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Rebounding: Exercising All My Cells!

Rebounding: Exercising All My Cells!

Tremendous Health Benefits from Rebounding

Rebounding, or jumping on a trampoline, is a very effective way to exercise every one of your body's cells, without the impact on your joints that other sports can cause. In fact, some people call a mini-trampoline a cellerciser. When you jump on a trampoline, three forces come into play that strengthen and cleanse your cells at the same time: gravity, acceleration and deceleration. Unlike other forms of exercise, you are vertically accelerating and decelerating, on the same plane as gravity. These three forces combine to squeeze out toxins from the cells at the bottom of the bounce. At the top of the bounce, pressure is decreased and your lymph can flow upwards. Circulation is enhanced and the lymphatic system is pumped and cleansed. When NASA was looking for an exercise that allowed astronauts to recover from prolonged weightlessness (and therefore weaker bones), they found that rebounding prevented osteoporosis. And that it was 68% more effective than running as an aerobic exercise.

Start Slow

If you're out of shape like I was, first start with the health bounce. All you do is bounce gently while keeping your feet on the mat. Even a couple of minutes of gentle bouncing like this gets your lymph moving. Lymph helps move nutrients to and waste away from cells. Your heart pumps blood but only your movement can pump lymph fluid.

The Needak Rebounder Soft Bounce. This one folds in half for storage. Moving your lymph and increasing your circulation by jumping on this for 15 minutes a day can change your life for the better.

The Needak Rebounder Soft Bounce. This one folds in half for storage. Moving your lymph and increasing your circulation by jumping on this for 15 minutes a day can change your life for the better.

To further increase cell-strengthening, jump a bit higher so that your feet leave the mat. Now you've begun to exercise aerobically. Be creative! Work up to twists and jumping jacks. Sprint after you've warmed up. Sometimes I jump on my mini-trampoline while I watch tv, but I don't find it as satisfying as jumping to some serious bass-pumping music in my headphones.

I love my Needak Soft Bounce. The springs absorb as much as 85% of the impact of each bounce, so jumping on a rebounder provides efficient, low impact exercise. There’s also a lifetime warranty on the frame. I have the non-folding Needak Soft Bounce, but if I could buy again I’d purchase the Half Fold version above, so that I could tuck it more easily into a closet.

What I Love About Rebounding

It strengthens and cleanses all my cells.

It moves my lymph.

It gives me energy.

It's extremely low-impact on my joints.

It makes my bones denser.

I can listen to music.

I can do it inside or outside.

Only a few minutes a day will build health.

What You Can Expect From Strengthening Cells

Firmer skin - Oxygen and nutrients are more effectively carried to your skin cells.

Decreased tumor activity - Your immune system is stimulated.

Weight loss - Along with a healthful diet, you can burn more calories than with regular exercise.

Less incontinence - The sphincter muscles are strengthened.

Less varicose veins - Vein walls are strengthened to support better blood flow.

Stronger bones - All exercise stresses bones and therefore helps strengthen them, but the combined forces of acceleration, deceleration and gravity are very effective at preventing osteoporosis

Flexible joints - Lymph moves cellular waste out of inflamed joints.

Better vision - The cells in the lens of your eyes are strengthened when you rebound and do vision exercises together.

Joints Strengthen With Low Impact Rebounding

In the last few years I noticed that my joints were beginning to pop a a lot when I moved, and that my muscles would feel stiff. Both of these conditions have been helped greatly by rebounding. Not only am I strengthening all of my muscles, which helps the joints be healthy, but I'm doing this with hardly any impact. And did I mention that I'm slowing down the aging process?

Before you go out and buy a rebounder however, it is very important to know that a cheap one will not be very helpful. I know because I bought two of them from Wal-Mart over the years and exercising on them was in no way fun or bouncy. You need a high quality rebounder for sure. I bought a Needak one six years ago and it is still going strong. I've kept good care of it, always indoors and out of the rain.

Start with a few minutes every day and work up to 20 minutes. You will feel your energy improve as oxygen levels increase. And you can work on your karate kicks while you're at it.

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