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Rebounding: Exercising All My Cells!

When NASA was looking for an exercise that allowed astronauts to recover from prolonged weightlessness (and therefore weaker bones), they found that rebounding prevented osteoporosis. And that it was 68% more effective than running as an aerobic exercise.

I get many comments on this website from people who have had spinal fusions for scoliosis. Some of them are in pain and don't know where to turn. I am not a licensed physical therapist or masseuse or doctor but I do have a spinal fusion and a harrington rod, and have had my share of stiffness and pain.

Scar Release Therapy - My Experience

On a muggy August morning I found myself in Penn Station, NYC, ready to board a train for Wantagh, Long Island. A month earlier I'd stumbled upon an article online by Marjorie Brook that described the benefits of scar release therapy.


Coming back from my barefoot beach walk today I saw a boy in a purple shirt on his bike ahead of me, speeding up the slight hill towards the block