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I Can't Talk About Chlorine Dioxide

Nor can I show pictures. But I can tell you, if your child is on the spectrum, that Kerri Rivera's work is saving kids - and their families - from a life of autism.

Kerry Rivera's book that’s helped more than 500 kids lose their autism diagnosis (ATEC score of 10 or below)

Kerry Rivera's book that’s helped more than 500 kids lose their autism diagnosis (ATEC score of 10 or below)

A few years ago I contacted a woman who ran a candida website that showed pictures of what came out of her during parasite detoxes. I wanted to thank her for her honesty and unabashedness. She wrote back: "I have done 7 parasite cleanses and yes, they are still coming out. I have a cleanse scheduled the end of July. Hope I see less or none. I am doing so well that hopefully most of them are gone."

My understanding - if people like Dietrich Klinghardt are right - is that these worms and smaller parasites are actually serving a purpose, which is to absorb the heavy metals and other pollutants that we find ourselves in 24/7. But they still cause havoc. Parasites want to continue living, so often they don't try to overtly kill you, but they can create the diabetes, cancer, thyroid problems or other chronic condition that most of us now seem to have. I don't know that they are behind every illness as Hulda Clark did (although she was surely a genius), but they're certainly something to address to become healthy.

Yesterday I was having coffee with Diana who told me about our mutual friend John. He has ALS and Lyme and nematodes. He's 45. I told her about my experience with nematodes - that I have a youtube video showing the larvae in my blood. She didn't even raise an eyebrow.

Humans are animals, and animals deparasitize. Or should be, routinely. From Our common roundworms are Ascaris, Strongyloides and filaria (long, thin filaments) like heartworms. Cats have learned to spit up their Ascaris by eating grass. Puppies, too, are taught to eat "dog grass" to entangle their stomach Ascaris and spit them up. But humans, with all their intelligence, seem to be doing nothing to keep their parasitism in check.

Chlorine Dioxide - you mix the two to get the activated drops

Chlorine Dioxide - you mix the two to get the activated drops

I have not delved into my experiences with parasites yet on Amanda’s Health Journal. You could say I'm self-conscious. I have written extensively in my journals about them, and if you'd like to contact me about it please comment below. From Humaworm, to Dr. Clark's parasite herbs, to chlorine dioxide, to diatomaceous earth, to my work with a Colorado parisitologist...I certainly have stories and pictures to share with you.

But back to CD, or chlorine dioxide. It's also called MMS on the internet, from Jim Humboldt's work. I took this last year for about three months. Many, many things came out. And when I added in Andreas Kalcker's  monthly Parasite Protocol, I got so sick with a flu/cold that I took to bed for two days. And I never get sick like that. What came out was just crazy. Although I've been at this for years so I'm used to it.

Here's the part I never quite stuck with, even though I know it intellectually: You have to keep at it. You can't deparasitize for a month, get some stuff out, and then stop. Parasites lay thousands of eggs daily. I know, it's creepy. We have to get over it.

So I took CD for a few months. Started with one activated drop in 8 ounces of water, and drank an ounce from that every hour. Moved up to my full dosage (by weight), which was 27 drops in 27 ounces of water over the course of the day. I followed Kerry Rivera's protocol. Her book is called Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism. It is disheartening to read Amazon reviews written by the same people who are keeping the truth hidden, our children sick, mercury in fillings, white aerosol 'clouds' in the sky, the pharmaceutical industry strong, and our heads in the sand. Don't get down about it! Try to accept (accept but take loving action).

There is a Facebook group called Healing The Symptoms Known As Autism for those who are getting better using CD. The book's cases of kids who actually lost their autism is just incredible. The number of kids is now 191 (EDIT 2.14.16: now 207, including some adults) who have been fully recovered. Kerry has devoted her life to this work (one of her sons used to be autistic and she was determined to change that), and there are thousands of families who are more grateful than words can say.

An AHJ reader wrote me this a couple of weeks ago. Thanks Joseph, for inspiring me to write this post on CD!

I started taking Chlorine dioxide solution (CDS) two weeks ago, starting with just 0.2 drops thrice a day. I am now no 0.25 drops per hours, 8 times a day. My aim is to reach 1drop per hour 8 times a day, which is still short of Jim Humble’s protocol 1000 which stipulates 3 drops per hour, 8 times a day. I am taking this deliberately slow to monitor the effects.

My objective was to determine whether Chlorine dioxide can assist with my acute heavy metal poisoning of Mercury, Aluminium, Lead and Arsenic. Please note that I am taking CDS drops and not MMS1 activated. Although they are essentially the same, I am aware that Kerri Rivera prefers MMS1.

I remember vividly feeling much more energy after 15mins after taking my very first dose of 0.2 drops of CDS. That encouraged me to continue as to be frank, I had concerns about what negative side affects it may have on me as there is just too much conflicting information out there.

After 2 weeks, I still feel pretty good. One thing, I noticed was that after the first 2 doses of 0.2 drops, I start to become very hungry. Not sure what is the reason, but I can live with that! The other noticeable effect was that I felt my lungs were less congested and I was able to breathe better. So far, no negative side effects.

I have read Kerri Rivera’s protocol and I am going to try a shorten 3 day parasite cleanse via pharmaceutical de-worming medicine + 0.25 dosages of CDS starting today 26Oct as I think the full moon is tomorrow 27Oct. My intention is to do it slowly as I wish to avoid any overwhelming negative effects. I also plan to explore Hulda Clark’s de worming protocol of black walnut, wormwood and clove at the next full moon.

Taking CDS on very low dosages spread throughout the day has helped me feel better. Perhaps you may wish to try it out. Kerri uses the baby bottle method to dispense activated MMS1 throughout the day. You can view it here.


Kind regards Joseph

If you do try CD, please first read as much as you can about how to do it. It's a learning process! But then again, so is Life!

Drop a comment here if you have a chlorine dioxide experience to share. Readers would love that.

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