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Ray Peat, Hypothyroidism and Diet

Ray Peat, Hypothyroidism and Diet


Yesterday I got back into Dr. Ray Peat and his explanation for hypothyroidism, including the need for calcium via milk and cheese and ice cream so I have been partaking, which I love (not milk yet, waiting for raw from farm this weekend).

Anyway today teaching yoga I was able to feel less stiff in Pavanamuktasana (Wind Removing pose), in the hips. A good sign.

More minerals = something to shoot for, always.


My first day doing major Ray Peat food. For breakfast I enjoyed two eggs, a glass of organic oj, organic coffee with cream and a little Great Lakes gelatin and sugar and coconut oil (bulletproof coffee, of sorts), some pineapple, a hunk of Kerry Gold cheese. It was superb. I feel good. Will try to really ixnay on the PUFA'a (polyunsaturated fatty acids). Amazing how differently Dr. Larry Wilson and Dr. Ray Peat see diet.


About 9 days on Ray Peat diet. Liking it a lot. Every night I look forward to breakfast: two scrambled eggs, a glass of oj, coffee blended with cream, sugar, a little coconut oil, and a little powdered gelatin that you can’t even taste. To balance out the amino acids when taken with the eggs I believe. This fills me for hours. I don’t have any cravings for stuff during the day. I love milk and I love orange juice. I love eggs.

Harry is amazing on this diet too. Happy, social, fantastic.

Dinner was an hour ago. I ate parsnip soup with a little bacon on top, which isn’t very Ray Peat, a glass of milk and a glass of oj. I have been sitting here at my computer for 10 minutes and I just tested my pulse. 71. Love it. The usual for me used to be low 60’s.

I am watching my weight too, only because there’s a scale in the office where I go from time to time. Last week it was 131. Let’s hope it goes up. 140 would be fun to see – I wonder what that would feel like. It’d be interesting to fill out in some areas.

Bathroom visits have increased as well. When your thyroid functions better, you will be less constipated, I have learned that over the years. I don't even need to drink Dr. Miller's Holy Tea, which is a very good addition whether you need help in that department or not by the way since it helps excrete parasites.

I love making raw milk and banana smoothies, have I mentioned that? It makes sense to me - eat sugar (organic, non-gmo of course) with your dairy/protein to increase metabolic energy. But forgo the PUFA's - the sunflower seed oil, canola oil, grapeseed oil, cotton oil - which absolutely wreak havoc in the body.

I also love Ray Peat's article on how you need more dairy, not less, if you have arthritis, or really any degenerative disease. This is especially interesting to me as for the past six years I've seen my finger joints get a little bigger than I think they should be. Thankfully, they don't hurt. Even drinking all this milk and eating the cheese. Peat says that if you are sensitive to milk/casein, and you start eating it again, your tissues will eventually adjust. But a lack of calcium in the diet actually causes your body to deposit calcium from your bones into your soft tissues.

Here's a radio interview between Ray Peat and Patrick Timpone from This is the first hour.

Let me know if you try eating this way for a month or two, and what you discover for yourself. All I can say so far is, thumbs up! It's fun to eat what you really enjoy - like oj, whole milk, eggs, coffee with cream and sugar. I do feel warmer. Coldness is a state I've needed to cope with for many many years. Maybe not for much longer.

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