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Coming Soon: A Group Session for Spinal Fusions

I get many comments on this website from people who have had spinal fusions for scoliosis. Some of them are in pain and don't know where to turn. I am not a licensed physical therapist or masseuse or doctor but I do have a spinal fusion and a harrington rod, and have had my share of stiffness and pain. In 2009 I started working remotely with an Egoscue therapist in Los Angeles. I would send him pictures of my posture, we would Skype to talk about what was going on, and he'd send "e-cises" for me to do every day. Over the years I've done ten different menus of e-cises. I fall off the wagon all the time, but when I do them regularly my body feels better. I can feel myself stand more functionally. Paul talks about functional use of the muscles and bones rather than compensating use - something that we fused people are extra good at.

In a previous post called Scar Release Therapy - My Experience -   you'll hear Marjorie talk about how compensation happens. Imagine a child who can't reach the shelf for the cookie jar. So she layers a step stool on top of a small box on top of a chair, then climbs up there precariously to get what she wants. Not the most stable structure. This is how our bodies move to do the work needed - they compensate. You can see this video of Marjorie loosening up my scar tissue here.

Original Strength exercises are fun to do and help me a lot!

Original Strength exercises are fun to do and help me a lot!

I think a way we can help each other and feel supported at the same time is to do some group moving sessions. Move the couch and chairs out of the way to give yourself plenty of space around your computer because we'll be getting on the floor to move around together. I'll show you what I do that makes me feel better. Some of these movements will be Egoscue e-cises, some will be stretches, some will be Original Strength exercises. Nothing will be too taxing or difficult, I promise! And I'm sure that my yoga teaching experience will help as well. There is no cost to participate in this project.

There will likely be some hiccups as audio and video are involved, but if you're interested in giving it a go then please comment below. The first group session will be on Tuesday evening at 7pm EST, May 12.

It will be fun to connect so I do hope to hear from some of you!



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