it. You can’t deparasitize for a month, get some stuff out, and then stop. Parasites lay thousands of eggs daily. I know, it’s creepy. We have to get over it.

So I took CD for a few months. Started with one activated drop in 8 ounces of water, and drank an ounce from that every hour. Moved up to my full dosage (by weight), which was 27 drops in 27 ounces of water over the course of the day. I followed Kerry Rivera’s protocol. Her book is called Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism. It is disheartening to read Amazon reviews written by the same people who are keeping the truth hidden, our children sick, mercury in fillings, white aerosol ‘clouds’ in the sky, the pharmaceutical industry strong, and our heads in the sand. Don’t get down about it! Try to accept (accept but take loving action). Below I’ll include a short talk from Eckhart Tolle, who always picks me back up and maybe you too!

kerry rivera's healing the symptoms known as autism

Kerri Rivera’s work is bringing children back from autism and ASDs; click on the book cover to purchase. I highly recommend this book.

There is a Facebook group called CDHealth for adults who are getting better using CD, and another called CD Autism for parents healing their kids with the protocol. The book’s cases of kids who actually lost their autism is just incredible. The number of kids is now 191 (EDIT 2.14.16: now 207, including some adults) who have been fully recovered. Kerry has devoted her life to this work (one of her sons used to be autistic and she was determined to change that), and there are thousands of families who are more grateful than words can say.

An AHJ reader wrote me this a couple of weeks ago. Thanks Joseph, for inspiring me to write this post on CD!

I started taking Chlorine dioxide solution (CDS) two weeks ago, starting with just 0.2 drops thrice a day. I am now no 0.25 drops per hours, 8 times a day. My aim is to reach 1drop per hour 8 times a day, which is still short of Jim Humble’s protocol 1000 which stipulates 3 drops per hour, 8 times a day. I am taking this deliberately slow to monitor the effects.

My objective was to determine whether Chlorine dioxide can assist with my acute heavy metal poisoning of Mercury, Aluminium, Lead and Arsenic. Please note that I am taking CDS drops and not MMS1 activated. Although they are essentially the same, I am aware that Kerri Rivera prefers MMS1.

I remember vividly feeling much more energy after 15mins after taking my very first dose of 0.2 drops of CDS. That encouraged me to continue as to be frank, I had concerns about what negative side affects it may have on me as there is just too much conflicting information out there.

After 2 weeks, I still feel pretty good. One thing, I noticed was that after the first 2 doses of 0.2 drops, I start to become very hungry. Not sure what is the reason, but I can live with that! The other noticeable effect was that I felt my lungs were less congested and I was able to breathe better. So far, no negative side effects.

I have read Kerri Rivera’s protocol and I am going to try a shorten 3 day parasite cleanse via pharmaceutical de-worming medicine + 0.25 dosages of CDS starting today 26Oct as I think the full moon is tomorrow 27Oct. My intention is to do it slowly as I wish to avoid any overwhelming negative effects. I also plan to explore Hulda Clark’s de worming protocol of black walnut, wormwood and clove at the next full moon.

Taking CDS on very low dosages spread throughout the day has helped me feel better. Perhaps you may wish to try it out. Kerri uses the baby bottle method to dispense activated MMS1 throughout the day. You can view it here.


Kind regards

If you do try CD, please first read as much as you can about how to do it. It’s a learning process! But then again, so is Life!

Drop a comment here if you have a chlorine dioxide experience to share. Readers would love that!

And here is Mr. Tolle. Love to all of you.



Interview on Mercury with Leo Cashman of DAMS

August 9th, 2015 by Amanda
Amalgams are 50% mercury Photo:

Amalgams are 50% mercury

If you’ve ever done research about mercury fillings and their effects on health, you’ve likely come across Leo Cashman’s name. Leo is the Executive Director of Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions, a non-profit organization that was founded in 1990 to provide information on amalgam and other dental health problems.

AHJ: What prompted you to begin educating people about mercury?

Leo: In 1985 I began to have an onset of health problems that were pretty noticeable – fatigue, difficulty thinking as clearly, waking up at night sometimes shivering (even though I wasn’t cold) and feeling like I was dealing with a poison. I couldn’t think of what could be causing it, because I’d had the same natural, organic food diet I’d always had, moderate exercise, enough time to sleep, and work that I liked. After some research, I decided that my symptoms fit “hypothyroidism,” but the question still remained: Why? Why now?

Founded in 1990, DAMS is a non-profit that educates the public on dental mercury and other ways that dentistry may affect health.

Founded in 1990, DAMS is a non-profit that educates the public on dental mercury and other ways that dentistry may affect health.

After four months into this perplexing search, I was waiting in line to check out at my food coop and my eyes settled on the title on a health book, something about How Dental Amalgam Fillings can Cause Yeast/Candida Overgrowths. Something about this told me I had to buy this book and bring it home and read it. Later, at home when I finally started to read it, I began to get the message that amalgam fillings can cause health problems. The thought went through me like a lightening bolt! I had had my first amalgam filling placed – after the dentist’s assurance of safety – at the beginning of that year, four months earlier. I had been mercury poisoned! What chagrin I felt, to think that an educated man like me had been suckered into a toxic mercury exposure.

After unsafe amalgam removal (I didn’t know any better back then), I wandered in the wilderness of mercury detox for a couple of years. There was no DAMS back then and virtually no book literature as a guide. Then, in 1995 I heard of a self-help group called Dental Mercury Awareness that was meeting once a month somewhere in Minneapolis and I wanted to meet others who had run into this problem and had learned something about it. After that, my interest intensified and my learning greatly accelerated. I don’t like talking about my beginnings because in the beginning I didn’t know much of anything and I was not a model for what to do.

AHJ: How fortunate that you were able to find such a group. And so many of us are so grateful for your work with DAMS. You mentioned hypothyroidism, which is such a frequent consequence of mercury poisoning.  I know you get hundreds of calls at DAMS from people who aren’t sure how to best proceed after discovering that their health problems may be mercury-related. What’s a typical call for DAMS? And how do you respond?

Amalgam is not stable after it is implanted into teeth.It constantly releases mercury vapor into your body.  And this mercury bioaccumulates.

Amalgam is not stable after it’s implanted into teeth. It constantly releases mercury vapor into your body, and this mercury bioaccumulates.

Leo: Most often the questions come in now by email now but some also come over the phone. Most often the caller is searching for answers to nagging health problems such as fatigue, hypothyroidism, neurological disorders ranging from numbness, tingling, tremors, memory problems and, of course, the common anxiety, depression and panic attacks. There may also be a family member with these problems. Some have MS, ALS, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis or other auto immune disorders. Some have Lyme or a Lyme co-infections and, you know, it is very hard to beat a Lyme infection if you also have mercury fillings in your mouth. They have heard their dentist pooh-pooh the possibility that amalgam fillings, which are half mercury, can cause any health problems whatsoever. They may have been ridiculed by their physician for even raising the question about the safety of dental mercury or the concern that it may be affecting them. They have the nagging feeling that their doctor doesn’t really know how to test for mercury toxicity (this is a valid concern!) and most often, when the doctor does test for mercury, he finds nothing wrong (but it is probably a “false negative”).

Some people have already had their amalgams out but they are unsure about the next step – the heavy metal detoxification – and they have heard a lot of conflicting information about that on the internet. So, people are in an informational quagmire, living in the sea of misinformation and confusion that is probably the planned state of affairs in the dental amalgam mercury cover-up. They want to be able to talk to a real person, ask some questions, and take decisive action against the prior mistake of letting a dentist put mercury in their mouths. We help steady them and give them the confidence that this is not so confusing after all and they are pleased to know there is someone they can talk to as they go along on their journey through safe amalgam removal, detoxification and recovery.

This graphic presents an overview of the many ways by which dentists contribute close to 30 tons of mercury into the United States environment each year.

This graphic presents an overview of the many ways by which dentists contribute close to 30 tons of mercury into the United States environment each year.

In our experience, the people who have mixed metals in their mouth, say gold crowns along with amalgam fillings, are usually the sickest, along with those who’ve had amalgams and other mercury exposures since childhood. Those who have eight or ten or more amalgam fillings are, invariably, quite sick. Also some people have root canaled teeth, and they are often big trouble makers, as are the crowns, as so many of the crowns are toxic. So, we try to broaden people’s horizons and show them some of the other toxic things used and done in dentistry, besides the amalgam fillings.

We always mail out a DAMS information packet, which includes our DAMS list of holistic dentists for that state, along with the DAMS information guide and a sample DAMS newsletter. We offer to either enclose the article on getting ready for safe amalgam removal, or we just e-mail that short article to them if they have an email address they want to give us. We may also email them short articles on crowns, root canals, proper tooth extraction or whatever they are dealing with.

AHJ: Dental amalgam is an alloy that consists of about 50% mercury, plus smaller amounts of other metals such as silver, tin, copper and zinc. Its high malleability and ease of placement were big reasons why it became the tooth filling of choice in the mid 1800’s. Can you speak a little more about the history of mercury amalgam? It’s hard to believe that something so poisonous is so widely used today.

Leo: In Europe, amalgam was first used in England in 1819 and then in Paris, France in 1826. In the late 1820s, it was brought to America by Edward Crawcour and his nephew, Moses Crawcour, both natives of England. It immediately caused problems, causing the teeth to split as amalgam expanded, as well as numerous health problems related to mercury poisoning including vision problems, mouth and throat problems and sometimes deaths. The American Society of Dental Surgeons then declared the use of amalgam to be malpractice and asked all of its members to sign a pledge to not use amalgam (mercury) fillings. However, there were many renegades who refused to quit using the mercury fillings and the dispute over amalgams rocked the society so badly that it disbanded. A new group, all pro-amalgam, stepped in to the void in 1859; it became known as the American Dental Association. Gradually, these renegades, rascals, quacks (users of mercury), became the dominant dental establishment group and its defense of dental mercury became enshrined as its unquestioned policy.

In the 1920s, serious international opposition to amalgam was stirred up by the brilliant investigations of a German chemist named Alfred Stock. His detailed experimentation documented the numerous health disorders that were being triggered by dental amalgam mercury fillings and he had his own amalgam fillings removed, to his great benefit, and he urged his friends to do likewise. The dental establishment fought back harshly and gave him a lot of grief. Then his lab and most of his records were destroyed by an allied bombing raid in World War II (deliberately targeted?) and Dr. Stock became discouraged. The campaign to stop the use of amalgams quieted down for four decades.

In 1973, an American dentist named Hal Huggins met up with a Brazilian dentist named Olympio Pinto at an international meeting and began to learn from Pinto about the harmfulness of dental amalgam mercury. Huggins learned fast and he became a leading voice in America – writing, speaking, and practicing mercury-safe dentistry. As he built a fabulously large and famous dental clinic centered in Colorado Springs, many were helped, and awareness spread like wildfire. But he was also was severely denounced by the dental establishment and was targeted for elimination by the Colorado state dental board, which finally took away Huggins’ dental license in 1995.

Meanwhile, the 1980s and, even more, the 1990s, saw a renaissance of research into the hazards of dental amalgam mercury, with animal studies, human autopsy studies, and much more. A fabulous expose was aired in December 1990 on CBS 60 Minutes, hosted by Morley Safer, and seen by 30 million viewers. But the retribution against Morley Safer and his entire crew was severe, and he and 60 Minutes never dared to touch the dental mercury story again. For the most part, neither did any other major media. The center of the dental amalgam mercury cover-up, the ADA, had powerful connections, putting it into a dominant position in the US. It used its “ADA Foundation” cleverly as a pro-amalgam public relations tool. It was able to dominate dental school education at every dental school in the US because every dental school needed to be accredited by the ADA. It used its state dental association chapters to dominate the process of appointing governors to the state dental boards – thus assuring that many state dental boards would harass and threaten to de-license any holistic dentist who dared to stick his neck out publicly on the dental mercury issue. And that harassment and intimidation became all too common in many of the states. Finally, the ADA captured control of the Food & Drug Administration’s dental division, arranging for an ADA dentist to be take charge. Thus, for many years the FDA evaded its duty to classify dental amalgam as unsafe. In 2009, when finally pushed, it classified amalgams as being quite safe and put them in the “moderate risk” category, rather than in the “most hazardous materials” category, where they would have had to go through a proof of safety. In January 2015, the same FDA, forced by a court case settlement to answer extensive criticisms of its 2009 amalgam ruling, restated its cover-up position on every single issue that the critics had raised.

ADA issues press releases declaring that “not one credible scientific study” shows dental mercury is a health risk. Photo:

The ADA issues press releases declaring that “not one credible scientific study” shows dental mercury is a health risk.

To summarize: in America, the mercury-using, mercury-defending “quacks” achieved wealth, connections and dominance within the dental establishment. The ADA is the dental establishment. Because of corruption – the influence of money in politics – in our government and on into our media, the quacks maintain some dominance, while honest non-profits – DAMS and others – are nipping at their heels, making some inroads in educating the public. Meanwhile, the scientific community has been mostly honest and there is more and more scientific and clinical evidence that dental amalgam mercury should be banned in the US and Canada as it now has been in three European countries – Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

AHJ: Thank you so much for that excellent summary of amalgam history.  It’s not the happiest of days when you realize how much corruption abounds, to the detriment of our health. But now for the question that so many readers will want answered. Which mercury detoxification protocol has proven the safest and most effective, in your experience? 

Leo: It would require lots of funding and years of research to answer that question scientifically. Our government has not funded such a study, and so nobody really knows objectively.  I will give you my views and I have no conflicts of interest regarding any of the products, books and people I will mention. I will give some guiding principles as well as name some specific products.

I see a timeline for detox as follows: First, remove the source of the poison and, for mercury, this means removing amalgam fillings with a holistic, biological dentist who uses the elaborate precautions needed to do it safely. Also quit eating larger fish, all fish that is likely to be high in mercury, and avoid the flu shots, which are usually quite high sources of ethyl mercury.

But prior to amalgam removal, there is the preparation, sometimes called “pretox.” Prior to amalgam removal, do the pretox for a few weeks or, better, a month, and this  means preparing for the safe amalgam removal and the detox which starts sometime after that is all completed. The pretox aims to open the pathways of elimination, namely the extracellular matrix (ECM),  the liver/bowel elimination system and the kidney/urinary system. Silymarin, derived from the milk thistle seed, is widely used to help liver and kidney function. The mercury toxic patient is likely to have deficiencies of key vitamins and minerals and so the patient should be supplementing with vitamins C, B complex, perhaps vitamin D, magnesium, zinc, selenium and iodine, all in the right form. Chris Shade, PhD, recommends the Quinton Marine Plasma Isotonic supplement for both better drainage and for general re-mineralization. People can begin taking intestinal binders such as chlorella (inexpensive option) or begin at a lower dose on Chris Shade’s IMD, his “super binder” product that is excellent. Binders are needed to make sure that mercury and other toxic metals coming down from the liver in the bile flow get bound up and pass all the way through to the other end (bowel movement) and not re-absorbed in the intestinal walls. No active, aggressive detox efforts should begin until after amalgam removal is done and other “barriers to detox” are removed.

Barriers to detoxification should all be identified and removed as much as possible. This means the removal of amalgams that are hidden under crowns and bridges, which themselves are so often toxic, including those with nickel, copper, silver and palladium (and those metallic materials in them are contaminated by mercury from the amalgams), root canaled teeth, which are so often toxic from their infections (sometimes extremely so),  jawbone disease (“cavitations”) and  periodontal disease. Outside of the mouth, barriers to detox often include parasites, fungal infections and overgrowths, Lyme Disease and its co-infections, other infections, biotoxins such as the molds in water- damaged buildings, and toxic EMFs, such as the microwave radiation that we bathe ourselves in due to the use of cell phones, cordless phones, Wi-Fi, proximity to cell antennas, and those “smart meters” that are being forced on so many household by the corrupted utility companies (electric, gas and water). Our sleeping space especially should  be a refuge from electric and magnetic fields, and our daytime space – e.g. work space – should also have low field levels. DAMS has short articles that expand on all of these issues.

Chris Shade’s products, which are available from his company, Quicksilver Scientific, are at the forefront of detoxification. They include his intestinal binder, IMD, his Clearway Cofactors product, and an array of products that he has developed as oral pumps – easy to deliver at home – which make the intravenous approaches more and more obsolete and unwarranted. Quicksilver has oral pumps of vitamin C, glutathione, lipoic acid and more that are well absorbed. They are somewhat pricey, yet probably cheaper than the risky and less effective DMPS and DMSA – the chelation drugs of the 1990’s. I worry when I hear people start talking about the need for “chelation” because they might still be fixated on these and similar drugs, and I feel I have to warn them away.

Quicksilver’s Tri-test, which tests body burden and retention status for both inorganic and organic types of mercury, is far superior to other mercury tests based on its safety, and the information it provides.

My QS Tri-test showed higher than average inorganic mercury (from amalgams) in the blood. This is a more cyto-toxic form of mercury than organic mercury (mostly from fish consumption).

This Quicksilver Scientific Tri-test shows that the patient has inorganic and organic mercury levels that are higher than average. This test is the only one that differentiates between inorganic and organic mercury.

For those who want do-it-yourself and craft their own detox program, I suggest adding such a product as HMD (based on two form of chlorella and one form of cilantro, so it’s natural), or a zeolite based product, perhaps with fulvic acid and humic acid as part of the mix.  Boyd Haley’s NBMI product was excellent and widely used until the FDA pushed it off the market in 2010, requiring a lengthy and expensive drug approval process. When it becomes available as an approved drug (perhaps in 2017) it will be more expensive but worth trying out if you can afford to get some. It is a true chelator, one that has the right size grips and that goes into the fatty tissues where the mercury is. His product, once introduced in 2008, clearly made the old (supposed) mercury chelators, DMPS and DMSA, largely obsolete, in my view.

The very simple, inexpensive methods like the Epsom salts baths, bathing clays, oil pulling and far-infrared saunas (use in moderation) should all be considered, and it would be foolish to not include at least some of these in any detox plan. They are all helpful.

Boyd Haley and Chris Shade, both biochemists, are today’s leading researchers and educators on how mercury causes problems in the human body, and how we can best detox.  This is not just my view; I think it is a view shared by most. They are smart, innovative and the leading teachers of mercury toxicity and detoxification.  So far we have just one book, Mercury Detoxification Simplified, by William Rasmussen, that discusses the products of Haley, Shade, the Tri-test, and the myriad of supplements that have come along in the last ten or twelve years.

Final thoughts: the detox plan must be tailored to the individual and adjusted on an ongoing basis to the individual. This is contrary to anybody’s “one size fits all” formula.

AHJ: I have had good success with Dr. Shade’s products. The only limiting factor has been the funds to purchase them! What happened in my case back in 1998 was that I had my 10 amalgams removed unsafely. Shortly after that, I developed an enormously bloated abdomen, depression, non-stop sugar cravings, skin rashes and acne, and other vague but chronic symptoms. I now know that these were a result of an accelerated candida yeast overgrowth that was somehow saving my body as best as it could from such serious mercury exposure. Doctors would say I had candida, tell me to rotate antifungals, and I would feel worse and worse because killing the yeast would just release the mercury. Have you heard similar stories? It took me many, many years to figure this out.

Leo: Fungal overgrowths are very common with mercury problems; I expect there to be fungal overgrowths more often than not. We have a short article on this that we can email out. So, let me just say: there should be an anti-fungal program and it should unfold simultaneously with the mercury detox program. It consists of a restricted diet and a regimen of anti-fungal supplements -not drugs – that are rotating, meaning that you change the supplement you use, each time you run out of a bottle of one you switch to a different one, so that the fungal organisms cannot adapt to the anti-fungal you are using. The drugs are not used because they are too toxic to the liver over the long run and, yes, they can give you nasty symptoms of a die-off. You can gradually win the battle against the fungal yeast overgrowths and the mercury toxicity together, gradually, at the same time.

AHJ: Leo, I can’t thank you enough for the time you’ve spent with me for this interview, and for the work you’re doing to make others aware of the problem.

Leo: You’re very welcome.


DAMS, or Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions, is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization that provides information on dental mercury and other ways that dentistry may affect health. In addition to the dental amalgam mercury issue, DAMS is a top source of information on toxic crowns and bridges, root canal treatments and their safer alternatives, jawbone osteonecrosis (cavitations), dental material choices, fluoride and more. DAMS may be your best guide there is for navigating the complexities of the dental system. To request a DAMS information packet, which includes its list of knowledgeable dentists in your state or province, please call DAMS at 651-644-4572 or go to

You can also visit – an excellent website with dentists’ lectures on mercury and its issues.

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Harvesting Your Tower Garden

May 9th, 2015 by Amanda

A couple of months ago I wrote about an aeroponic vertical gardening system called the Tower Garden. I have been harvesting arugula, bibb and gourmet lettuces, parsley, bok choi, and rainbow chard from my Tower for weeks now. It all tastes amazing – so fresh. I am very pleased with it! There are few things better than growing your own organic fruits and vegetables inside your house, and saving money because of it!

I have enjoyed inviting people over to see this thing because everyone gets such a kick out it. I thought I’d share this video of my friend Jen harvesting from her Tower in case you weren’t sure how that worked (I wasn’t). You can snip leaves off one at at time for immediate salads, or even remove a whole head to sell at a farmers’ market. You can also bring one of these  bouquets as a hostess gift. What a beautiful offering!

Right now my cucumber plant is growing like crazy. Its tendrils and leaves are reaching off the Tower and into the next room. Little baby cucumbers are beginning to form near the yellow flowers. It’s so cool to watch. I pluck and eat. Arugula is my favorite. I can’t wait to try the cucumbers.

You can also make an additional income by distributing these. Please contact me for more information. These things work! See my Tower Garden website for more information. Or watch me set mine up!