Live Blood Cell Analysis: My Second Visit (More Video)

So I returned to the microscopist who did my first live blood cell analysis (or phase contrast – not darkfield) three months ago. You can see the video here and also below. The first thing we noticed was that my red blood cells are exhibiting more rouleaux (when they stick/clump together). This could mean dehydration or food allergies or bowel toxicity or leaky gut…It was funny how I went from a 1 out of 5 three months ago to a 4 out of 5 for roleaux amount. Especially because I am feeling pretty good. The practitioner wanted to know if I was eating gluten or casein. Nope. Soy was third on the list and eggs fourth. Eggs I’d had for breakfast but soy not for years. These foods, which are allergenic for some of us, have sticky proteins also known as lectins. Maybe I’m not making enough finishing enzymes.  Or maybe parasites in my small intestine are maintaining the inflammation. Or perhaps there’s so much proteinaceous waste from the die-off my treatment is creating that that could help explain some of the rouleaux. Anyway, Francine thought that my gut was still leaking proteins, aka I still have leaky gut.

nematode larvae

Two nematode larvae

As we continued to look at my blood and talk about what could be causing the inflammation, Francine wondered if she set her 5000x microscope to low power magnification, would we see something that she’s been seeing a lot lately, especially in the blood of Lyme people. She switched it to low power, looked into it for a minute, and then showed us these lovely things. They are what appear to be nematode larvae. Possibly strongyloides, but all nematode larvae look alike. Perhaps even ascaris larvae as well (ascaris lumbroides is the type that the parisitologist found in my stool sample two months ago). They come to a point at one end, and they’re a little blunt on the other end – the tail versus the head. It’s a microscopic larva; you would never see it with the naked eye. Adult nematodes are 1 cm, but these larvae are only 200-400 microns long.

These roundworms, also known as threadworms, could be what is perpetuating my leaky gut, because they bore into the lining of the gut and lap up blood. They don’t feed on feces and other food, like typical gut parasites.

Some doctors will give Ivermectin (what they give to dogs for heartworm larvae) for 1-3 days, but this is not the way to eradicate the worms. Treatment must be deep and thorough and commonly involve other strong antiparasitic meds. Francine is suspicious that we may be picking these parasites up from produce from South America or Mexico or other countries. Roundworms are a common parasite in the tropics – more than 50% of people living there are infected with them. However if their immunity is strong they will be asymptomatic.

The nematode throws larvae into the stool or the blood. They don’t throw eggs into the stool. They might not be picked up in a stool sample.They get into the lining of the G.I. tract, into the tissue; they’re not hanging out in the lumen. The ones that go into the blood are called filarial form larvae. They go into the blood, come up through the heart, toward the lungs. They’re too big to go through the capillaries in the lungs so they’re forced out of the lung tissue, and the cilia work them up the throat, until you swallow them back down.

What do people in the tropics grow and eat to deal with these infections, or to perhaps keep the things at bay? Papaya seeds, pineapple, and I’m sure others that I don’t know about. Francine suggested I start grinding those foods up and drink them in smoothies. I would also add pumpkin seeds to this. She told me about Jeff Primack and how he advises taking the bottom inch of the pineapple floret and juicing that to help expel worms.

Francine also saw another nematode-like larva that had a forked tail. She told us about how there is a nematode in Haiti that can cause elephantitis. This too was being aggressively attacked by my immune system, the white blood cells.

The good news: she saw only one spirochete and one cyst. And much less evidence of yeast. Compared to my first visit three months ago, these are improvements for sure. I have been on salt/c for four months, and on an anti-parasitic protocol for two. These treatments however may not be getting at these nematode larvae.

So much to learn! I will do this again in another three months and will keep you posted. Here’s the edited video:

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21 Responses to Live Blood Cell Analysis: My Second Visit (More Video)

  1. Troy says:

    That’s great to know, thanks for posting! I will ask if my practitioner can try the same. Will you also try ivermectin or albendazole for it?

  2. Maria says:

    Hello, your experience really opens many eyes that don’t want to see there is in fact a real parasitic infection in the blood of the people with Lyme Disease. I’ve been preaching that Lyme Disease is mainly parasitic.- I am not a Scientist nor in the medical area, I am a Communicator and like you someone researching and surviving to the infection and then sharing what i learn hoping i can help others or bring lights to the darkness of this disease.-
    I would like to say, not to contradict but to add- that precisely these parasites are NOT IN SOUTH AMERICA, the malaria is different and they have some Ricketsia in Mexico, in the very rural areas. The problem is believing there are no parasites in the US and until that concept is changed Drs are not going to treat properly. Those parasites in the blood and the tissues and organs and skin are transmitted form the tick and the mosquitoes here in the US, and until that is not accepted people is going to continue to be treated with antibiotics leaving the parasites destroy and kill. At least some dogs receive the Ivermectin for 3 days while Doctors don’t dare to give it to humans and instead they give tons of physch medicine that won’t help the cause of the problem. I’ve had ivermectin for years a small dose once a week and that is what saved my life. Not a huge dose two weeks which is what a US Dr gives here but my dr in South America said this is for acute infections while for chronic infections the dose should be low, constant and long.
    because our Drs in South America treat for multiple infections and for parasites they can handle better dosages and treatments, it doesn’t mean these parasites came from there, if it was we could have hope for treatment !

    • Amanda says:

      That is so interesting, I am so glad you wrote. I looked at your blog and it’s very helpful, especially about Ivermectin and how small, consistent doses is what is helping you. Also how artemisinin works like antimalarial drugs do in that it suppresses the immune system. What’s been your experience with pineapple/ground papaya seeds for parasite removal? And, point taken, the parasites are here in the US, no doubt about that. I want to share your blog with readers: Thanks again.

  3. tori says:

    Omg. Thanks for this fascinating video. Did you take any stool tests for parasites before and if you did, did the tests find anything? I took the test and it found nothing but I still have Lyme and leaky gut symptoms. Now I’m wondering how good the tests are–the doctor said they could miss things.


    • Amanda says:

      I did send in a stool sample to a Dr. d’Angelo. He saw a protozoan parasite, a larger parasite called ascaris lumbroides, and yeast. He recommended four different substances to take, mostly combinations of essential oils. I’m in the middle of the three month treatment and it is going well. I chose this parisitologist after a lot of research!

  4. Troy says:

    Hi Amanda, I am just curious to know are you on any of the Endo-Met supplements still?

    • Amanda says:

      I’m not anymore, since I’m not on Dr. Wilson’s protocol anymore, but I do think they are high quality supplements. You just need some guidance (like Wilson and hair tests) on which to take, I think.

  5. Jana moffett says:

    Dr.Fry researching new parasite…fl1953…or rheumatica protyzma……cross between a malarial species and nematode…..clogging up blood…. Looking at possible connection with lyme and cfs…MS patients etc.

  6. Andi says:

    I’m going on my 3rd month of Stromectol (Evermectin) and just as Maria has said, it is a life saver. I’ve been in treatment for Lyme, Babesia and Bartonella for 4 years, had various anti-malarials, but nothing worked the way Evermectin does. By the 4th day on it my ear pain and pressure that I’ve had since 2003 went away. My health is finally turning a corner for the better thanks to my LLMD that prescribed it.

    • Amanda says:

      That is great to hear. Did you take anything else with the Ivermectin? Very glad you are feeling better. Please keep us posted. Are you doing low doses, non-daily, like Maria mentioned?

      • Andi says:

        Hi Amanda, I take four 3mg tablets three times a day along with a biofilm breaker and blood thinner on an empty stomach. I’ve been on Trimethoprin for about six months, Zithromax on and off for years and Rifampin for Bartonella. Stromectol is the human form of Ivermectin and must be less potent than what Maria uses. Stromectol is $1700 a month before insurance. We have excellent insurance that pays all but $350 a month. I believe in this antiparasite so much that if we couldn’t afford Stromectol, I would buy the Ivermectin from veternary supply stores and find out how to dose it for human comsumption.

        • Andi says:

          I forgot to add that I’ve been on and off Tindamax/Flagyl since the beginning of treatment. In the past I pulsed it but now I’ve stayed on it for 8 weeks and don’t plan on stopping until I’m well again. Also I Rife with the Doug Coil every 2 weeks for Lyme.

        • Amanda says:

          Thank you so much for sharing your experience and helping others. I’m so glad you are feeling better.

  7. discovertroy says:

    Hi Amanda, Just another question about your ARL hair tests. I’ve performed 8 tests over the years and was looking at my samples, my Boron was always N/A and Molybdenum in the range of 0.002 to the highest of 0.004, when at 0.004 I actually wasn’t feeling too bad. Just interested if you have any thoughts on these ratios as I know Dr Wilson says that Boron is a part of the Amigo’s, but so many have said by taking Borax it has helped rememdy many issues (curezone and earthclinic have a number of references).

    • Amanda says:

      I do remember Wilson writing about the Three Amigos and I think I did have evidence of this but I forget which minerals. I bet Dr. Wilson would not be keen on the Borax idea, just because I know he believes that his long term treatments (coffee enemas, daily saunas, Endomet supps etc) are the way to go, and the boron/Borax might unbalance other minerals. But I don’t know much more that that. In my last hair test, I had N/A for boron, and .002 for molybdenum, just like you.

      • discovertroy says:

        Appreciate your reply. I’ve been trying to nutritionally balance for 3 years now and not really getting anywhere. When I read about Boron being required to retain magnesium in the body, I thought maybe thats why my Magnesium etc is in 4 lows, as I have no Boron to keep it there, hence the poor stress tolerance etc. Also, I get horrid symptoms when killing off candida (live blood analysis showed candida in my blood too) and with no molybdenum, its going to retain a lot of toxicity. Interesting that I’m totally intolerant to lectins like you also, although no parasites were noticed in the blood.

  8. Andi says:

    If anybody is interested, my LLMD has me on vitamins called Nutrient 950 (without iron) made by Pure Encapsulations. Went I first had labs done 4 years ago, before being put on these, I had a severe vitamin deficiency in many areas. Now my labs come back perfect. I take 5 capsules with food in divided doses. The recommended dose is 6 but that’s too much for me as I’m pretty small. You can go to the site and read what vitamins are in there. The only one I take separately from this bottle is D3. I hope this helps. :)

  9. David says:

    I guess I cannot joke that “no one likes me everyone hates me–guess I’ll go eat worms.”

    I have had only one good stool test from Metagenics about 3 years ago. IN truth-=-I understand these kinds of things are very common and can be a problem. It is great that you share this Amanda and it inspires others to get better stool testing to see what is happening. Also, I have my own private microbiologist , like you, and if these critters show up in the blood–I think she can find them.

    In truth, getting healthy and staying healthy requires a lot of specialized testing…

  10. luck says:

    I Did The SamE Test And I Didn’t Have Any Parasite And I Am From Brazil!

    Actually I Got Lyme In USA And I Was Treated By Sierra Integrative It’s A Clinic In Reno Nevada. I Recomend It!

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