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Constipation No More: Dr. Miller's Holy Tea

Constipation No More: Dr. Miller's Holy Tea

I'm putting it out there... For twelve years my bowels did not flow like I needed them to. In recent times I depended on 4-6 magnesium capsules to help out in this department. But I don't need to take them anymore because I drink a tea made from persimmon leaves, malva leaves, holy thistle, marshmallow leaves, and blessed thistle. I found out about Dr. Miller's Holy Tea when I was researching Lyme disease and the importance of getting toxins out when treating for it. You kill bacteria with your treatment (colloidal silver, salt/c, the Silver Pulser, ozone, etc.), and the bacteria excrete even more toxins as they die. You need to get that stuff out of your body or your die-off is more uncomfortable than it needs to be. Ditto for a candida problem or any other infection.

Gets you going, in a good way.

Gets you going, in a good way.

I like that I can adjust the amount of tea I need each day. You shoot for 'comfortably loose' - maybe 2-3 times per day. So for me this is 1-2 glasses a day. I also like leaving out yet another supplement in capsule form. Food and drink get assimilated better, generally speaking.

And it not only helps you go. The herbs also encourage cleansing of the digestive tract.

How I make it: I drop one of the tea bags into a half-gallon jar and then pour in about three cups of boiling water. It steeps, covered, for at least six hours. Then I fill the rest of the jar with water and keep it in the fridge. I get about 1-2 glasses of this each day for five days. I like to pour out a glass in the a.m. and let it get to room temperature before I drink it.

Before I found the tea, I would drink a quart of hot water in the morning immediately after getting up to try and get stuff moving. But I didn't like doing this because  I wasn't craving that much water first thing in the morning so it felt forced, and it only sometimes worked. I've tried many other ways to get poo action but I won't go in to any more details.

As some holistic doctors tell us, constipation = endocrine problems, as the thyroid and colon are connected. Dr. Larry Wilson, whose protocol I followed for a couple of years, says that low body temperature, low blood pressure and constipation are all signs of a slow oxidizer, which I mostly was/am. It's a fact that the people who need to detoxify the most - those of us with chronic illnesses or symptoms - are the least able to detoxify, which is partly why we remain unwell.

Ever been constipated while doing a parasite cleanse, or any cleanse for that matter? Get your bowel-flowing protocol in place first before you try cleansing, because die-off and other toxin mobilization can themselves cause constipation. Trying to chelate mercury and other metals? Get thy bowel contents out! Or resettling after mobilization is likely to occur. (Actually, resettling can happen even with perfect bowel abilities. Chelation is tricky.)

The Dr. Miller's Holy Tea people say to drink about 8oz with breakfast and dinner, and drink about 4oz with snacks.  Make sure you drink the tea with food.  If you need to drink more or less tea, you are free to do so.  It is possible to experience a bit of discomfort during the first couple days.  This is when your body is going through initial cleansing and elimination of old waste.  Discomfort should subside after a couple days. The tea has no caffeine.

This blog is about sharing my experience on the crazy, out-there, yet interesting paths to Getting Well. I want to share the things that work/have worked for me. This tea is one of them.

If you try it, let me know if it's helped. I'm sure it will.

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