Does Earthing Really Work?


To me, the Earthing technology’s effects are two-pronged. As I demonstrate in my Earthing sheet video, your body voltage definitely decreases substantially when you have bare skin on your Earthing product – whether it’s the mat or the sheet or a body band. So in respect to how your body is being affected by electricity, this aspect of Earthing benefits is tangible. And the less body voltage, the better. I was gratified to see proof of this with a volt meter.

The other benefit is the anti-inflammatory effect that Earthing has, and this has to do with the transfer of electrons from the Earth to your body. Free radicals are positively charged so a limitless supply of electrons quenches them. Through infrared imagery studies have shown that inflammatory conditions subside after subjects are Earthed.Earthing and Inflammation

As for the even bigger question: will I feel like a million bucks if I sleep on an Earthing sheet? The answer to this isn’t as straightforward. In my case, after three months of sleeping Earthed, I can honestly say that I sleep better at night and have more energy each day. So much so that I started exercising (running), which of course makes me feel even better. But yet I’ve read one or two posts online of people who say they haven’t felt much of a difference. However, there are many more who convincingly tell us that the technology works – that they do feel better.

Since I work in front of a lot of computer equipment every day, I am really glad that I can have my bare feet on the Earthing pad under my desk. I love knowing that the hardware’s electromagnetic effect on me is being greatly reduced.

And even more importantly – getting to the source of the Earthing, i.e. going outside and touching that Earth directly! What better way to spend your lunch each day than strolling barefooted on grass! That makes my Top Ten of Luxurious Things to Do.

Please let me know your experiences with the products from the Earthing Institute.

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  1. Chuck Montague says:

    My wife received a grounding mat for Christmas from her son. she sits and reads with her feet on the mat. The product that she received has a ground test module & a cable / plug connected to the mat.
    The test module is UL certified. The cable / plug & mat assembly is not, for a very good reason. The
    cable / plug assembly plugs into the house power ground, which is connected to power neutral at the breaker box. If for some reason the power grounding rod became disconnected, it would become an unsafe situation. UL looks at all possible contingencies for certification. Where ever, in the house, you plug this cable / mat assembly into, you will have some residual voltage from the receptacle through the house wiring to the breaker panel, and to the power ground stake outside. There is no way electromagnetic energy can flow into the cable mat assembly, with this configuration. This can not be the same as walking with bare feet in the grass. Earthing outside certainly feels good on your bare feet; however, I know of no control study that concludes Earthing has significant health benefits.

    I think this is a bogus product with false promises and unrealistic expectations.

    • Amanda says:

      Hi Chuck,

      I too believe that we are best off walking barefoot on grass and earth. I’ve not used the earthing pad or sheets in years. Too bad, as I was so excited when I first learned about it. I am not ruling out the possibility that there’s something to the idea, but for now, I’ll focus on warm weather, bare feet, and Mother Earth.

  2. Jane says:

    Hi, I was interested in earthing too, but found it didn’t help me as it was suggested it should. I was completely seduced by the reports how it helps the body and by the lance Armstrongs Tour de France cycling team using it one year during the race…. (You don’t hear of athletes using it… And they are the very people who should benefit most)…. I get the theory behind it… But have since done a lot of research. There is also several very well informed specialists that insist it is bad for you in a high emf environment. As your body becomes the ground more volts pass through your body to escape to earth. So you are in fact being exposed to higher levels. It is recommended in a clean low emf enviroment.. but these are very hard to find now a days. And when working at a computer it is better the computer itself is earthed to reduce high voltage rather than you. Hard to get a definitive answer. Is it really good for you or not????

  3. Before one plunges into ‘Earting’ with the intension of benifitting from its effects, there are some important consideration to take. I shall address [Elimination] diet here. Those of us who do not find the good, helpful results or effects of ‘Earthing’, may want to take a better look at their lifestyle; one being diet as addressed here.

    The Elimination Diet
    Eliminating foods that one is allergic or sensitive to is important when ‘Earthing’ is involved . Removing irritants that create an immediate reaction [allergic reaction] or a slow unrecognized low-grade chronic inflammation (known as a sensitivity response) Well strongly effect the benefits that ‘Earthing’ has to offer. We all can do without the consequences of food allergies and sensitivities, such as mood changes, irritability, anger, sleepiness and also bodily signs as muscle stiffness, joint pain, and bloating. Who’s got the time for dealing with this? I sure don’t.

    There are six common food groups that the human body is found to be most sensitive to: dairy, gluten, corn, soy, peanuts and eggs. You start by eliminating the 6 common food allergens [Dairy,Gluten,Peanuts,Soy, Eggs,and Corn] on the first day and reintroduce each group, one at a time, to see if you experience symptoms. It’s important to make sure that these potential food irritants are not buy-products of any of your food choices.

    Elimination diet schedule to test for allergies/sensitivities:

    Day 1 to day 14:
    Eliminate all food from these 6 groups

    Day 15:
    Introduce food from one of these groups for a total of 3 times per day

    Day 16 and 17:
    Eliminate the previous food group that you tested the day before
    Evaluate any symptoms that you may experience after reintroducing the food on the previous day
    Do not consume food from this group until you complete the entire cycle of testing all 6 food groups

    Day 18:
    Incorporate food from another of the 6 food groups for a total of 3 times per day

    Day 19 and 20:
    Eliminate the previous food group that you tested the day before
    Evaluate any symptoms that you may experience after reintroducing the food on the previous day
    Do not consume food from this group until you complete the entire cycle of testing all 6 food groups

    Repeat this routine with the other food groups.

    During this period make sure to drink plenty of water. There is a possibility of experiencing fatigue, headaches and joint discomfort due to the toxins produced during the process of withdrawal for the food group. An alternative to going through this process of elimination is to take the ALCAT PLATINUM test. They draw blood and within a week or so you have information about these possible and over 300 other possible allergens.

    Earthing is not a cure all fix all, but its a strong asset if one applies a healthly overall lifestyle.

  4. Marc says:

    I am going to try and keep a journal. Hope to help myself and some of you with the info. hope you guys do the same, its hard to know what is bogus from what can make a difference. Today is 3/28. Hope to have good news for you guys in a month!

  5. Eric says:

    Amanda. Just came across this site and, as one who has practiced earthing for a few years now, I find it interesting. With regard to your quote about experiencing poor results from earthing, a similar thing has just happened to me. I realized, a few days ago, that I was not getting the usual restful sleep that I always have when I am earthed. Last night, I made a few checks and discovered that the lead to the copper band that I use, had fractured and I was no longer earthed. I corrected this, and last night I slept like a log. Another problem I had, some time ago, was that an earthing sheet which I had purchased on eBay lost its conductivity. I suspect that, instead of silver threads being woven into the material, conductive ink had been used to print lines onto the sheet. I have yet to check this out. Personally, I am thoroughly convinced that earthing works. I am now in my eighty-third year, and feel as healthy as I did thirty years ago.

  6. Kacie says:

    I am justing learning about earthing. I can feel the radiation from TVs, computers, etc. It’s scary to think that WiFi moves through walls and we are always surrounded by these waves. Are there products you can recommend? I live in a cold state and walking barefoot in snow would be very cold! Do you have any other recommendations? Product recommendations that work? Also, I have parrots and I would like a way to decrease the radio frequencies in my home. Since Ethernet cords aren’t designed in electronci devices any longer, would it help to tape lead and copper to my Wifi box? What about my phones, iPad and Mac?

    • Amanda says:

      Hi Kacie. Thankfully you can still be hooked up to a router or modem with ethernet cables. It’s called being hard wired. You can turn off the wifi capability in most routers/modems. And then get an adapter for your devices. That’s what I do. Call and ask them for an inexpensive rf (radio frequency) detector and compare the sound emitted when you have wifi on and off. That’s one way to check for exposures. There are many videos on youtube showing how you can decrease your exposure. I also recommend the Bau Biologie site to learn more.

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