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For two and a half years I was under the (remote) care of Dr. Larry Wilson and his colleague Dr. Larry McHaney. I found Dr. Wilson online and I was very impressed with what he’s written.  I followed the program stringently – the near infrared saunas, the coffee enemas, the supplements, the diet. What would have helped a lot in addition to these is the meditation exercise, but I only dabbled in that.

For the first 6 or so months I was so tired. Just dragging. But I knew that that was a necessary healing crisis. I didn’t think it could go on for so long, but Dr. Wilson assured me it could go on for much longer than that. Soon after I found I had more energy, and I absolutely loved how the saunas made me feel. I’m all about heat anyway, having had cold hands and feet for as long as I can remember.

I wanted to share some of my diary about the diet from that period. This is still basically the diet that I follow. Thankfully I don’t crave sugar anymore. Not even ice cream – and I used to eat a pint a night in my 20’s. But that’s not to say I don’t have a gluten-free home-baked not-too-sweet oatmeal raisin cookie once in a while.


Just had my phone session with Dr. McHaney. Here’s what he reiterated about the diet:

  • hi quality proteins and organically grown fats and oils. and lots of veggies. steamed 2x/day.
  • root veg – turnips parsnips carrots
  • cabbage bok choi dark greens etc
  • no nightshades, very yin
  • 1 tbsp fat/oil every meal. The less cooked fats and oils the better.
  • almond butter on rice cake. Handful of almond pecan walnuts. Turkey, chicken skin.
  • fats provide sustained energy for fast oxidizer.
  • protein each meal. Don’t worry that hen has lots of meat. 2-3 x/day.
  • avoid pork.
  • no tuna, shellfish.
  • no fruit or fruit juices.
  • quinoa rice corn millet amaranth buckwheat, blue corn chips and tortillas (hi in selenium and our soils are deficient in them).
  • grains don’t give long lasting energy.
  • BEST protein for us is animal protein
  • sardines and salmon, chicken lamb turkey eggs

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