Eating Wheat Again

A few months ago I read an article in Martha Stewart’s Living Magazine about Jack Bezian, who has been baking wheat bread the traditional way for many years. He sells it at farmers’ markets in Santa Monica, California. 

Last night I spent three hours at my computer researching smart meters. I have a digital meter that the electric company installed on the side of my house in 2004. I needed to make sure that it was NOT a smart meter.

The Mercury Diaries

One of the blogs I follow is written by a woman who mercury-chelated herself well using Andy Cutler's protocol. Recently she posted about a new book by Daniel Forsyth called The Mercury Diaries

This morning I woke at dawn, raring to go to my second appointment with the dentist. The anesthesiologist said it was okay to have a smoothie three hours before I went so I slurped that down along with a cup of tea with honey.