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Quicksilver IMD for Mercury: The First Round

Quicksilver IMD for Mercury: The First Round

Day 1

Last night I took ½ scoop of IMD with two grams of Vitamin C. This morning I took one ClearWay capsule. I am starting low and slow, as is recommended. So far so good. I plan to do the five days on/ two days off program for now, gradually working up to one full scoop. On Monday I will order the Etheric Vitamin C and the Etheric Glutathione which I know are huge helps in this protocol. And I’ll find out from Mountain Health about what they recommend I do to address the parasites I know I have. Last time I took artemisinin and it did do its thing. I know you need to ‘beat back the explosion’ of microbes while simultaneously getting rid of the mercury with the IMD.

Here’s what I’m doing (although I still need to add the Etheric Vitamin C with R-Lipoic Acid and the Etheric Glutathione). But I'm going for more than three months as it takes at least a year.

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Photo credit:

Day 2

Last night I took a half scoop of IMD with a one gram capsule of vitamin C. This morning I took one ClearWay capsule. Yesterday and today I had a couple drops of the trace minerals in water. The bottle dosage says 8 drops but if I overdo certain minerals like zinc and selenium I sometimes regret it due to what I think are mercury mobilization symptoms, like depression.

Again, so far, so good. I read in my diary from last year, when I was doing the IMD protocol with the Etheric Glutathione, Etheric Vitamin C and the ClearWay, that I was beginning to feel good. My stiffness was much better, I had energy, I didn’t feel retox symptoms from mercury mobilizing….And so why did I stop?! Because I wanted to try Modifilan, and also all those Quicksilver supplements are expensive. No matter. I have more experience going at this a second time around. And that’s what this site is about – helping ourselves through the sharing of experience.

So what are my symptoms? Stiff joints and muscles, stiff neck, stiff and painful left middle finger that won’t bend, stiff left knee, joints that pop and crack so that when I teach a yoga class and everyone’s in Final Relaxation and I lie down to join them, you can hear my knees crack and sometimes a hip or two. Also, my memory’s been poor for many, many years, I have scoliosis, my hormones are across-the-board low, and I tend towards constipation (luckily my Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea is coming soon.) I do not recommend detoxing metals or anything else unless you're going to the bathroom at least twice a day.  The tea helps with this amazingly well. It also kills parasites.

It’s good to keep a journal because when I check back I see that I had various stiff and minorly painful body parts that are completely different than the ones I have now. Stuff moves. Lyme Disease people are especially aware of this. I was diagnosed with Borelia (the Lyme bacteria) by my electrodermal screening doctor. And of course this video shows spirochetes in my blood. Last year when I took the IMD protocol, I was also on high doses of sea salt and vitamin C (the Salt/C Plus protocol) for Lyme.  So I was going at it from all angles, including artemesinin for parasites. And I was starting to feel good. I will be getting there again. But I won’t be forgetting the tea!

Days 4 and 5

Both nights I took a half scoop of IMD. On Day 4 I took two ClearWays, spaced apart. Then that night I woke up around 3am and had trouble falling back to sleep, even after eating something. So Day 5 found me going back to one ClearWay.

I’m now on an ‘Off’ day. The protocol is five days on, two days off. Tomorrow my etheric Vitamin C with R-Lipoic Acid will arrive, as well as the Etheric Glutathione. These I used when I did the protocol last year and they seemed to help me feel better. But I didn’t feel bad!

This time around I will also be adding the Quinton products to the mix. I’ll take the Quinton Isotonic during the On days, and Hypertonic on the Off to remineralize. Chris Shade says that high mineral doses stop the runaway fatigue that can often accompany mercury detox. Starting slow is best. And also important is getting to a high enough dosage when ready to flush deeply.

With the IMD you can take three months to get up to the three scoops per day. This is my plan.

I am feeling better than a week ago. Some of this is due to my stopping the Dr. Clark Kidney Cleanse I was on last week. Did it stir up metals? Were the herbs contaminated by metals? Who knows, but the cleanse was making me feel worse rather than better so I stopped. My mood is good, so is my energy, my body overall feels a bit looser. Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea is also a factor in this I’m sure. Get that waste out of there, people! Some people think it’s okay to go to the bathroom once every two days. I am here to tell you that I am not one of those people.

If you are interested, here is Part 1 of 5 videos of Chris Shade talking about the why's and how's of detoxification. I have watched every one and am quite grateful that the protocol is fully described at no cost.  And if you have a problem with warts - take high doses of ClearWay Cofactors! Shade's son had many warts on his hands for years until he discovered that the ClearWay, at high doses (6-8 capsules per day) took them away after less than a week. This he describes in the Part 4 video.

Day 6

Feel fine.

Day 7

The Quinton and liposomal products came so I took one ampuole of the Hypertonic – since it was an ‘Off’ day – and I got pretty fatigued later in the day. I took two pumps of the etheric Vitamin C/R-Lipoic Acid to see if it would take away some of the tiredness, but no go. Will go to sleep early tonight. Rest is where it’s at.

More to come as I move forward with the Quicksilver Detox rounds. Feel free to share with us if you have tried it yourself!

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