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I.V. Hydrogen Peroxide

I.V. Hydrogen Peroxide

These journal entries are from a few years ago, when I did about 7 i.v. hydrogen peroxide sessions. Why would I do such a weird, crazy thing? To kill whatever was causing my bloating, of course! I also write about my ThreeLac and Oxygen Elements Plus experience. Thank goodness I am not in that space anymore.

August 1

Bathed in 3% H2O2 last night and tonight. More energy afterwards. Last night didn't get tired til 12:30, which is unusual for me. Tonight have to be in bed by 10:30 cause I have a meeting tomorrow morning. New symptoms (old symptoms that have returned a bit) over the last few days: bumps on forehead,  gas after too much food. What's improved: eyes less itchy.

Tomorrow is third intravenous H2O2. I'd like to order Ed Mccabe's Flood Your Body with Oxygen but money is tight. Ordered Oxygen Elements and ThreeLac from a nice woman on the internet who so far I trust. Can't say the same about all the amazing testimonials I read online about the products though. God, EVERYbody sells the ThreeLac.

My energy and mood are still quite good since I'm eating everything (not sugar of course). Have to tone it down though with the starches so I can kick this candida thing. As I jumped on the trampoline tonight I thought over and over, like a mantra: the candida inside me is dying...the candida inside me is dead. And I'd picture their fungal roots shriveling up, releasing themselves from my intestinal wall, and dying and being shushed out of my body. How's that for an exercise routine?

I wish there were more online about i.v. h2O2...I feel like I'm one of the pioneers with this treatment!

August 4

Just spoke with Dr. Donsbach on the phone (and over the radio). Very interesting, goes against what many say. For example, he said that candida doesn't cause bloating, and that Nystatin doesn't do anything for systemic candidiasis, only candida in the intestines. He said that once a week h2o2 i.v. maybe makes yeast stronger. You'd need to do it six times a week for a two week minimum. Order his booklet.

Sounded to him like I don't have digestive enzymes. Get his digestive enzymes (has to be an excellent brand) and an acidophilus (he sells). Take three digestive enzymes with each meal. Take five acidophilus at 11 am and at 4:30 pm. Do this for ten days. This implants good bacteria so it's a one time thing. However if my problem is a lack of  digestive enzymes, I need to take those for life.

So i'm confused now. By the way my bloat has been down to about 31 inches for a while now. Is that because...?

1. I'm on a good brand of digestive enzymes for the last two weeks

2. Nystatin is finally doing something

3. 3 treatments of h2o2 are working

4. my memory is crap today

Itchy perineum still. Noah will be in disbelief if i go to this many iv h2o2 sessions in the next week. Dr. Schwartz would have to okay it first. Wonder if Donsbach is any good.


I am full of energy now but yesterday I was very tired. I think getting up for early meetings so much recently caught up with me. Today I have had a lot of sleep and an h2o2 bath this morning and a cup of coffee so I am ramped.

Itchy itchy eyes last night. Bumps all over face if you look close. Is this and itchiness die off? Another discrepancy I can't believe - no one agrees about WHEN to take probioticss, empty stomach or with food. Dr. Galland and the Culturelle package say with food, Dr. Donsbach says empty stomach. Can you believe this?

Will get in mail ThreeLac and Oxygen Elements soon. I do pee a lot during night. This supposedly stops on these products. What's going on here?

My hands are shaky from either the coffee or the h2o2.

Also interesting about ThreeLac and Oxygen Elements is the claim of the sellers to watch your spit test every week. I plan to video mine. Also this woman's site says take before and after pics of your scars so you can document what the OE application does.

I AM a candidate for lack of oxygen in her life, the way I've always breathed shallowly, so maybe h2o2 can make a difference with just that respect.

My English isn't too good today.

Another way to check if the i.v. is helping with allergies is to watch my tongue. It should get less ridged.

I've been making my own sauerkraut with red cabbage and it tastes great and is much cheaper than buying it in store.


Okay now i think something really went on today. I did the fourth i.v. and felt very hi energy and in great spirits about an hour afterwards, at lunch with Noah. Like what coffee does to me in the morning but without the caffeine buzz.Then about an hour after lunch I was quite tired, but a good tired, yawning, healthy-feeling tired, like i can't wait for it to be night time and to go to bed early. And my belly swelled for the first time in a while. You know how I said it's been around 31 inches lately, like the last couple of weeks I think, well now it's back to its bloatedness and this HAS to be die off. I feel fine, in good mood, just tired and ready for bed. This bloat happened even after Pregest and FOUR Hcl capsules.

Then three hours later I'm pulling the gluten-free stevia-sweetened muffin thing I made out of the oven. Harry's in my left arm, fussing. He throws up all over the kitchen floor, about three or four times. He's coughing, has a runny nose, but he's okay in five or ten minutes after I give him a lot of love and water and holding. He's very tired. Now this sickness could be due to

a. being caught in the rain today with Stephanie

b. my fungus die-off from today's session

c. he had a cold coming on anyway and threw up cause his mummy gave him some spoonfuls of some raw batter that had raw eggs, stevia and gluten-free flour in it - I never said i was a perfect mother

I was able to book three more i.v.'s before the trip. So we should find out some more interesting stuff.


Fifth i.v. h2o2 early this morning. Tired all day, but I slept crappy last night, which I never do. Woke up several times and couldn't get back to sleep. Skin felt crawly. Eww. Yesterday's bloating went away, back to around 31 again. But craving carbs. Today I even craved Harry's gluten free cookie which I took a tiny bite of and found too sweet.

Tonight's dinner was at six pm, very early for us, and it was shrimp and cauliflower. now it's eight p.m. and I was dying for noah's bread so I ate three slices of toast with butter. And now have the faint beginnings of a sore throat.

It's funny cause yesterday after the i.v. I was so full of energy for several hours. That didn't happen today at all. Tired and a bit down and worrying. But must keep in mind that Donsbach recommends at least twelve sessions minimum and I've only had five. And I do have hope for the Threelac and OE. I believe it's die off now - the craving, the tiredness, the faint throat feeling. Itchy bumps on back, too, near scar.

Took seven hcl and no burning.

Am so tired, will go to sleep by nine pm.


Shaky from coffee and h2o2 bath, no food yet. Dumb yesterday to eat four pieces of Noah's non whole grain wheat bread. A bit gassy this a.m. and a little bigger than 31 I think. Either eat the sprouted wheat bread or none at all. Wasn't itchy last night. I will h2o2 bathe in England to keep o2 maintained.

Dr. Shwartz told me he does three digestive enzymes AND hcl every meal. And the probiotics. He likes Metagenics.


Sixth i.v. h2o2. Tired again today but Harry's been up a lot at night. Bumps on face, back. Itchiness gone. My face looks healthy. My sister said I look good and healthy compared to last (emaciated) time.

I feel my (tense) jaw. This happens after the i.v. I've noticed. I can breathe better in my chest area, this has been since second i.v. or so, forgot to mention. I've been on Culturelle for two or three months now. It only bloated me the first couple of weeks I think. Have been drinking apple cider vinegar in water now all the time for a long time too. Still on Nystatin but considering stopping it for England. We go for ten days and I'd prefer to start taking the threelac.

Have another i.v. tomorrow.

Was rereading Medical Miracle and it says for chronic conditions do the i.v. less frequently for longer periods of time. Once a week for ten weeks. Would love to call the Farr clinic and ask their protocol.

All in all I'm very glad that my bloat is more manageable (as i said, it's been around 31 for a while now, but always bigger at night and after meals) and that I am still able to eat wheat ocassionally and everything except sugar. And I can breathe deeply, well. And no cystitis tinglings, no itching.


For the last three weeks I did one threelac a day and about 1 to 10 drops of OE Plus three times a day. Today I started Colosan to clean out colon and yesterday I started threelac at three a day and the oe i'll do eight drops three times a day to not overdo although I might be overdoing with the three threelac a day. Itchy palms, skin today from increased Threelac I bet.

Have been putting oe mixed in water on face and on fungus on shoulder and on half of tummy scar. My face looks clearer, those three dark spots on left side of face but could be from the alpha hydroxy cleanser I've been using for the last four days.

Feel very good, more energy.


Felt very good spirited and happy today, shopping at Lowe's. Tonight feel tired and ready for bed. Hard to get up from couch and it's only 6:30. Am doing culturelle again too, forgot to say that above. Itchy eyes about 70% better this last week or so.


Need to try yerba prima fiber capsules tonight to get things moving. fiber always makes me hugely bloat.


Ordered more threelac and oe and also their enzymes. These three supposedly work together. I am very bloated from last night's fiber pills. Please remind me never to take fiber pills again. They suck. I'd rather do colosan or smooth move tea which don't bloat me out.

Encouraging to read about people's bloat going away in the threelac testimonials. There are so many of these testimonials and they must be real because they're so varied.

Continuing the oe on my shoulder. Think it's fading. Am still on three threelac a day.

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