Barefoot Running 1.9 Miles on Asphalt

Asphalt road surface for barefoot running

The asphalt road I run on

This is the road I run barefoot on. It’s a bit rough. Not like smooth, black asphalt. I am still getting calluses. I believe that means my form still needs help. Two days ago I ran 1.9 miles barefoot and it felt good, as long as I kept Ken Bob’s mantra in my head: back straight, head on top of body, bent knees, spread toes. I still felt it on my soles though. But it still felt good!

I go slow. I’m still playing and not going for distance. This is where being a new runner is helpful; I have no personal records to beat. In fact I’m just amazingly proud that I’m staying with it and everything feels good. 1.88 miles in 22.5 minutes, no stopping, for me – is fantastic! Let me know how your barefoot running is going – beginner or expert. There’s much to learn from each other.

Asphalt road surface for barefoot running

What I run on

4 Responses to Barefoot Running 1.9 Miles on Asphalt

  1. Andrew says:

    You go girl! Do the barefoot shoes with the toes built in help? I think the name is “Five Toes”??

    • Amanda says:

      Hi Andrew,

      You’re thinking of Vibram Five Fingers. And yes I bought a pair two years ago. Barefoot Ken Bob (author of Barefoot Running, Step by Step, and, since I read his book, my teacher) is not crazy about Vibrams, because even though they are minimalist footwear, they are still, well, shoes. Shoes don’t let your soles get feedback from the terrain, so you miss out on vital info as to how your running form is doing. I do know that some people really like them though! Thanks for writing.

  2. Anthony says:


    I have been trying to transition to barefoot running/minimalist running for a few years, It’s been pretty on/off though so I don’t think that I’ve made quite the progress that I could have if I had been more vigilant. I can run without much discomfort distances of up to about 4 miles on asphalt of average roughness (not overly rough, but not smooth either.)

    I came across this post while looking for information on calluses; I have a large callus squarely in the middle of the ball of my right foot. It has been there for quite a while ( a year and a half at least, maybe more,) and it is quite painful whenever I step on a small pebble or larger sharp bump in the asphalt. This does not happen with my left foot, where there is no callus.
    When I manage to find a small rock or pebble with the roughly 1 sq. inch of callus it feels like I have just stepped on a jagged nail. I believe that the callus is very deep, and somehow that causes the pain.
    I have bought a pumice stone and every other day or so I rub at the problem area a little bit while in the shower; the thickness seems to have lessened a bit, but there is still pain. It feels like the nerves are somehow much more sensitive, and that there is some padding or cushioning that should be there that isn’t.

    If you, or anyone else that might read this has an answer or any advice I’d be grateful to hear it.


    • Amanda says:

      Hi Anthony,

      My calluses went away pretty quickly, but then again I took a break from barefoot running. I do know that Barefoot Ken Bob would probably ask if you’re placing your feet on the ground gently enough, are you bending your knees enough, are you lifting your feet up carefully and mindfully? Some people think that if your footfall is correct, calluses won’t happen. Do you have Ken Bob’s Barefoot Running book? I do recommend it.

      Please let us know how you do as you learn more, and good for you for running 4 miles! One day I shall get there…

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