Chocolate and Coffee and The Paleo Diet

Chocolate Cake and the Paleo Diet

Chocolate Cake Goes Bubbye

Here I am being brave. I am throwing away the delicious espresso chocolate cake I made today. Ingredients: coconut oil, eggs, espresso, vanilla, cocoa, dark chocolate chips, honey. Every time I took a bite, ten minutes later I’d feel it in my fingers. Talk about sensitive but there you have it. When you don’t eat an inflaming food for a while, and then eat it, suddenly you are more sensitive. It’s too bad but it’s also good. Your body is talking to you and telling you what not to do. So I was brave and threw it out.

Ditto for the coconut yogurt I made yesterday. I used yogurt starter that had skim milk in its ingredients. I had ordered it last week without thinking of looking at the ingredients because I thought it would say “Just us probiotics in here, Amanda!” But alas, I seem to feel this yogurt in my fingers too, just moments after I eat some of it. But don’t feel too bad – it didn’t turn out that great anyway.

Back to the coffee and chocolate – are they delightful things on this Earth or what?! One day I will have them again…

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