Healing the Gut Before You Chelate

I started seeing my chiropractor for a very important reason: she knows that the best way to chelate mercury is via the Andy Cutler protocol. Frequent Dose Chelation involves taking DMSA or DMPS or ALA on a low, frequent dosing schedule, allowing for breaks every week or so. For example, you might start on 3 mg DMSA every three hours, round the clock, for 3-4 days straight, then take a week’s break. This way the level of chelator in the blood never gets too low, and redistribution of mercury is minimized.

In my last blog post I featured video of Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride speaking about how most chronic illness originates in a poorly-functioning gut. This includes arthritis and other autoimmune diseases. Fixing the gut with the diet’s nourishing animal fats, stocks, vegetables and probiotics takes time – 1.5 – 2 years is the recommended frame – but it can be done, and is done by many of her patients. She recovered her own son from autism with this diet.

My chiropractor says that patients who stop eating the damaging grains and dairy and sugar are able to tolerate the chelation much better. So much so that they can take ten times the amount of DMSA, for example, without getting side effects, than they could if they were chelating on a standard diet. Less allergenic foods means less leaky gut means more efficiency when using chelators. The gut flora, after all, are needed not only for digestion but also for metal and toxin chelation as well.

Gut and Psychology Syndrome

Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride

And as for Dr. Campbell-McBride’s view on yeast overgrowth, she tells how yeast plays a helpful role by absorbing heavy metals and chemicals like a sponge so that their damage is minimized. You can try killing the excess yeast, but as long as there’s toxicity in the body it will come back. The GAPS diet works by removing the toxins by restoring healthy gut flora, and the yeast overgrowth dies off (that’s part of this program – die-off! My goodness I know it well). From her book, Gut and Psychology Syndrome:

GAPS programme works on many levels: it removes the main source of toxicity in the body by improving gut flora and gut function; it re-balances and nourishes the immune system, so it deals with pathogens in its own unique ways; and it restores normal microbial balance in the body. And the normal microbial balance includes yeasts – many varieties of them living side-by-side with bacteria, viruses, protozoa and other microbes. You have to understand that about 90% of your body are microbes; you are only 10% – a shell and a habitat for these microbes. Work with them rather than against them, restore normal balance amongst them, and they will serve you well.


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