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My Upcoming Dental Revision Trip: Biocompatibility Testing

My panoramic Xray

My panoramic Xray

Aren't you glad you tuned in? Here is my mouth, soon to be revamped a bit. This panoramic xray shows lots of interesting stuff. For example, you can easily see the bridge in my lower left (image is opposite view).  It also shows all the fillings, which are composites. I had my amalgams taken out 12 years ago in 1999.

The holistic dentist who placed the bridge six years ago did a biocompatibility test through Clifford Research. This type of blood test tells you which type of dental material is relatively safe in your mouth. 'Relatively' because your immune system to reacts anything foreign placed in your body.

When I sent this pano to the dentist who I will soon be traveling to see however, he noted that the bridge must have metal or else it would not show up so white in the xray. He thought it may be zirconium (aluminum). Apparently Clifford does not see zirconium as toxic, but BioComp (who did my biocompatibility test last week) says that 99% of people react to it. I do not know the ins and outs of this topic. One of Clifford's informational pdfs states:

There is much to learn. But back to me. Next week I will go to a Hal Huggins-trained dentist a plane trip away from here. He thinks that we're dealing with two or three infected teeth, one of which - #3 - I am fairly certain will need to be extracted. I have been having mild pain and throbbing off and on for a year now. I will be glad to get that out. And if you recall, my trip to the EAV doctor uncovered that very same tooth infection, with a call to do something about it asap. I like it when both the distant dentist and the practitioner of the body electric agree on the same exact site, without ever having looked in my mouth, without ever having known about each other, without my ever having told them anything about anything.

Besides that extraction I will be getting my composite fillings (materials unknown) replaced with biocompatible materials. I will also get that bridge (a LAVA bridge, which is aluminum-containing) removed, and perhaps a partial put there to cover another extraction (infected tooth #19) and a space where #20 has always been congenitally absent (the reason for the bridge in the first place, when I was 9 years old or so).

BioComp's 60 page Serum Compatibility Testing Report lists high/moderate/least reactivity to metals, etching materials, glass ionomers, porcelain and ceramics, and many other materials. I did not know this but all-porcelain crowns (which my #3 tooth is) have aluminum in them. This is what stands them apart from plain ceramics. Here is the metals page from my report:

I plan to do a day by day blow of the dental trip. I'm scheduled to be seen Monday through Thursday, and will fly back home Friday. Wish me luck!

Dental Revision: The Day Before

SC Johnson's "Fragrance Palette"

SC Johnson's "Fragrance Palette"