Dr. Larry Wilson’s Protocol

The sauna's three near infrared bulbs

The sauna’s three near infrared bulbs

I get asked a lot about my experience with Dr. Larry Wilson’s nutritional balancing protocol. I first discovered his work while researching the sauna’s ability to help detoxify metals. I loved the idea of sweating chemicals, mercury and other toxins out. Dr. Wilson is a big advocate of the near infrared lamp sauna, which you can build yourself. Four years ago I ordered the electrical heat unit portion of the sauna, and bought some pvc pipe to construct the rest. I still use it. It works great. I sweat loads, take a quick shower afterwards, and always feel calmer for the rest of the day. In Sauna Therapy, Dr. Wilson writes that sauna sessions will slowly bring the toxins out over 2 or 3 years of daily use.

Around that time, I sent off one tablespoon of my hair to Dr. McHaney (a chiropractor who works closely with Dr. Wilson) for the lab ARL to test. This was the first of many that I’d send. They send you back the results, showing hair levels of nutrient minerals and toxic metals. But hair test reading is a bit of an art form in that, for example, a low mercury level on the test does not equal a low mercury body content. There’s a lot of inferring to be done in the analysis, and much experience is needed to do this. Wilson worked with Dr. Paul Eck for many years, and he is very experienced.

The overall summary of my two and a half years of Wilson’s nutritional balancing therapy – and this includes the saunas, the supplements, the coffee enemas, the diet, the getting nine hours of sleep, and a little of the meditation practice – is that it was successful in excreting toxins and rebuilding my body. And that I learned a lot. And that Dr. Wilson and Dr. McHaney give very good advice on achieving health. It didn’t take me all the way though, so I stopped. For example, my index fingers started swelling a little bit after two years on the program, and I didn’t think that should happen. I do realize that Wilson says it takes years to repair damage and to regain health. And I totally agree with that. My protocol now is very similar to Dr. Wilson’s, in that I do everything except his recommended supplements (which I do actually believe were helpful). I think I just wanted to try something else, something that would lose the metals faster. I eventually moved on to Andy Cutler’s protocol, and then Chris Shade’s IMD…

I thought I’d include some of my journal entries from that first year of doing Dr. Wilson’s treatment. That way others who are thinking about doing the program, or those who are already on it, can see that it takes a while. And that there are ups and downs. Primarily I felt major, major fatigue. And that was one of the things I needed help with the most. But after a year, I had more energy! I learned that to get better, your body will spend so much energy detoxifying and repairing, and so you will feel doggone-tired. For a while. The key is to know that you’re in it for the long haul, and to do your best, as Dr. McHaney would tell me frequently. From Dr. Wilson’s website:

Even if one knows about the problem of toxicity, clearing out two dozen toxic metals, hundreds of toxic chemicals, and often dozens of chronic infections safely and quickly is a challenge.  Nutritional balancing science  specializes in this activity and gets amazing results by combining about 17 different detoxification methods in a unique manner.

As humanity improves its understanding of the body and how to heal it, I believe detoxification will once again take its place as a major requirement to heal the body and the brain.

I first learned about how we all have multiple chronic infections and don’t even know it, from Dr. Wilson’s Sauna Therapy book. I was surprised to read that then, but now know it to be true (I am killing stuff as we speak!). Here are some notes I took during that first year of nutritional balancing.


Chronic fatigue. Is how I feel lately. Skinny and veiny and fatigued. This could be the healing reaction from my sauna therapy. After reading Dr. Wilson’s article on adrenal burnout I realize what’s best for me is to rest more. To do less. Try for nine hours of sleep. Do only 45 minutes in the sauna. I am grateful to have found a doctor who should be able to help me through this. His name is Dr. Wilson and he wrote a book on sauna therapy. I sent hair to the lab to be analyzed and with this info he will hopefully help me.


Saturday morning. Depressed. Last night, insomnia, depressed, body so tired but mind with racing non-stop negative thoughts. I realized it feels like mercury exposure. Like maybe the GB3 digestive enzyme I’ve been taking for five days digests my food which causes candida die off which causes mercury release which causes, for me, depression, more fatigue, heart arrythmia, insomnia, tooth pain, hopelessness.


1. I’m not using the far infrared Sunlight sauna anymore. Will find out if Sunlight will accept its return. Wrote letter to the owners of company, asking that they credit me back because of the high electromagnetic fields the unit creates (30-50 milliguass). High magnetic field = not relaxing (even though I loved everything else about the sauna).

2. If they don’t accept it I’ll convert it into a near infrared lamp sauna as per Wilson’s sauna plans. Or just build his.

3.  I feel okay on McHaney’s supplements, just started my second month for some of them.


I slept great Tuesday night. Then Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and today: depressed, angry, crying, brain fog, so so so tired. I have racked my brain trying to figure out what else could be causing the sadness etc. I switched from coconut oil to fish oil because Dr. McHaney says coconut oil is a liver digestion problem for some. I’ve run out of about three of my supps including gb-3, the digestive enzyme, so maybe that explains the fatigue. I made brownies and I’ve been eating too much of these sugary things, like one a day. Not good.

And then this evening, as I finished up the sheep’s milk yogurt in the fridge, a light goes on and I look at the yogurt label. Yup: active enzymes. Causing candida die-off, releasing mercury –  if that’s what happens every time I take good bacteria – causing brain fog, forgetfullness, tiredness, depression. It’s amazing how sensitive I am to that stuff. I ate a lot of it so might feel yucky tomorrow too. But at least I am pretty sure of the mysterious cause now.

And don’t eat wheat, it depresses you. We know that. (Edit: I didn’t go 100% gluten-free until 2011. I do believe that gluten is something that so many of us really need to avoid because it can maintain gut inflammation.)


Today a bit discouraged, probably because of healing crisis intensification, but I was thinking ‘Am I doing the right thing?’ I know I am but it does take time. Here is what I’ve noticed of late:

1. Under right eye, a stye/growth thing has gotten loose and seems to be on its way to falling off. Can’t remember when I first developed that growth but it’s been years. Will keep you posted on that. (Edit: that thing did fall off.)

2. A month ago a growth under my right arm pit  – half of it fell off into my hand, white thing. the other half was left. Felt last night in the shower for it, it’s gone. no remnant even, no mark where it had been.

3. Complexion looks healthy, skin looks good.

Veiny hands which I attribute to even less body fat than before. Today at work Mary came up to me in the kitchen and said ‘You’ve lost a lot of weight. You’re not anorexic, are you?’ with concern. I explained how I WANT to be plumper but in this healing period lesser quality tissue gets shed and you temporarily lose weight. I said check back with me in six months. But it’s true: my butt is smaller, my breasts are smaller, I’m too thin.

Good energy in am, tired by lunch. could easily sleep. That’s what I want to do most: rest. Haven’t been depressed in a while which is great.


I have noticed:

My left knee doesn’t creak anymore going up steps, I’m less tired during day (tired at night though), I’m more content in general, more ‘up’. I’m more moving towards what I want including doing the Project Nature course and homework for it. I’m more being clear on what works for me (Nature) and what doesn’t (feeling cold and working in a cubicle). I’m more socially at ease talking with people, calmer. I sleep best if I eat something right before bed. Growth under right arm pit gone, don’t know when it fell off. Growth under right eye extending outwards, looks like it will fall off. And I don’t feel heavy walking up the stairs in the morning, or getting out of the car like I used to. I am seeing improvements.

I was so so tired, even in the morning. Now I know it’s a healing crisis from my near infrared lamp sauna sessions of 50 minutes each night. So I skipped last night’s session and feel better. Have been doing coffee enemas. They are quite helpful in releasing stuff. Dr. Wilson says they are practically vital.

Assembling the near infrared sauna

Assembling the near infrared sauna

My under eye stye fell off! And I have been doing NIA classes. Yes, I am back to exercising after many years of not. Thank you, Universe.

I have been doing the near infrared sauna almost every night for about a month now.


Feeling better, a little. Fatigued but not so heavily as a few days ago. Did an hour sauna last night. Am skipping it tonight. I’m realizing again how super important sleep and rest are. So at lunchtime I come home and take a short nap. On weekends too. And will get in bed by 9/9:15 nightly from now on. I like doing that because then I wake before the alarm and can just lie there for a few minutes knowing that I did my body good by getting lots of sleep that night.

I ate some cookies today that I baked with sugar and my memory goes bubbye after I eat some. Sugar does this to my memory. Hello yeast.

However, I’ve found progress: drinking Synergy kombucha and not getting brain fog. Also, last May was when I started the McHaney supplements and I started getting really down and tired and depressed. Sauna therapy made me tired but then I started the supplements and I got real down.

To minimize fatigue, tonight I will do a  THIRTY MINUTE AND NOT FIFTY MINUTE SAUNA. In fact 20 minutes for the next two weeks would probably be smarter but it’s hard to drag myself out when I’m just starting to sweat because I love it so much.


My hands are freezing. You know, maybe I’m not better on Dr. Wilson’s program. Whether I’ve mobilized too many toxins/metals and it’s just one really long healing crisis,  I don’t know, but I’m cold and down and no energy and foggy headed and I haven’t even sauna’d for more than a week. I’ve sat in front of the bulbs for a little but not much. My sauna walls are down b/c we’re showing the house to potential buyers and the homemade sauna with the wrinkled shrunken cotton canvas sheets doesn’t look so great.

Hair test #4 results came back, and we see good changes.  I’ve dumped mercury, and am dumping aluminum now. I’m out of the  potassium/sodium inversion which is major, Dr. McHaney says. My energy is okay. I’m getting at least 9 hours in bed at night every night. I stopped saunas a couple weeks ago but am four nights back into it. McHaney said do 110 degrees max or will be fatigued. Am doing 40 minutes again nightly until I get too tired, then will get lots of sleep that night instead.

Hair test results, one of many over the years

Hair test results, one of many over the years

I’m feeling like I’m looking healthy lately: I’m juicing carrots, celery, spinach for last two weeks to help liver, mixed with lsa (ground flaxseed, sunflower seed, almonds). Ran out of Endomet supplements but will get more soon.

Liver flush last weekend. Got out lots of chaff and about 30-40 very small stones.


Tired. I have been taking McHaney supplements 3x/day since they came almost a week ago and I think it’s caught up to me with more fatigue.


Not tired but depressed. Last night my belly was enormously bloated like it used to be back in those horrible years when I first entered this getting better thing – so bloated and clueless. When I go after the infections (okay, parasites), I get hugely bloated. You’d think these would be addressed by now with all of the work I’ve done.

I am guessing that Dr. Wilson (who I’m going to call today) will tell me that his program will make my body inhospitable to parasites, and in fact I have seen what are probably parasites after c.e.’s, without doing the zapper or taking antiparasitics. It’s been a year on his program and I’m ready to start building up again.


Talked to Dr. Wilson just now. He said:

Re: parasites – unless they’re killing you, which they’re not, I’m doing well, don’t treat them. The program will gradually make my body not welcoming to them. Right now there’s too much good food to eat. So don’t try to rid of them until your body’s ready. Saunas and coffee enemas help make them go. And GB3 will also digest the parasites.

Constipation – drink 3-4 quarts of water a day. Every morning he sits down and drinks 5-6 glasses of warm or hot water . If still not coming then eat a little something and that does it. I’m in a hurry in the am and that doesn’t help. To go to bed early and wake up earlier and have a more relaxed morning is better. Can also try Endomet’s dietary fiber tablets – 3, 3 and 3. These can be helpful for this.

Coffee enemas – 2 a day is not too many. just have bm in addition to this. the ce’s are not dehydrating. you don’t need to liver flush when you do these.

Veiny hands/emaciated – he has thin skin too. Skin takes the longest to heal. It’s the last thing to heal. Which is fine because the most important things to heal, your internal organs, are the first to heal. I am losing poor quality tissue. Just make sure to take the epa/dha 300 and have other good fats every day.

Oral hydrogen peroxide therapy/ o2 therapy (I wanted to know his opinion on this) – don’t need it. Don’t do h2o2 orally, hard on stomach. Just do the program, it’s all you need.

Still feeling cold – can try to up kelp to 2 3x/day to see if that helps. If it’s too much I’ll just get a little jittery.


Haven’t done saunas in a while. Don’t get exhausted any more. Yea, progress! When I start the saunas again I will know what’s causing the exhaustion if i start to feel it again. I love going to bed at nine and waking up at seven.


I am feeling great! Happy, energetic. So glad about doing what we’re doing – leaving cubicle job to go live somewhere else for the summer. Here’s what else I’m happy about and what I’ve been doing:

McHaney’s supplements 3x/day, c.e.’s, liver flushes every 3 weeks, eating coconut oil, sauna 30 minutes every night, want to keep going at night, have to force myself to go to bed! I’m not drinking coffee or tea, don’t want them. And I’ve made a brave, exciting lifestyle change: I’ve quit a job that I didn’t want, and I’m moving to another state. I would call that major progress.


Skin better, face better, me better. Detoxing is key.  I get tired in the afternoon, which I guess is toxicity sapping my energy, coming out because of saunas, Then I nap for twenty minutes and I am much happier and energetic.

Sugar makes my memory go bubbye still.


I am feeling great! LOOKING AT THE BIG PICTURE HERE IN JUNE OF 2009. Gotta write symptoms or you’ll forget. Here are the lingering ones:

 – fatigue, especially at night (but way better than a year ago)

 – cold feet and hands even in 74 degree house (with a.c. on)

 – still run cold. an 80 degree house feels good to me

 – bowels aren’t the most flowing, even on 15 GB-3/day

 – memory is bubbye!

 What i’m doing:

 – near infrared lamp sauna 30 min/day

 – 2nd day of lots of kombucha tea

 – mild outdoor exercise in sun at least 3x/week (walk/run/trampoline)

 – Dr. McHaney’s supplements

 – c.e.’s

 – 3-4 quarts of distilled water/day


Got my hair test results back but not the right audio track on the cd interpreting them so can’t tell you about that until a couple of weeks when McHaney gets back from vacation. I am actively eliminating a bunch of heavy metals though. It will be interesting to see if over these next four months my hair will absorb more metals from the kombucha.


So to deal with my hormonal issues, bio-identical hormone replacement sounds great, but you have to take them your whole life to keep feeling good. Not to mention needing to call your doctor every five minutes for her to adjust the dose. Dr. Wilson’s article about it is online. I guessed right about what he’d say about it – YOU’RE NOT ADDRESSING THE UNDERLYING PROBLEM. YOU’RE ONLY TREATING SYMPTOMS WHICH CAN CAUSE MORE PROBLEMS DOWN THE ROAD. ONCE YOU GET YOUR BODY CHEMISTRY BALANCED THROUGH NUTRITION AND DETOXING AND REMOVAL OF HEAVY METALS AND CHEMICALS AND INFECTIONS THEN THE BODY CAN REBALANCE ITS HORMONES. I am going the slow boat to china way.


RETEST RESULTS – Dr. McHaney’s comments:

My first test was April 2008 so I’ve been doing this for about a year. I’ve moved into fast oxidation. I am dumping off some lead, mercury, arsenic, nickel. Have dumped off aluminum. Wonderful changes, Dr. M says. Ratios of mineral levels are much better. Calcium/mg to 93% of ideal, wonderful change. Life changes: sold house, cut work hours, moved. Thyoid ratio: is now 2.38, 59% of ideal , thyoid faster so maybe that’s why have some more energy but don’t use it up. na/mg: 10.40 adrenals faster now too. na/k no 160%

Was only doing supps twice a day because of finances. He encourages 3x/day if possible, could move forward quicker. Suspects underlying iron and manganese (but did he mean copper?) toxicity, based on high aluminum level. Chromium has come up as has selenium, and zn, so good. Phosphorous still very good.

Doing 15 gb-3/day so great for detoxing liver. Shocked only have one bm a day but am doing c.e.’s so that’s good. Doing near infrared sauna at night. Only one recommended for fast oxidizers. Keep doing that. Getting out and walking for .5 hours a day would be great. Continue distilled water, recommend 1-1.5 years. so maybe do it for 1.5 years because of toxic metals coming out. Regardless, do it for next four months until next hair test.

Yes can meditate in sauna with headphones, would be wonderful. Molasses high in iron (underlying iron toxicity) so don’t do lots of coconut oil and molasses/cocoa, Dr. Wilson said.Wilson also suggested just do 1 tbsp acv a day only. Coconut oil is very yin so stop it. Yes could go up to 3000 mg/day vit d since my levels are low. Important to get at least 15 minutes/day of sun on solar plexus/belly. If cloudy, can do full spectrum bulb in sauna but sun on belly most important.

My symptoms – low body temp, low blood pressure, constipation, all signs of slow oxidation. They feel there’s lots of room for improvement. Fibrocystic breasts= copper toxicity. And I’m having poor sleep because I’m  dumping off heavy metals.

Switching over to stress pak for fast oxidators: 1 1 1

Zinc 22.5 mg 1 1 1

Paramin 0 1 2 don’t skip the lunch supps, can take 3 more at bedtime

GB3 5 5 5 or more

Epa Dha 1 1 1

D3 3000 iu/day or 3 tsps cod liver oil

Optional: Renamide helpful for detox of heavy metals, selenium too. Kelp 1 in am. Taurine 1 1 1 calming.

Evening primrose oil could try, good for fast oxidizers and for cysty breast. It works as an anti-inflammatory too.

The fast oxidizer eating plan is recommended:

1. hi quality proteins and organically grown fats and oils. and lots of veggies. steamed 2x/day.

2. root veg – turnips parsnips carrots

3. cabbage bok choi dark greens etc

4. no nightshades, very yin

5. 1 tbsp fat/oil every meal. olive oil/ fish oil/ full fat dairy. The less cooked fats and oils the better.

Almond butter on rice cake. Handful of almond /pecans /walnuts. Turkey, chicken skin. Fats provide sustained energy for the fast oxidizer. Protein each meal. Don’t worry about having lots of meat. 2-3 x/day.  Avoid pork. No tuna, shellfish. No fruit or fruit juices.

Quinoa rice corn millet amaranth buckwheat, blue corn chips and  tortillas (hi in selenium and our soils are deficient in them). Grains don’t give long lasting energy. The BEST protein for us is animal protein. Sardines and salmon, chicken lamb turkey eggs.

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50 Responses to Dr. Larry Wilson’s Protocol

  1. Philis says:

    Hi Amanda,

    Last night I began reading your articles. Hopefully, you could answer a question about the worthwhileness of beginning Larry Wilson’s protocol. I have been working on improving health the last 5 or 6 years and have wondered about doing the metabolic testing. He no longer personally works with individuals. So I would have to choose someone else to work with.

    You have tried many things too and I wonder if you would do this over since you did not continue if you would do over again. It takes a lot of commitment. I do not like the idea of progress taking so long and you felt worse the lst year.

    Trying to summarize what my top issues this day & time to work I suppose I would say being able to sleep enough through the night & gut health. I have been gluten free & low carb for around 5 years.

    You have some very interesting experiences. Looks like you are still working on metal detoxing & would have thought Dr. Wilson’s protocol would have dealt with that.

    Thank you Amanda,

    • Amanda says:

      I still maintain some of his program, but not nearly as regularly. Ideally I would still be taking 30 minute near infrared saunas 5 times a week (because it is so wonderful for detox, and because I feel so much calmer afterwards), the diet (which I still do – cooked veggies and high quality meat proteins, low sugar etc.), and some of the supplements (like a glandular or two). I used to do a lot of coffee enemas and they were very helpful then.

      Why don’t you get on board with the program for three months and see how it feels? That wouldn’t be too expensive, and you could achieve a whole lot of detox. Don’t skimp on the rest! Even if you’re just lying there. I like how Wilson recommended resting so much, if even just lying down for 15 minutes during the day. We need rest! I am meditating now and that too is huge, for me.

      For gut health, maybe hit up on the fermented foods, if you haven’t already. And as for diet, I am very partial to Weston Price Foundation guidelines.

      Please let us know how you do! I am sure you will feel better soon!

  2. Philis says:

    P.S. Yes, I am familiar with the Gaps diet.

    Out of curiosity have you looked at Chris Kresser’s website? He is quite knowledgeable and has many podcasts.

    I am very low carb due to MANY years of sugar abuse addiction. Still have fond memories of those nasty foods. :)

  3. Mary says:

    Did you ever feel anxious?? Panicky?? How did you handle that?
    Thank you!
    I am on Dr. W NB program for few months now.

    • Amanda says:

      I have felt anxiety in the form of body tension and shallow breathing. Caffeine makes it all worse. It feels like when I remove toxins, my system gets hyped up and tenses my muscles somehow. Mercury may be involved. I don’t let it get me down! I just resolve to do less caffeine and more meditation. Never get panicky though. Try deep breathing on a regular basis. It is so powerful and calming! Let us know how you do on Dr. Wilson’s program.

  4. lisa says:

    I was wondering if you’ve noticed any improvement in your skin at all. I’m embarking on the program and have lots of loose body and facial skin and was wondering if others have experienced tighter skin and improvemnt in wrinkles after working the program? And how are you feeling about the program? Good luck to you and hope you continue to heal!

    • Amanda says:

      My skin looks better as I detox more and more, and of course eat plenty of healthy fats like avocado, pastured healthy animal foods, coconut milk and oil, raw pastured butter etc. Plus the sauna is great for the skin. The heat plumps up the skin and you sweat out toxins. The program is very good.

  5. Sharon says:

    Hi Amanda: my son is an Air Force Pilot that used the Cutler Protocol for 5 weeks this past winter for Mercury toxicity. He was great and had an MRI that has caused Gadolinium toxicity from the contrast dye. I think it was due to demineralization by the DMSA as well as potential kidney inflammation from the Protocol. He is considering more chelation but today I was reading about the Nutritional Balancing and think he may be safer doing that for a while and get himself rebalanced prior to initiating any further chelation at this time. You said that you eventually turned to the Cutler Protocol. How was your success with it and would you do it the same over again or go straight to the chelation?
    Thanks for your posts. Worried Mom

    • Amanda says:

      Good to hear from you! I think you sound right on re: the demineralization from the DMSA chelation. It definitely was too much for my system too, and I was taking low doses. You say “…would you do (the Cutler protocol) again or go straight to the chelation?” – you know that the Cutler program is chelation, right? Are you perhaps referring to i.v. chelation?

      There are so many different points of view on getting the metals out. Some say all you need is a good seaweed extract product like Modifilan, some say you need to sweat it out in saunas along with being on a nutritional balancing program, some say saunas will do it alone… Of course diet is key – making sure to take in those minerals. I’d take the Megapan that Dr. Wilson recommends. And the TMG, which Wilson thinks everyone will benefit from in that it helps the metals come out faster. I am experimenting with TMG now – as of today, actually. Read what he writes about it.

      I will not do the Cutler protocol again. I think it was too taxing. My jaw somehow shifted in the night during one particular round and I am still getting this taken care of.

      Dr. Ray Peat is also someone to look into – that’s who I’m researching now.

      Let us know what you find out!

  6. luck says:


    Thank You For Sharing Your Experience!

    Do You Think 3 Months Of Treatment Is Good For Detoxing?

    I Don’t KnoW If I Can Handle More Than That Because Am Suffering Withdrawal Fro A Medication That Gives You A Lot Pain And Panic.

    I Can’t Deal With Suffering!
    Please I Need Help

    • Amanda says:

      With panic, try what Ray Peat talks about: bag breathing to increase carbon dioxide levels. http://raypeat.com/articles/articles/co2.shtml

      What medication are you detoxing from?

      Detox goes on all through your life, not just for a few months, because our environment is pretty darn polluted unfortunately. Are you getting enough rest at night and maybe a little each day?

  7. luck says:

    I Need To Detox Copper, This Is The Main Reason I HavE Anxiety, But A Doctor Gave Me Compassion Without Telling Me The Dangers Of This Drug. S After 2 Months Taking This Poison I Started Feeling Ba. I Am Off This Drug For Almost 2 Months Now And Still Have Withdrawal Symptom.

    So I Started Doing NB And I Hope This Can HelP Me, If I Can Detox Copper I Will Be Very Happy.

    Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Is Worst Than Any Other Withdrawal You Can Think About.

    The Person That Can Help People WitH This Problem Will Get Rich! Because Even The Docs That Prescribe This CrapDon’t Know How To Help People!

  8. luck says:


  9. Cynthia says:

    Hi Amanda,
    Thank you for all of your helpful insights into your healing experiences.
    I have been on Dr. Wilson’s NB program for just under 2 months. I have a variety of issues, including adrenal, hormonal and digestive. I started on the program being underweight, and I am concerned about losing anymore weight. I currently have elevated copper, so I am not eating avocados, or nuts except for a bit of almond butter. I am wondering if you have any suggestions regarding ways to gain some weight while on the program or at least to maintain my weight?

    • Amanda says:

      As to what to eat in order to keep weight on/increase it, I asked that question for years! I feel great about where I am now with it. It is in line with what Dr. Wilson and others advise (in most ways but not all).

      I eat some organic white jasmine rice sometimes when I feel like it, with lots of butter and homemade chicken or beef broth. I also do butternut squash and sweet potatoes. Sometimes I have gluten-free toast with lots of butter and jam. Sometimes I make coconut flour or almond flour treats. If you are good with milk, then raw, whole milk is great.

      Currently I use homemade coconut milk (buy coconut shreds, like the Let’s Do Organic brand, mix with water and then blender it up. Strain and keep in fridge) with organic frozen peaches or berries with a bit of banana or raw honey for delicious smoothies. The saturated fat keeps your energy up. If I did nightshades I’d be sure to have potatoes.

      Look at my posts on Ray Peat and diet. I am with him in that we need some sugar to keep the metabolism up, and our bodies warm. Wilson on the other hand favors very low sugar (which I don’t feel good doing).

      We should talk about the likelihood of your having parasites that might be derailing attempts at putting weight on. This I have learned from experience!!

  10. Madeline says:

    Hi Amanda,

    I read your story with interest because I’m about to embark on this program. I’ve already been doing my own version of it regarding diet. I have been taking organic sulfur among other supplements instead of TMG. I noticed that in the last month my hair has become dry like straw and unmanageable, not to mention that it falls out by the handfulls.
    At the same time, my fatigue lifted somewhat, my mind is clearer and my mood is excellent. Could it be that I’ve dumped mercury or other heavy metals in my hair?
    How was your hair affected by the protocol? what about color? My hair is grey and now my eyebrows and eyelashes are greying too.

    I look forward to your comments. Thank you!

    • Amanda says:

      It could be that metals are dumping, and/or bacteria and parasites are dying and leaving. If you are having good effects like clearer mind and better mood, that sounds pretty great. I first noticed hair coming out about a year into Wilson’s program. It still comes out when I brush it. I think it may be related to age (I was about 41 at that time – how old are you?) and decreased hormones, but I do notice more coming out when I’m actively killing stuff and/or trying to excrete metals. I have accepted that I’m not able to control it as of yet. Not much gray though. More searching to be done. I am currently researching Kerri Rivera’s protocol that has removed the symptoms of autism from 150 kids so far. As she writes: “…viruses, bacteria, candida, parasites, and heavy metals cause the behaviors that lead to an autism diagnosis. Once you remove what is causing the symptoms, you can remove the diagnosis.” And I think we’re dealing with these same issues in Lyme and other chronic conditions. Keep us posted on your progress!!

  11. cg says:

    The link is broken to build your own infrared sauna. Could you post how your built yours ? Thanks.

  12. James says:

    I was put on Dr Wilsons protocol in 2007 by an “enlightened” chiropractor, what brand of nutritional supplements are you taking?

    I am incredibly unimpressed with Standard Process which is what I was on with the protocol… any company that thinks hard tablets are effective, are either stupid or lying…

    It takes massive amounts of mechanical torque to compress these tablets and they are filled with cheap fillers, many of which are toxic mechanical lubricants.

    I also think Dr Wilson is really not as focused as he believes he is as the sauna he recommends combines pvc plastic and extreme heat…
    And the plastic off gases toxic chemicals when heated.
    i was only 20 at the time i was on his program, so i was young and naive… whats his excuse?

    Lugols Iodine is much more highly bio available, and it quickly is assimilated by the glands of the endocrine system, regenerating their vitality while also binding heavy metals such as mercury on their way out of the body.

    Im happy to answer any questions… It turns out ive had lyme disease for the past 10 years and i have learned a lot.

    Dr Wilson seems to have now gotten the memo on lyme disease, he had written zero about it back in 2007….

    Also methylation and gene mutation is another band wagon he has simply hopped on, he is most likely ripping off true miracle workers and pioneers such as Dr Amy Yasko, not even quoting them when he is obviously referencing their lifes work.

    Dr Larry Wilson is a man who attributes all of his amazing “revelations” reg health work to his “spirit guides” FYI.

    there is much better info and methods available IMO

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks for your post James! The pvc plastic doesn’t get hot enough to offgass since it’s not near enough to the bulbs. I never smelled anything offgassing. Lyme is so all over the place at this point. I have learned a lot too. For me, it’s come down to metals and parasites. And I think the same is true for many of those with chronic health problems, even eating a nourishing diet. Lots to learn. Do share with us what helps you the most, and thanks!

  13. Faye says:

    Just got done reading your experience with the Wilson program. Just wondering how you are doing now? Also wondering how bad your anxiety got? I suffer pretty bad from it? Also how did you manage the diet when your family wanted to go out for dinner? Was the fatigue manageable or was it everyday for the first year?


    • Amanda says:

      Hi Faye,

      I’m doing very well. Tons of energy. Am currently doing the IMD metals detox program with liposomal Vitamin C and glutathione. I never had real anxiety. But yes chronic muscle tension. Have you looked into mercury poisoning? That’s part of my story. Re: going out for dinner – if it’s not a high end restaurant that can serve me real food – like (ideally grass-fed) burger with no bun, and a salad or cooked veggies with just butter or olive oil or the like – then I don’t go. Most restaurants have low quality food, with lots of genetically engineered, processed ingredients. So I stopped going long ago. Just do your best! Maybe mashed potatoes with real butter, cooked veggies, salad, plain chicken etc…It’s a learning curve but we’re rooting for you! Feel free to schedule a 1/2 hour consult with me if you’d like. Good luck!

      • Faye says:

        We’re you able to eat like that on the Wilson protocol? And we’re you always fatigued, because most of your journaling you talked of fatigue the first whole year. Was it Like that every day or did you have some times when you found relief? I was wondering about the sauna instructions too. Do you have a link to how to construct it or was that on Dr. Wilsons site?
        Also with you speaking of pain or swelling in your finger did that ever go away, just asking because I don’t know if you have ever researched much on oxalates, but they can cause joint inflammation for a lot of people, it’s not just for people who have kidney stones. Just asking because spinach is very high in oxalates. Many people have found recovery from joint pain, among other things from reducing higher oxalate foods. If you are interested in learning more go to tryingloweroxalatesgroup and join the yahoo group. That is were I found a link about copper tied back to Dr. Wilsons site by one of the posts, which after searching around, led me here to you. Which I feel blessed to have found your positive site. Keep up the good work!
        One more thing have you done anything with methylation therapy?
        Thanks for putting together such a great site, I am so glad to hear of the positive things happening To you! You are an inspiration of hope!
        Keeping healing, and God bless,

  14. Faye says:

    Could you please describe some of the things that improved while on Dr. Wilsons protocol? I know you said you had more energy, but did you suffer any joint pains? And have you found any protocols that help with this? The only thing I have heard of was reducing Oxalates. Just wondering your take.

    • Amanda says:

      I haven’t had joint pains but I have had swollen finger joints – just the index fingers – and creaky popping joints. I believe this is due to toxicity. My metals/parasites/remineralizing protocol helps with this. Dr. Wilson’s protocol helped me learn more about my body, gave me energy (though it took a while), and I very much enjoy saunas. Not sure if you’ve read my articles on Ray Peat but I eat as he eats – and this includes a healthy dose of sugar, something Wilson is not in favor of – and I enjoy it a lot. I do know that reducing oxalates helps some people but I don’t think that that is addressing the underlying cause, which many people think is parasites. Do you have kidney or other oxalate crystal pain? I take a product for kidney health called Rentone, which is highly reco’d by Dr. Chris Shade. It’s critical to take care of the kidneys before you detox metals.

      • Faye says:

        I am like you, I have mainly Joint pain in my fingers. What’s really crazy is that it started about four days after I had three Mercury amalgams removed by my biological dentist, the right way. I think it must have released some bad bacteria or something is all that I can figure. (Please stress to those removing amalgams to go very slowly, and not to rush out and remove them all at once. It could be very hard on their bodies, even if you use a biological dentist. Everyone’s bodies are different. ) I removed those three at the end of May of this year, and I have had joint pain in my fingers ever since. I know from my genetics that I have a methylation problem, as so many people do, and this is why there are so many of us who are holding all these metals and bad gut bacteria.
        And no, I do not have problems with kidney stones, but it was suggested to me that Oxalates might be key in getting rid of yeast problems. There is supposedly some correlation between yeast and oxalates and that a lot of people who have joint pain also get pain relief by lowering oxalates.
        It is so hard to know which way to go with so many views and ideas. I know you have tried several and know you recommend some and not others. Just curious why the most recent article by Leo from DAMS suggest not to many saunas? He also said far infrared, instead of near infrared. Do you know why? And wondered if you have tried clay baths?

        • Amanda says:

          Hi Faye – sorry not to have replied to this sooner! Wow that is crazy, getting the finger joint pain three days after amalgam removal. I’m sure it’s connected. In my case I got more and more bloated/depressed/fatigued after the amalgam removal. It was awful. You can recover your joints though. Please look into Kerri Rivera’s chlorine dioxide protocol. It’s all about parasites. The more you remove the better you feel. Chlorine dioxide baths are especially good for arthritis-type issues. And parasites cause high oxalates! Who knew?

          Re: the infrared, I’d think Larry Wilson is more hip to the topic, so I go with near infrared. I’ve done a few clay baths but not consistently enough to talk about them.

      • Kelly says:

        I was like you a couple years ago. Tried the Ray Peat suggestions, especially the sugar, and of course it helped ‘stabilize’ me in a way.

        But I caution to not put too much into his cherry-picked advice, and especially if you’re trying to decrease oxalates, as fructose in the sugar will increase oxalates big time, not to mention help you develop insulin resistance, high triglycerides, bad cholesterol, fatty liver, on and on and on.

        But for a year or two it feels great. :)

        • Amanda says:

          Hi Kelly, do you mean Wilson’s or Peat’s advice? I did end up slowing down on Peat (although still do some sugar and milk etc), but I’m happy to say that I’ve found the source of my issues – parasites. And that includes the problem that some people have with high oxalates. From Kerri Rivera’s Healing the Symptoms Known As Autism book:

          I have heard that CD helps with oxalate problems. Is that true?

          Rompepiedras (RP) is very effective against oxalate-crystal formation. There are connections between parasites and oxalate problems, which this protocol seems to be helping. Ridding the body of parasites helps with high oxalates.

          Thanks for your comment Kelly!

  15. Jay says:

    Hi Amanda, great post! I recently had my amalgams removed and am thinking about making my own sauna recommended by Dr. Wilson. I wanted to know if you are still doing them and if they are easy to make? Thank you!


    • Amanda says:

      Hi Jay! I’m not still doing them BUT I would if I had the space (very small house). I will always love saunas – infrared and traditional – and I will return to them at some point soon. I feel great afterwards, so relaxed. I do recommend Wilson’s sauna plans. Buy some pvc pipe, linens to drape over, and you’re good to know. Let us know how you do!

  16. Aidin says:

    Hi Amanada
    Thanks for your post. I’ve been on Dr Wilson program for about 7 months and I’m a slow oxidizer. My main problem at the moment is my skin (scaring, dry skin and keratosis) and my skin and hair has gotten worse since the program. I recently did my second test and not much has changed- I’m at the “stuck” stage as he calls it. I’m not doing the saunas currently but planning to try it but I do the coffee enemas periodically. I’m really doubting this program and not sure if I should get off the supplements and just do the diet and detoxing parts. My practitioner is a chiropractor and he says chiropractic is the key element of body nutrition balancing but diet and supplements alone cannot heal the body as much. I’ve had some healing symptoms especially with constipation skin and headaches but not his major like I’m reading with other people. At this point I’m not sure what to believe. Hearing people developing symptoms during this week and struggling with them for years really scares me. Any recommendations from you would help me a lot!

    • Amanda says:

      Hi Aidin, thanks for your comment. First off, you will be okay. I speak from experience of going through chronic stuff that is constantly worrisome.

      An easy fix for constipation is the herb capsules that Dr. Jennifer Daniels makes – Vitality Capsules. I take about 2 in the am and 2 in the pm. It’s great to get elimination going 3x/day.

      Second, check out Abraham Hicks on youtube – any video on health. The mind can create illness. I am in the middle of this revelation and it is empowering. Yes i still look for physical solutions for things sometimes, but frequently repeating “the greatest advantage that you can offer your physical body is the gentle releasing of resistance right now….Breathe in, breathe out…” (and knowing what all that means via Abraham) has been major for me. Please keep us posted!

      • Aidin says:

        Thanks a lot. I agree a lot with mind and body health connection.
        I’ve stopped the supplements and currently just eating a paleo diet until meeting with a new nitritionist next week to start a more natural diet and not a lot of pills and supplements.
        When you stopped the supplements part of the program with Dr Wilson, did you notice any shifts in your metabolism? I spoke with my practitioner and he mentioned sometimes people may shift in metabolic rate. It’s been a couple of weeks since and I don’t seem to notice anything major.
        By the way thanks for the blog and replies. It eally helps to talk to people who have been through the same program. With so many info online it’s sometimes hard to know what’s true and what’s fake.

  17. Josh says:

    Hi Aidin and Amanda,
    I also am a slow oxidizer suffering from skin issues, and have been on Dr Wilson’s program for over a year. It’s also taking me lots of time (and patience!) to understand the true power and effect of the mind/body connection. I’m realizing that I tortured myself emotionally for a long time, but the willingness to admit that to myself has helped me get on a healthy psychological path.
    From a supplement standpoint, I’m not rich, and the Endo-met products aren’t cheap, but I think it’s worth it in the long run. I was given a coupon code “TENOFF” to receive 10% off Endo-met supplements on http://www.shopendomet.com for orders over $100 (I think “TWENTYOFF” gets 20% off orders over $400). I’m hoping this will help others in my situation as well.

    I wish you all the best in your journeys of healing and wellness.
    P.S. I highly recommend the app Headspace for those like me who are just trying to get started with meditation. It’s a phenomenal guided meditation app with lots of free sessions.

  18. Simon says:

    Hi there

    How’s things? In your experience do you think one should look for other ways to enhance NB programme? I’m 14 months into NB and I concern myself with how long improvements take! If recently added MCP. Any other suggestions?


    • Amanda says:

      Hi Simon. Are you doing the saunas? Those helped and help me. Have you noticed improvements in anything yet? What still needs help? I don’t know what MCP is. I have found the emotional component of ill health to be hugely helpful. Let me know if you’d like expounding and thanks!

  19. Debra says:

    Can you share the plans and measurements of how built the frame of your sauna

  20. Rachel says:


    Great post! Just a question, did you notice any change in your appearance aside from clearer skin & weight loss. For example do you think you became more beautiful/attractive as you got healthier? Did you notice any changes in bone/face structure and shape? I’m trying to test whether detoxes and lifestyle changes such as nutritional balancing, lead to a change in face structure (that increases symmetry of face and body), thereby hypothetically increasing one’s beauty.

    Lastly, what lifestyle/detox protocol(s) are you currently on/recommending?

    • Amanda says:

      Great question Rachel, and one I’ve been thinking about lately! I will answer very soon…

    • Amanda says:

      Although my skin in general looked healthier as I detoxed with Nutritional Balancing (it will do that with less toxin body burden), I did not experience the change I wanted to see in my skin. I think that if you are truly getting rid of a ton of poison from your blood and tissues, you should see dark spots lighten up and disappear, acne go away, color improved, wrinkles and bags reduced etc.

      I am experimenting with a Classic Chinese Medicine self-healing treatment called Paida Lajin and my face looked healthier after one day. With Paida Lajin you are helping to clear energy blockages in the meridians, and remove poisons from the blood. If this success continues, I am definitely posting about it soon!!

  21. Mike says:

    what vegetables did you use? there are recommended vegetables listed are carrots, rutabaga, daikon, brussels sprouts, baby broccoli, red cabbage, cauliflower (white, orange, purple), green beans, onions (red, white, yellow, sweet, green or scallions, leeks, shallots, white pearl, red pearl, gold pearl, white boiler, and cipolline), ginger and garlic

    also what water did you use? best allowed is carbon filtered or spring water..

    also what did you use to steam vegetables? best for nutrition is pressure cooker, also u need to add right amount of water and excess cooking time also effects nutrients.. (i’m un-sure bout cooking 5 minutes what is recommended but exactly time cooking makes more nutrients, etc.. for example in pressure cooker carrots thinly sliced may take 3-5 minutes, cauliflower (florets) 0-2 minutes, cabbage thinly sliced 2-3 minutes, rutabaga 3 minutes, etc…

    did you eat mostly cooked vegetables, like 10-15 cups per day or something.. or 70%

    • Amanda says:

      Good questions and no I did not eat that many veggies. It’s one thing I’d like to do a lot more of. As a warm way to get all those fantastic colorful veggies in, vegetable soup works great for me. And one day I will buy a pressure cooker! When I did Dr. Wilson’s protocol, I ate carrots, sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, onions, garlic…and drank distilled and then spring water, as he reco’s.

  22. Katie says:

    This is so helpful Amanda. Thank you for sharing this.

    I started his program seven weeks ago, due to gut psychology symptoms…I also struggle with trauma and anxiety.

    After a couple of weeks I felt mentally clearer and better, my anxiety started to decrease too.

    Am in the middle of a full blown sinusey cold/flu and resting through it, so I think I have hit my first major clear out of infection from the past that he calls a healing retracing. I am telling myself that is good.

    It has been difficult taking on such specific protocols of diet and lifestyle, but then fitting them into your budget and also trying to listen to your own inner knowing and body to understand what it needs is tricky.

    I found not being able to reach for honey and lemon a struggle with dealing with this cold thing, but I found raw garlic cloves have taken the edge of and helped my body as it heals.

    I don’t want to take loads of supplements, and preference a gentle approach to just eating right and letting the body sort itself out. I have taken vit d and that made a notable difference- feel less depressed.

    I am about to start coffee enemas, so imagine I will get some healing reactions to that too.

    I think the other thing I question about the NB programme is the way it feels like a belief system is imposed onto you….I found the idea that left-wing political thinking was bad for you really odd….

    But that brings it back to your comment about mind-body connection….is it that we look for problems to solve where really we need to solve the way we look at ourselves and THEN the health returns and we heal ourselves?

    Best wishes,

    • Amanda says:

      Thank you Katie for your thoughtful post. I know what you mean about Dr. Wilson’s seemingly ‘out there’ comments. I had the same reaction years ago. I even questioned him on the phone about his written views on Obama (whom I used to support before I knew what I know now about how the government/financial system really work (sorry about how that sounds!!!)) I will just say now that to me, things are sometimes not what they appear. For example, ‘Health Care’ sounds awesome, but what the system really has us pay for is ‘Disease Care.’ If you don’t want surgery/radiation/drugs then you will have to pay out-of-pocket. Hopefully that is changing.

      However, it is preferable to just leave whatever comments he makes that you don’t gel with, and take the health-related information. And of course as you said, let your inner voice be your guidance. The more you listen to it the better you hear it. Mediation (doesn’t have to be his Pushing Down type), 15 minutes a day, improves your ability to this. It also give you insight into how to get what you want. You are inspired to do things here and there, you listen to those little moments of inspiration, and life unfolds beautifully.

      The other thing that has helped me so much is knowing that everything will be alright no matter what. Say for example you did take that lemon/honey. You just really wanted it and so you took it. Instead of having a reaction of “Darn! What’s wrong with me? I couldn’t even restrain myself”, it could be “I really wanted it, so I had it. This is how it was supposed to be.” And just roll with life, knowing all is well. Wellbeing abounds. If we tune in to that then things just start working better for us. It took me many years of attempted ‘health fixing’ to get this, and listening to Abraham Hicks on youtube helped me immeasurably. You immediately feel stress leave you when you just roll with what happens.

      Back to the physical realm, coffee enemas helped me so much. You just feel better after. So I think those will be good for you!

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