Dental Materials and Electrodermal Screening

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Yesterday I returned to the doctor who did electrodermal screening on me last year. Back then he told me that I had an infection in my mouth. He was right: I ended up having a whole dental revision that included removal of three infected teeth. He also said I had parasites. Right again. When I take parasite killers, out they come.  So I feel that this guy knows what he’s doing.

This time I went because I wanted to find out which dental materials are safe for me. As I wrote in Dental Material Woes, the two bio-compatibility blood tests I had done did not agree with each other on various points. Add the fact that I am now clearly sensing the importance of assessing energy in any illness or state of the body, and this is why I saw Dr. Davidson again. I wanted to know, energetically speaking, which materials will work for my mouth and me.

Dr. Davidson, along with IAOMT dentist Peter Evans, came up with a list of materials for crowns, bridges, fillings, cements and other dentalware to test with bioconductance, or electrodermal screening (also known as EAV).

The two crown materials that tested well for me were:


Zirconia (factory implant)


Crown and bridge materials that did not test well for me were:



BruxZir – Zirconia

Diamond Crown

E-max – lithium dioxide

Lava – Zirconia



Yellow High Noble Gold


Cements that tested well:

Rely X (3M)

Rely X Luting Plus (3M)

Variolink II (Ivoclar)


Cements that didn’t test well:

Biscem (Bisco)

C&B Meta Bond (Parkell) clear

C&B Meta Bond (Parkell) opaque

Calibra (Caulk)

Infinity (DenMat)

Lute-It (Jeneric/Pentron)


Since a permanent crown is all I need at the moment, I now have the answers that I wanted. Next week I’ll ask my dentist to use these materials.  Davidson thought that because I have a chromium/nickel/iron rod in my back, it may be why I proved to have difficulty with so many of the materials.

I wanted to test some other things with his EDS 2000 machine, but he’s expensive, and it took a while to do the dental testing. But I did find out that I still have some bacteria issues in my jawbone above a couple of teeth (not the ones that had it before). The homeopathic remedy, or small bottle of ‘signals’, that he made up for me should help with that. And we also found something else going on in  my joints and my kidneys. But let’s save those topics for another day. One thing at a time!

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8 Responses to Dental Materials and Electrodermal Screening

  1. Becki says:

    I came across your blog a few weeks back when I was searching for some info on one of Quicksilver Scientific’s products…my daughter and I have several health issues in common with you and I’m wondering where this Dr. Davidson is and if you can tell me how to contact him? Thank you.


  2. Claus Birger Henriksen says:


    I just came across your website in search of Kombucha and Candida. I understand that you are having issues with your gums. In my experience the Noni Nitro from Sunland is very efficient in terms of increasing the ciculation in the gums. My dentist always tells me, that in spite of my age (69) I have very healthy gums.
    I suggest you give it a try.

    Best of luck


    • Amanda says:

      Thank you Claus! I will look into that. I plan to see the electrodermal guy in a couple of weeks and we will find out if there really is an infection there.

  3. Angela says:

    Hi Amanda,

    This is wonderful that you are documenting your journey here! Thanks for sharing, as we all keep learning…

    I found your site searching Dr. Davidson; I am scheduled to see him prior to some major dental work, and have seen Dr. Evans briefly, pending a full exam. I had been evaluated recently at a full,comprehensive alternative clinic, but it is some distance away and would require several trips.. Lengthy travel can challenge my health issues; Davidson and Evans are nearby. None of the options are inexpensive, but I need to get started!

    I’d like to establish some baselines now, before stirring everything up. I have looked at Quicksilver, the Electrodermal screening and Dr. Wilson’s hair analysis. How did you find the results from each compared? Of their differing protocols, how did you decide which was best for you prior to and/or after the dental work, considering of course your own particular health concerns?

    To your health!

    • Amanda says:

      Glad you like the documentation! Thank you for writing.

      I look forward to hearing how you find Dr. Davidson. I do like him, and I trust that his machine is giving good guidance as to what body parts to tend to. I also really liked Dr. Evans. Just wish he lived closer to me.

      I’m glad I did the Quicksilver test, the electrodermal screening, and the hair analyses. Re: the hair tests. Those levels would go up and down, so supplements and dosage would vary every three or so months. You really need to work with a Nutritional Balancing practitioner to sort it all out, long term. I learned a lot on Wilson’s program, and still do lots of it.

      Quicksilver gave me my Hg readings (moderate, both fish and amalgam types of mercury), and maybe one day I will retest to see how it compares. But it is an ongoing detox, the mercury thing, since we’re exposed to it in many places. I did maybe 15 rounds of IMD, and I have good energy and am in good spirits, so I feel that that helped. I also really like what Chris Shade has to say.

      The electrodermal screening showed me what I needed to tend to, and I will keep returning to see what else comes up. This week I am going with a friend to see Dr. Speckhart, who literally wrote the book on this type of work (I think!), so that will be interesting to see what shows up for my friend.

      So to answer your question, I like seeing lots of people to get a big picture! And then make my decisions on how to move forward.

      Will you let us know how your appointments go and what you learn? That would be great!

      • Angela says:

        Dr. Davidson studied with Speckhart. And yes, he did write “the book”!
        So let us know how your friends’ appointment goes as well!

        • Amanda says:

          It went well. Just so everyone knows, Speckhart did not ask for payment, so he was not ‘practicing medicine’ and cannot get in trouble with those funded by the very powerful conventional medical industry that seeks to destroy those practioners who are actually helping people without drugs and surgery. Had to say that in case his name comes up in a search. Anyway, the EDS 2000 found that Andrew had big drops in his nervous system, fibrous connective tissues, neurotransmitters etc. A bottle of signals was prepared and Andrew is on his third day of taking some, three times a day. He feels a little better in some ways and a little worse in others. Time will tell. Please let us know what you’re up to and thanks for writing!

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