My Experience on the Body Ecology Diet

The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates was one of the diets that I tried. Sometimes I wasn’t 100%. When I was, I felt super tired and weak (and always blotad!). Some might attribute that to die-off. But in retrospect, I probably wasn’t getting enough animal fats. Plus, my digestion was just plain poor. And my jury is still out on the grains issue. The Body Ecology Diet offers the four non-gluten grains, – buckwheat, amaranth, quinoa and millet. As I’ve discovered, no grains might be the better option to heal a gut.

My son (then 2 years old) and I were doing the diet to combat bloating and food sensitivities. Harry also had eczema and asthma, and fatigue was something that I needed help with. What I liked best about the diet was the sense of power that came with knowing I could make probiotic-rich foods that brimmed with nutrition – namely, homemade sauerkraut and young coconut kefir. Donna calls them ‘cultured veggies’ and ‘yck’.

Now making these foods took time and energy, two things I was low in. But they get easier the more experience you have, and soon I was chopping coconuts like a pro…albeit on the outside porch at 10:30 pm so that little bits of coconut didn’t fly into kitchen crevices. From the coconut meat you make a sort of  pudding by putting it in a blender, adding some kefir starter, and letting it ferment. Both the kefir and pudding were delicious!! So much so that you wished larger quantities would result from your fermentation work.

The below journal entries chronicle some of my Body Ecology Diet experience.

July 16 Saturday 2005

About five days on the Body Ecology Diet. What a pain. The preparing, the cleaning up. But the coconut water kefir is good and Harry likes it. He also likes the coconut pudding with stevia and cinammon. He broke out in a red rash near his mouth today but it might have been the bonito flakes.

I started Candex last night to help with the crazy tiredness this diet causes for me. I am also on Day 8 of Fungal Defense.

July 20, 2005

Wow, I have a whole day off tomorrow from work, from the husband and son. Haven’t had that in a long time. Priorities are: jumping on the tramp for a half hour in this crazy humid heat, meditating, drinking a cup of coffee (okay, not BED-allowed) as I lounge on the couch reading magazines that have laid about unread for months, and then doing things on my to do list like buy more coconuts.

I got a bit discouraged today with my and Harry’s big bellies. Today was our 9th day on the Body Ecology Diet (BED). I have to be patient. Could my belly be all from psychosomatic reasons? I know I’ve thought it before but I don’t know.

My plan is to continue with the BED. Give it six months. Eat right, combine foods right, continue the coconut water kefir and cheeses (which are so delicious), the raw sauerkraut, finish my 10 day supply of Candex, finish my two week supply of Fungal Defense, start up the Primal Defense again at 6-12 a day, and treat my belly like it’s a fungal infection that’s 6 years entrenched and needs time to be eradicated.

I wish I had money to see Terri the nutritioinist for myself (took Harry to her and she said he had candida). She did do a tiny bit of iridology on me and saw mucus and I think fungus but now I forget.

My belly’s like 34″ lately when its normal size is around 31″ (I’m guessing, I’ve never measured it when it’s been normal). My skin is breaking out a bit, my memory’s a bit extra bubbye today…

Hopefully six months from now I won’t be talking about this because my body will have beaten down the fungal infection and allowed my beneficial flora to flourish and reign supreme once again.

Now I am to go downstairs and make a crockpot of meat and veggies for tomorrow’s breakfast.

On my ultimate list that I wrote in my notebook it says:

1. get over candida/brain fog

2. become a natural health practitioner

A sad and scary thing is that I do not feel that I have the mental capacity to learn right now. My memory is so bad that my coworker Steve thinks I’m dumb because I’ve had to do the same things time after time and I still have to ask him how to do them (coil up the audio/video cords, where does the male xlr go, at what degree angle does the lighting tripod go etc). It’s really embarrasing. So that’s why my ultimate list is the way it is and that’s why I don’t think I can attempt to do a home-based course or anything until I have more control over my brain and memory.

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