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My Visit with the EAV (Electrodermal) Doctor

EAV, or electrodermal testing, uses acupuncture points on the body, usually on the hands and feet, to test electrical resistance. It gives information about the energy and health of your organs and other parts of your body. EAV is also known as bioconductance. Yesterday I drove the 2 hours to see Dr. Mark D, who is an acupuncturist and does electrodermal screening with the EDS2000.

I don’t know much about this field, but will share what he told me. I was in his office for 3 hours. We tested lots of things, starting with my hand to hand measurement, which was 92 out of 100, and higher than most people’s, he said. So I’ve got some body energy to deal with whatever it needs to deal with to overcome.

He tested right side and left side with the metal rods (he said there’s a left and right side to the kidney, the heart etc. so both sides are tested) . I held one, wet metal rod, in my left hand, and the right one in my right, while he used a prod thing to dig a bit into whichever meridian point he was testing in my fingers or toes.  If the numbers raise up much past 50, then it means inflammation. If way under 50, then degenerative diseases and low body energy. “Drops” on the machine - as in the barometer goes up initially and then slowly falls back down, mean something not great is going on in that particular area.

After it was all over he gave me a print out of what we'd tested. Here’s what read as particularly high for me:

77        Lymph (immune system) – Head and Throat Region (Pharyngeal Tonsillar Ring)

80        Allergic Processes – throughout the entire body (could be an infection)

79        Endocrine System (also Pancreas and Mammary) - I had a right drop here of 14 (which is interesting because years ago I saw another EAV person who said that I had inflammation of  pancreas as well)

Dr. Reinold Voll developed a device in the 1950’s that measured the skin’s resistance at acupuncture points and found that each point had a standard measurement for healthy people.

Dr. Reinold Voll developed a device in the 1950’s that measured the skin’s resistance at acupuncture points and found that each point had a standard measurement for healthy people.

81        Right: Pancreas  Left: Spleen

76        Liver

81        Fatty Degeneration – Organs, Vessels – Whole Body

80       Focal Toxic Tendency (eg. Infection toxins) chronic abscess or –it is (eg. Sinus, tonsil, tooth, appendix, gall b.) - I had a right drop here of 19.

It’s a 9 page printout and so it goes on and on. The textbook he recommended when I asked what I could read to learn more is An Electrodermal Analysis of Biological Conductance, by Dr. Speckhart. Costs about 400 bucks.

My priorities, according to the machine and to this doctor, are my jaw and teeth, and parasites. Tooth #3 (upper right molar) has been troubling me for a while (didn’t tell him that), and that’s what was picked up on in terms of some sort of parasitic and bacterial infection in the gum and tooth, and it’s draining into my tonsils and jaw and lymph. He recommended that I call a dentist in Marlyand, who may be able to save the tooth by injecting ozone, which is something I have actually been wanting to look into. But I was thinking that the infected area was my bottom left, an old extracted root canal site, not tooth #3.

I didn’t test that I have tapeworms so I don’t need a protocol for that. But, I do have issues with strep, staph, bacteria and worms. He made four brown glass dropper bottles, one for each problem – Jaw and Tonsils, Pancreas, Low Back and Constitutional signals. My low back remedy includes the lupus he found and the tight tendons I feel (my stiffness). Lupus, which is an autoimmune disorder, is most often caused by metals, as most autoimmunity is, in his view. In my coccyx I have car exhaust that’s causing a problem, and in my lower back I have the biotoxin aflotoxin (even though I never eat peanuts). And e. coli and adenovirus tested high in my pancreas, which is inflamed. (I did have a Microbial test that showed very high e. coli last year.)

My 'Signals' or homeopathic remedies

My 'Signals' or homeopathic remedies

I started last night on the homeopathic remedies, or the 'signals', which he calls them. I had major energy, last night and today. I cleaned part of my office that I’d wanted to clean for eons. I got lots of other stuff done too. The doctor recommended Critter Gitter by Southern Herb, but I looked into it and it looks like Dr. Hulda Clark’s recipe. I had some leftover Humaworm so I started that today. I will do  a parasite cleanse twice a year from now on. When you see them in the toilet as I have, it’s not hard to be convinced that cleanses are important. Davidson recommended doing the parasite cleanse five days before the full moon and the five days after. Three months in a row. Which now I'm not sure what he means because these parasite cleanses are for thirty days.

So, after this meeting, my game plan is:

  1. See dentist who can shoot ozone into infected tooth/gum/jaw area

  2. Take my four homeopathic remedies

  3. Do parasite cleanse three months in a row

  4. Smile!

Earthing, Again

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Calling All Harrington Rod, Spinal Fusion People